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Canada legalizes recreational cannabis use

19 Octobre 2018

Goodale, the public safety minister, says expungement should be limited to cases involving a "profound historical injustice", which to his mind does not include arresting harmless people and putting them in cages due to their proximity to dried vegetable matter, even when that policy disproportionately harms members of historically disadvantaged groups. "It is the end of an era, it is the end of a prohibition".

For now, recreational cannabis remains illegal, with possible penalties ranging from a $500 fine for possession to a 14-year jail term for its growth or distribution.

Speaking at Queen's Park on Wednesday, Premier Doug Ford said Ontario's site saw more than 38,000 orders following the launch.

For instance, the cheapest option for those buying from the Ontario Cannabis Store is a gram of "Strawberry Ice", produced by Northern Harvest which sells for $7.50.

They do not need a medical license or doctor's note; medicinal marijuana has been legal across Canada for two years.

There were high fives and cheers of excitement in St. John's, Newfoundland at midnight as a pot purchase made Canadian history. "Canadian legalization will proceed with very little impact on the United States".

The country's incoming interior minister, Olga Sánchez Cordero, participated in some of those rulings as a Supreme Court justice and has said she will push for broad marijuana legalization.

"Nobody was unaware that it was October 17 and yet we got pulled into this legislature time after time over the summer into the late mid-night hours to talk about his vendetta against his past foes at Toronto city hall", Horwath said.

"The response to cannabis legalization has resulted in a high volume of orders", the message reads.

People wait in line to purchase legal cannabis products outside a government cannabis store in Montreal, Oct. 17, 2018. Wednesday, it shipped more cannabis to Ontario's provincial warehouse.

One of the lucky Canadians who managed to buy marijuana on the first day of legalisation at a cannabis store in Quebec City, Quebec.

"There'll be no government store that'll let you say, 'Please, can I pay you tomorrow?' " he added.

Online mail order sales will be allowed across Canada.

Becky Prete, who works at cannabis company Tweed Inc. and is in her 30s, drove from Kelowna and stayed overnight in a hotel before arriving at the store at 6 a.m. "Canada Post, when they deliver your package, will have to check your ID".

"In a normal environment we would expect people to come in and buy the 3.5 gram size, spend $40 to $60". Public awareness campaigns are in place and information is readily available to combat such issues.

"Many communities have said they are ready to deal with processing applications. but they want local government elections out of the way", he said.

"It's pretty easy to see that I am a cannabis user, even though I would never have it on me coming into the US", McLean said. Individuals can cultivate up to four cannabis plants in their homes if they choose, and use that marijuana for themselves to avoid paying retail prices.

The change was praised by cannabis enthusiasts and investors in a budding industry that has seen pot stocks soar on the Toronto and NY stock exchanges, but sharply questioned by some health professionals and opposition politicians. "Everyone please be safe & remember impaired driving is impaired driving no matter what alters your state".

Canada legalizes recreational cannabis use