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Migrant caravan: Mexico bus transportation offer withdrawn

03 Novembre 2018

He said the plan would shut down access to asylum for people who seek safety in the United States unless they go to legal ports of entry.

"We're not going to stand for what they did to the Mexican military and the Mexican police", he added, again referring to the rock-throwing incident. "Not going to happen to our soldiers".

The Nov. 1 lawsuit admits that the migrants are not in the United States, but are "travelling [sic] by foot to the United States to seek asylum". In reality, the vast majority of asylum seekers as well as undocumented immigrants show up for court dates, according to a study by the American Immigration Council.

The president's idea to limit asylum seekers to those who have arrived at designated ports of entry could particularly impact those in the most risky circumstances, notes Geoffrey Hoffman, director of University of Houston Law Center's Immigration Clinic.

The migrants also were also turned off by the USA president's characterization of the slow-moving caravan and the three smaller ones following as "invasion".

When asked whether she agreed with the president's claim that an "invasion" was coming north, Nielsen described "second and third" waves of people migrating to Mexico, claiming they have been violent.

It remained unclear whether the first caravan will make a turn east to Mexico City, or try to reach the nearest and most risky stretch of border, which lies nearly directly north. Divisions began to appear about what route to take.

The blunt criticism of the mission to block what Trump contends is a threatening caravan of migrants encouraged by Democrats reflects the strain that his unusual presidency has put on one of America's most important norms: the tradition of an apolitical military.

President Donald Trump on Friday backtracked from his suggestion a day earlier that American troops sent to the USA border with Mexico would be free to fire on migrants who throw rocks at them, saying that rock-throwers would only be arrested.

Contacted for comment, Pentagon spokesman Lieutenant-Colonel Jamie Davis said the military would not discuss hypothetical situations on the use of force "but our forces are trained professionals who always have the inherent right of self-defence". They will wait for long periods of time. What they did to the Mexican military is a disgrace. And so they did, some for days in the cold and rain.

However, DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen insisted the 2018 election cycle was "going to be the most secure election we've ever had".

"We consider that the argument of the shortage of water is not a valid one", they wrote, urging Mr Yunes to "fulfil his offer". After waiting a week and spending what remained of their $8,000 savings on a hotel, Narzilloev and his family caught a bus to Ciudad Juárez, Mexico, in hopes of entering El Paso. "No nation can allow itself to be overwhelmed by uncontrolled masses of people rushing their border". "His intentions to limit the rights of those seeking asylum are against those laws and the USA's global obligations", said Naidoo.

"As far as the caravan is concerned, our military is out", Trump said Wednesday.

The policy resulted in 2,654 children being separated and widespread outrage before Trump canceled it in June. Federal prosecutors have also fought to narrow the definition of political asylum.

Trump's recent statements include that he plans to sign an order that could lead to the detention of migrants crossing the southern border, and barring anyone caught crossing illegally from claiming asylum.

As attorney general, Sessions has broad power over asylum procedures and the immigration courts, which are under the auspices of the Justice Department.

Migrant caravan: Mexico bus transportation offer withdrawn