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DeSantis, Gillum debate Trump and more in Florida debate

25 Octobre 2018

Currently, DeSantis and Gillum are locked in a dead heat. And he performs as all weak people do: They become bullies. "He will hurt us; he will physically hurt us with his socialist mentality". Bill Nelson and former Vice President Joe Biden's support for Gillum. That's especially true for three-term Democratic Sen. Those identified as likely voters are similarly divided between Democrats and Republicans (40% to 37%) with fewer who are registered without a party affiliation or as members of a third party (23%). "We have an opportunity on November 6, as a collective, a state, to say we deserve better, we want better". "What my grandmother was communicating to me is that it wasn't just about me, it's about all of us". "Those of Republican Ron DeSantis, who voted to eliminate healthcare coverage?" Gillum advocates expanding Medicaid, though it's unlikely that the Florida Legislature would support that. In the hours after the primary election when DeSantis made the "monkey this up" comment, Gillum appeared in an interview with FOX News host Shepard Smith and compared DeSantis's comments with using a racist "dog whistle".

Despite Gillum's insistence that crime in the city is at a historic low, DeSantis continued to paint him as someone who was soft on crime and immigration.

"I think there's something different about this election", Biden, who was introduced by gubernatorial candidate Andrew Gillum as "the coolest man on Planet Earth", said.

Gillum said that if he were elected, his opinions on the President wouldn't impact a decision to accept federal funds for the state.

"Floridians can know that I'll be a governor for all Floridians". "The truth is I have no leadership expectations of the president". "I will tell you that Virginia is a very conservative state and we had a black governor. for heaven's sake".

The evening also provided a dramatic example of how gun politics have changed in the state since a mass shooting at a high school in Parkland earlier this year. Backed by the fortune of Democratic billionaires Tom Steyer and Michael Bloomberg, Florida's young people are fighting to be heard. That rally, also will include Nelson, Congresswoman Stephanie Murphy and Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer, will begin at 4:30 p.m. A statewide canvassing effort is underway across Florida, where organizers hope to bump black turnout by at least 5 percent from four years ago.

"I have never met anyone with more character, courage and decency than Bill Nelson", Biden, wearing a plaid shirt with the sleeves rolled up and navy pants, said to cheers.

He blindly lent his loyalty to the president and even said Donald Trump was a role model for kids. "I'm the only one of the two of us who can credibly say he's not under FBI investigation for corruption, " DeSantis said to the crowd.

The poll shows a wider lead for Gillum than some other recent telephone polling, almost all of which was conducted before Hurricane Michael struck the state on October 10. "I've been there, done that, got the T-shirt", he said. Economy voters favor the Republican, 72% for Scott to 23% for Nelson. The President's endorsement and his appearance at a rally with DeSantis in Tampa helped boost the former congressman to an easy win in the primary.

"He said there's good people on both sides", Biden scolded Trump.

"Jackson is a well-known and respected institution that saves lives, invests in cutting-edge technology and is a valued community partner, " she said in the email.

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DeSantis, Gillum debate Trump and more in Florida debate