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Clashes, violence as thousands of migrants storm Mexico border

20 Octobre 2018

US President Donald Trump said he will mobilise the US military to close the border with Mexico and stop an "assault" on the nation by a caravan of migrants from Central America.

On Friday, an worldwide migrant crisis erupted at the Guatemala-Mexico border.

Mexican police wearing anti-riot gear were waiting on the Mexican side.

Some 4,000 migrants fled their lives of poverty and violence in the Central American country with the hope of making it to the United States - despite repeated warnings from President Trump that he would deploy the USA military to stop them.

Trump also informed that if necessary, he would deploy the United States military to its Southern border with Mexico to halt the migrants. Immigration officials said later in a statement that Mujica, who has dual U.S.

Mr. Pompeo is expected to meet with Foreign Secretary Luis Videgaray, Foreign Secretary-designate Marcelo Ebrard, and departing President Enrique Peña Nieto.

Marcelo Ebrard, who is set to become foreign relations secretary when President-elect Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador takes office December 1, said Trump's tweets need to be understood in the context of the upcoming US midterm elections. "The examples are many globally, but the best model is Israel where a serious, high-tech border barricade on its southern border with Egypt and Gaza cut illegal crossings by 99 percent over five years".

In Guatemala City, where migrant shelters filled with people, waves of people departed at daybreak on roads leading to Mexico. "Mexico's policy consists in respecting and protecting human rights" of migrants, Mexican Interior Minister Alfonso Navarrete said earlier this week.

The caravan has been growing steadily since it left the violent Honduran city of San Pedro Sula on Saturday. The first to arrive to the border with Mexico took buses or hitchhiked.

But there are still many unanswered questions about how this will actually play out once large numbers of migrants arrive.

Pompeo's trip to Mexico was planned before the caravan, but Pompeo and other US officials have said that it will inform his conversations with Mexican officials on Friday.

-Courtney McBride contributed to this article.

Trump spoke with the incoming Mexican president earlier this month and claimed that "we will work well together".

More Honduran migrants tried to join a caravan of several thousand trekking through Guatemala on Wednesday, defying calls by authorities not to make the journey.

"We are not smugglers, we are immigrants!" the crowd shouted as they approached the yellow metal gate.

Keilin Umana, a pregnant nurse who told the Associated Press that she had fled her home after receiving death threats from gang members, said: "We are not criminals, we are migrants".

But Mexico says it will allow the few with proper paperwork in, while others can apply as refugees.

But that would probably enrage Trump, who appears to see Mexico's responsibility as stopping migrants from reaching the USA border by any means.

Clashes, violence as thousands of migrants storm Mexico border