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Trump will head to Pittsburgh to mourn 11 killed in synagogue shooting

02 Novembre 2018

But it is a diverse neighborhood as well, with lots of different ethnic and religious groups.

Protest organizers in a statement announcing their rally, said the gunman "believed anti-Semitic lies that Jews were funding the caravan".

"All these Jews need to die".

Gina Ross, MFCT, is founder/president of the International Trauma-Healing Institute in the United States (ITI-US) and its Israeli branch (ITI-Israel). "The Jewish community and most other Americans are shocked and devastated, but the failure of society at large to see what most Jews have seen has led us to this very dark and frightening place".

Before I came to college, I was indifferent toward my Jewish identity.

Rhetoric has consequences. We can not pretend there is no connection between the normalization of everyday antisemitism, whether it be the Republican party's vilification of George Soros or Trump's bold use of the antisemitic dog whistle "globalist", and the rise in antisemitic crimes.

And there is growing Anti-Semitism on the left as well. Rabbi Jeffrey Myers, who was conducting Shabbat services at the time of the attack, welcomed the president's visit, ushering the Trumps and Dermer into the synagogue to light candles for the dead.

Like numerous great Jewish institutions of NY, the community centre is protected by measures that aren't exactly new: an armed guard at the front, and airport-style screening for visitors with bag checks and metal detectors. We can not add fuel to the fire and then accuse someone else of arson.

Chair of Associated Students of Madison Billy Welsh encouraged students to look out for one another and speak out against bigotry and hatred to create a more inclusive campus.

The official said the minister and American Jewish leaders would discuss "worrying trends" in the USA and "longer term strategies, as well as how Israel can help".

The people spreading this hate must own up to their mistakes, realize that anti-Semitism exists and put an end to it.

Part of the much-talked-about dissonance between Israel and Diaspora communities is exactly that difference, with each community influenced by its experiences: Israelis by 70 years of war and terrorism, American Jews by relative peace.

It is critical that we understand that the rise of anti-Semitism has NOTHING to do with the rise in pro-Palestinian sentiment. The first is that the study includes 193 incidents of bomb threats to Jewish institutions as anti-Semitic incidents, even though by the time the ADL published the study, it had been conclusively shown that the two perpetrators of the bomb threats were not motivated by anti-Semitism. To white nationalists, you know, our Jewish community here in the United States largely comes from immigrant backgrounds, largely comes from backgrounds that had a strong ethnic identity when we came to this country. And it should have everyone of good conscience on high alert as well. "It's something everyone's talking about for the last few days". And speaking of violence against minorities: Read Charles Pierce who visited a black Baptist church that might have been the scene of another slaughter last week had the doors not been locked to a man who killed two black people later at a Kroger. And the Administration tried to destroy the lives of our transgender family through a heinous policy that would erase their identities.

This Fox News opinion piece is used by permission.

It was not immediately clear what type of assistance - budgetary or otherwise - Israel would offer the American Jewish community, as it would be largely dependent on the requests made by the US Jewish officials during the meeting on Tuesday. One day after we spoke, Burstin was among the mourners at the funeral of her friend and fellow academic, Joyce Fienberg, one of Bowers' 11 victims. For while he can be faulted for his incendiary rhetoric against opponents, which has helped contribute to the general atmosphere of hysteria, nothing he has said can possibly be held to have inspired hatred of Jews or anyone else.

In Europe, Jewish leaders have been confronting open hatred toward Jews, also sometimes linked to animosity toward Israel. The erosion of our civil rights and the purposeful disenfranchisement of voters yet another blatant reminder of the tactics of Hitler, Mussolini and Stalin.

-In June 2009, a gunman who had anti-Semitic writings in his vehicle killed a security guard while trying to enter the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum.

Only by going to the ballot box can we defeat the UnAmerican and Unpatriotic thread that is Trumpism. Now that's the America I want to believe in. While this was probably inevitable, given that 330 million people live in America, it is painful - equally for me as an American and as a Jew. But we can not look forward without looking back. I remain committed to working for it to once again. "Wake me up when the discussion shifts back from the parallel universe".

Trump will head to Pittsburgh to mourn 11 killed in synagogue shooting