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Lawmakers, Including Coffman, Doubtful Of Saudi Arabia’s Explanation Of Khashoggi’s Death

24 Octobre 2018

The Saudi official presented what he said were Saudi internal intelligence documents which appeared to show the initiative to bring back dissidents as well as the specific one involving Khashoggi. I feel certain that the crown prince was involved and that he directed this. Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman Bob Corker (R-Tenn.) said the Saudi version of events changes "with each passing day, so we should not assume their latest story holds water".

Trump's comments about the Khashoggi incident in recent days have ranged from threatening Saudi Arabia with "very severe" consequences and warning of economic sanctions, to more conciliatory remarks in which he has played up the country's role as a United States ally against Iran and Islamist militants, as well as a major purchaser of U.S. arms.

Saudi Arabia in a statement Saturday said Khashoggi (60) died following a "fistfight" at its consulate in Istanbul on 2 October, without disclosing any details on the whereabouts of his body.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel announced today that her country would halt all arms exports to Saudi Arabia while uncertainty over Khashoggi's fate remains.

The Alliance of Independent Journalists (AJI) has called on the worldwide community to monitor the legal process of the alleged murderers of the Washington Post's Jamal Khashoggi following Saudi Arabia's recent acknowledgment of the journalist's murder.

It was also reported that 18 Saudi nationals had been arrested.

Democratic Representative Adam Schiff of California said Saudi Arabia's claim that Mr Khashoggi died in a brawl was not credible. Beyond its statements attributed to anonymous officials, Saudi Arabia offered no evidence to support its claims of what happened to Khashoggi.

The journalist's disappearance has sparked global outrage and threatened the U.S. -Saudi relationship.

Germany is the fourth largest exporter of weapons to Saudi Arabia after the United States, Britain and France. The Saudi official told Reuters, "We don't know for certain what happened to the body".

Donald Trump has found credible explanations for saudi arabia, but said that they were too short.

On Capitol Hill, politicians including Trump ally Senator Lindsey Graham expressed scepticism about the Saudi account, which was vastly different from that given by Turkish officials, who said an "assassination squad" sent by the kingdom had killed and dismembered Mr Khashoggi.

"We are not going to throw our hands in the air and terminate our relationship with Saudi Arabia, not just because of the huge number of British jobs that depend on it but also because if you exert influence over your partners you need to be able to talk to them", he said.

"Nobody has told me he's responsible".

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan - who has remained largely silent, even as Turkey's pro-Government media reported gruesome allegations about how Khashoggi was killed - said he would reveal "necessary details" about the case later in the week.

"I think everything should be on the table", Sasse said.

"Wouldn't it be nice if we had a president who actually held murderers to account?" he added. "We feel their pain".

The king also ordered a restructuring of the intelligence service, to be led by Prince Mohammed, suggesting the prince still retained wide-ranging authority.

Sources say Qahtani would regularly speak on behalf of the crown prince and has given direct orders to senior officials including in the security apparatus.

Lawmakers, Including Coffman, Doubtful Of Saudi Arabia’s Explanation Of Khashoggi’s Death