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Trump pushes economic hope, immigrant fear in final poll run

04 Novembre 2018

On Wednesday, President Donald Trump managed to condense his anti-immigrant fear-mongering ahead of the November 6 midterms into a single, 51-second advertisement, which even some on the right are immediately decrying as "racist".

The wild card in this year's midterms is the House of Representatives, while Republicans are expected to keep control of the Senate. The president has escalated the intensity of his attacks against both immigrants and Democrats as he seeks to turn out his base supporters to vote for his congressional allies.

The Democrats, he said, want to "clear the borders" and smuggle "the clandestine ones before the American citizens".

But he added: "I'm not saying they're not going to squeak by", Trump said. But those days, if you haven't noticed, are over. "Who else would Democrats let in?"

The video, which both Democrats and Republicans have denounced as a racist campaign tactic, has taken a central role in Trump's closing midterm electionargument.

"If the president picks up Senate seats, they'll be no honest people talking about a 'blue wave, '" Trump booster and American Conservative Union chairman Matt Schlapp told Politico.

At an airport rally earlier Friday in Huntington, West Virginia, Trump opened his final sprint to the midterms by defending his decision to tweet a video warning of people crossing into the US illegally at the border with Mexico.

Democrats have gone from being optimistic to confident that they will take back the House of Representatives following the midterm elections.

Republicans are favoured to retain control of the Senate, whose powers include confirming Trump's nominations to lifetime seats on the Supreme Court.

Mr Obama's speech was repeatedly interrupted by hecklers, prompting him to quip, "Why is it that the folks who won the last election are so mad all the time?"

Early voting is up 50 per cent on four years ago ahead of Tuesday's poll.

Trump won more than 68 percent of the vote here, his largest share in any state.

On Tuesday, November 6, voting booths officially open across the United States of America for midterm elections. That marked his third campaign appearance in that state. Inside Elections with Nathan Gonzales lists the race as a Toss-up.

"It happens to be like a manhood issue for the president, building a wall, and I'm not interested in that", Pelosi said in remarks at Harvard Kennedy School's Institute of Politics in early October.

A federal judge on Friday ordered the state to allow some 3,000 recently naturalized citizens to vote after their registrations had been put on hold. Montanans went for Trump by a 20-point margin in 2016. "Anybody going to vote for Donnelly in this room?" Republican candidates in competitive races are split between those who support Trump's crackdown and immigration limits and those who warn that the president has gone too far, says Chmielenski.

Bracamontes' expletive-filled rant about killing police officers also appeared in a little-noticed January 2018 Trump campaign ad.

The president was set to storm across two states Saturday, two Sunday and three Monday in an effort to pick off Senate seats in Indiana, Florida and a handful of other battlegrounds where Republicans hope to add to their one-seat majority in the chamber. Polls show the two nearly neck and neck - an interesting race to tune into on election night.

"I'm here for one simple reason: to ask you to vote", Mr Obama said. Online political journal The Cook Political Report expects Democrats to make a net gain of 25-40 seats as of this writing.

Trump pushes economic hope, immigrant fear in final poll run