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Migrant caravan heading for U.S. turns around in Mexico

20 Octobre 2018

Luis Manuel López Moreno, the ambassador, met with migrants in Guatemala City on October 17, where they passed through on their way north. The rest retreated after officers unleashed pepper spray. Hopefully Mexico will stop this onslaught at their Northern Border.

The men and the women of the caravan turned violent and began to riot upon being denied passage into Mexico. Federal Police commissioner Manelich Castilla is overseeing the deployment, as security forces erect checkpoints on roads coming from the Guatemalan border.

They had been preparing for an influx of migrants, with local police chief Gerardo Hernandez saying that five shelters had been set up to accommodate up to 4,000 people. "It will be under the conditions that have been said since the start", Castilla said.

The chaos calmed somewhat as migrants formed lines in a mass of humanity stretching across the bridge. Some returned to the Guatemalan side to buy water and food.

At least a dozen migrants stuck on the bridge have jumped into the river below.

They left Honduras just days after Central American leaders met with US Vice President Mike Pence. Some said that they had been teargassed. "Now we're being pushed back", Weir said.

As dusk neared, police were relieved by fresh officers and reformed ranks.

Trump reacted with equal contempt toward another group that embarked on a similar journey to the southern USA border in the spring, warning that none of the migrants would be allowed to cross.

A sea of migrants surged one step closer to the US on Friday.

"It plays on fear and that works - and no one knows that better than Donald Trump".

"There are children in this crowd".

The migrant caravan is heading north as the U.S. mid-term elections approach, and Donald Trump lost no opportunity to comment as he addressed a rally of supporters in Montana.

"We're going to get in!" Trump said in one tweet Thursday.

"In Mexico we have the rule of law, and we shall apply, enforce the law", Videgaray told reporters.

En route to Mexico, Mr. Pompeo stopped Thursday in Panama City, where he addressed U.S. -Panama economic ties and cooperation on counternarcotics efforts.

Mexico's president, Enrique Peña Nieto, is also hosting emergency talks with the U.S. secretary of state, Mike Pompeo, on Friday, to assess the situation.

"It's a challenge that Mexico is facing, and that's how I expressed it to Secretary Pompeo", Mr. Videgaray told a news conference alongside his USA counterpart.

Luis Manuel Lopez Moreno, Mexico's ambassador to Guatemala asserted those with the proper paperwork would be allowed to make the move into Mexico.

During the week, in anticipation of the caravan's arrival at the southern border, the Mexican government deployed hundreds of National Police personnel there and issued a series of statements warning the caravan's participants against trying to enter the country illegally. By comparison, a caravan in April that also attracted Trump's ire numbered about 1000. "It is migration of a different dimension".

"The border is not in crisis".

Trump has already seen some progress with his threat to end foreign aid. The caravan, which is made up of people who would normally make their way separately toward the US border, has been transformed into a political demonstration whose daily movements are followed closely by all the region's major media outlets, along with the US Spanish-language network Univision. "What is important to us is the migrants, respect for human rights, their due protection, particularly the most vulnerable".

"Frankly, when you don't do separation, when you allow the parents to stay together, OK, when you allow that, then what happens is people are going to pour into our country", he said. "They came in droves from Guatemala and Honduras through the Mexican border and for years Uncle Sam rolled out the welcome mat offering housing, food, medical treatment and a free education". They included 52 children, nine of them 5 years old or younger. Their objective now is to regroup and press on towards the border with Mexico.

Migrant caravan heading for U.S. turns around in Mexico