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LG tipped to unveil a foldable smartphone as soon as January

03 Novembre 2018

Meanwhile, the design is still blurry, a recent leak suggests that Samsung might launch the device with a bigger battery and better screen-to-body ratio. The report adds that there is a slim chance the new Galaxy F smartphone may in fact be a gaming smartphone that Samsung is rumoured to be developing.

Samsung has form for debuting features on its W series before later bringing them to the Galaxy S range. The company has so far been sending mixed signals about the applications of such an unconventional design it's aiming for, suggesting it's both looking to deliver a more compact tablet and a device that surpasses traditional tablet capabilities.

The company is accordingly pinning hopes on next-generation 5G smartphones and foldable phones.

I.e. the company can bypass Samsung in the creation of a flexible device or announce it simultaneously with a key competitor on the domestic market.

A couple of weeks back, Samsung launched its new smartphone called the Samsung Galaxy A9 (2018) in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

A recent leak suggests that there might be nearly no edge surrounding the screen, meaning they would ditch the notches of previous models, and the front camera would possibly be built into the display itself. The foldable phone we saw earlier this week, which is already available for preorder, has a folding screen on the outside. The small space between them will prevent damage from drops. Also, there will be some amount of space between the two halves of the inner display to avoid any direct impact. The hinge will also feature an internal gear mechanism that allows the user to fold out the screen at different angles. This new gaming smartphone will be powerful as said by Samsung itself.

The ultra-modern camera sensor is not the only innovative element within the expected Samsung Galaxy S10. Of course, there's also a huge downside to all the advancements we've seen over the past year: flagship smartphones have gotten insanely expensive, and things are only going to get worse next year.

LG tipped to unveil a foldable smartphone as soon as January