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After arrest, Republicans struggle with mail bombs fallout

27 Octobre 2018

Authorities on Friday arrested Sayoc and identified him as a suspect in the sprawling mail-bomb scare that included at least a dozen suspicious packages sent to political and media figures, including many pictured on the van.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced in a Friday afternoon press conference that Sayoc is facing five federal charges: interstate transportation of an explosive, illegal mailing of explosives, threats against former presidents and others, threatening interstate communications, and assaulting federal officers.

The Daily Beast also reported that Sayoc said that Soros "will vanish" in another tweet, which was sent before a bomb was shipped to the liberal billionaire. Others who received the bombs were former Attorney General Eric Holder, former Central Intelligence Agency director John Brennan, US Representative Maxine Waters of California, and actor Robert De Niro.

President Trump is largely blaming the media for the angry political atmosphere in America that critics contend has led to what is being regarded as a wide-scale assassination attempt. As well as unsurprising inclusions like the Clintons and CNN, there are also nods to things that don't seem particularly swampy like the grassroots Black Lives Matter movement and "criticising law enforcement".

Double Oscar victor and biting Trump critic De Niro on Friday urged people to vote the midterms, one day after a device was discovered at the Manhattan offices of his production company.

According to state voter registration records, Sayoc is a registered Republican who voted in the 2016 election.

Twelve suspicious packages were sent to public figures across multiple states this week, and Cesar Sayok Jr, 56, was arrested on October 26 in connection with the crimes, according to NBC.

All the people targeted were frequently maligned by right-wing critics.

All of the bomber's targets have clashed sharply with Trump at different times, and the spate of unsafe packages intensified the already full-throated political fights two weeks before congressional elections.

One Twitter account said he was an employee of the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Florida.

"Elected officials and others need to say that this is not who we are as a country", Warner said.

The account has "liked" more than 100 conservative pages, including several anti-Clinton and pro-Trump groups.

It appears from his posts that Sayoc subscribed to a false narrative promoted by extremists on the right that President Obama himself was secretly Muslim.

Trump, on the other hand, complained that "this "bomb" stuff" was taking attention away from the upcoming election and said critics were wrongly blaming him and his heated rhetoric.

In 2001, the male stripper company Chippendales successfully sued International Gold Productions for using the company's name without permission, according to the Chippendales website.

The Broward County Sheriff's Office mugshot of Cesar Sayoc.

He completed three semesters at Brevard College in North Carolina, according to Christie Cauble, a school spokeswoman. At the time, Brevard was a two-year school, and Cauble said Sayoc didn't graduate. Kamala Harris, her office said.

Sayoc filed for chapter 7 bankruptcy in 2012, informing the court he had $4,175 in personal property and more than $21,000 in debts.

What do we know about Cesar Sayoc?

The 11-page complaint, which included only the information the Federal Bureau of Investigation needed to obtain a warrant for Sayoc's arrest, confirms that the 56-year-old Florida resident shared conspiratorial memes against his targets on social media.

After arrest, Republicans struggle with mail bombs fallout