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October: The Month of Pink

24 Octobre 2018

"This is the first time immunotherapy has worked in such a hard to treat cancer, and is a huge step forward for these breast cancer patients", said lead author Dr. Peter Schmid of Queen Mary University of London, in a statement. "We observed breast cancer awareness agency wide October 19 by wearing pink T-shirts in honor of all of the breast cancer survivors".

An estimated 3,500 people took to the streets of downtown Modesto on Sunday morning to honor those touched by breast cancer and raise awareness and money.

Making Strides against Breast Cancer is a division of ACS that fundraises for breast cancer research, program and detection.

"The information we are sending across is for women to examine their breasts so as breast awareness, as we put it every month they go to the hospital regularly to have x-ray and that form part of the screening process. We thanked all our guests who have so far participated in the campaign, and we are encouraging other hotel visitors and partners to join this notable cause".

Carrying signs and wearing pink, organizers say they hope to not only show support but also uplift those who've been directly impacted by breast cancer.

While the exact cause of breast cancer remains unclear, Dr. Stephanie Repole, a breast surgeon with Bon Secours Surgical Specialists, said certain risk factors make it more likely.

But Roberts says improved technology is helping women find their breast cancer earlier than ever, which means a better chance at survival. Moreover, in the last 26 years, the ailment became number one among women in every Indian State, which should give a fair idea to public health experts on where to lay more focus on. The programme was implemented in 15 districts of TS and AP and over 2 lakh underprivileged women in 4,000 villages were screened for breast cancer. "It's not common to get breast cancer in your early twenties, but it does happen".

The clinical trial, led by researchers at The Institute of Cancer Research in London and The Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust, tested the benefit of adding palbociclib to the hormone therapy fulvestrant in 521 women with advanced, hormone-sensitive breast cancer whose tumours did not have a protein called HER2.

"We want to celebrate those who are fighting and those who have won their battle against cancer and commemorate those who have lost their battle against cancer and encourage everybody to keep on fighting", said Randy Conley.

Roberts said women should have their doctors do a yearly breast exam to check for lumps as well.

This surge of the commercialization of breast cancer awareness has been present and growing for the past two decades. "Because I know that the triple negative is a type of cancer that is really hard to treat".

October: The Month of Pink