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Hogan hopeful of Brexit deal in coming weeks

26 Octobre 2018

British Prime Minister Theresa May will face her Conservative Party lawmakers in a private meeting in parliament on Wednesday (Oct 24), her spokesman said, as she seeks to calm growing tensions over her Brexit strategy. "And Mr. Speaker there are some limited circumstances in which it could be argued than an extension to the implementation period might be preferable if we were certain it was only for a short time".

Weekend newspapers reported Tory backbenchers saying the Prime Minister would be "knifed" and that she should "bring her own noose" to a meeting with MPs to discuss her Brexit plans.

May told the House of Commons that "the vast majority" of issues had been settled, including the status of Gibraltar, Britain's territory at the tip of the Iberian Peninsula.

Under this both Northern Ireland and the mainland would remain within an effective European Union customs area, avoiding a "hard border" that risks reviving violence in the north against British rule.

She told parliament that 95% of the terms of exit were agreed but the Irish border was still a "considerable sticking point".

The thorny issue has been a major stumbling bloc in the Brexit talks, with negotiators at loggerheads over how best to avoid checks at the border after the United Kingdom leaves the EU.

The march came despite the fact that May has time and again firmly rejected the idea, on the grounds that holding another referendum to overturn the 2016 Brexit mandate would damage the pillars of democracy.

The EU has proposed keeping Northern Ireland in its customs union after Brexit, eliminating the need for border checks.

Of those two options, Russell claimed, a no deal Brexit appears more likely, because the alternative of accepting the EU's preferred backstop proposals would risk splitting the Conservative party in two.

They also offered to extend the treaty's transition period, when nothing will change, by a year to the end of 2021 to help ensure that a customs deal is ready to avoid a hard border.

He said: "This week Theresa May will find that she is drinking in the last chance saloon and the bad news for her is that the bar is already dry".

Attempting to reassure the committee, James said she was "optimistic" that an adequacy decision would be made during the 20-month implementation period following the UK's departure from the European Union on 29 March 2019. Her Belfast allies have threatened to vote down her budget next week and there is talk of a party leadership challenge. Later than that and there will be more talk of a "no deal" in which Britain lurches chaotically out on Mar 29.

Tory MP Johnny Mercer said he has received "overwhelming" support from within the party since he described the government as a "shitshow".

During a meeting that lasted almost two hours on Tuesday, "impassioned" speeches were made by several ministers as the Cabinet divided between those willing to compromise and those taking a more hardline stance.

The former Brexit secretary insisted "we should not allow ourselves to be bullied by the EU" and warned the bloc has plenty to lose from a no-deal Brexit.

Hogan hopeful of Brexit deal in coming weeks