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Obama stumps for senator who supports Trump’s wall

05 Novembre 2018

"I think it's very telling that Barack Obama is out there on the campaign trail".

In a speech Sunday in Georgia, Trump admitted what he's focusing on.

'We're not dealing with babies here, folks, ' the president claimed.

- Trump and Chinese President Xi Jinping talked trade on Thursday, and the president said the talks went very well - but the suddenly soothing tone might be motivated by a desire to ease fears in trade-dependent states in the USA ahead of the midterms.

Student Tamra Simms said: "Maybe it's time to get all of those older people out and get some young blood who are more closely aligned to what we are today and make decisions based on what today's climate is and not the 1950s". It can not disclose the names of the alleged criminals for the same reason, the person said.

In what has become the most costly midterm elections in history, one House and one Senate race have managed to outpace the competition in burning up cash, indicating how seriously both sides take the hotly contested seats: Florida's neck-and-neck senatorial race and California's 25th congressional district.

Trump's video links the twice-deported immigrant to the caravan and implores voters to elect Republicans in order to stop it. NBC, on the other hand, aired it during Sunday Night Football, which has a massive audience. Republicans now hold 51 against the Democrats' 49 (with two independents). One man confided to her: "You're the most qualified candidate, but I can't vote for you - I'm a Republican, my wife would kill me". All Americans should reject this ad and its motives'.

Donald Trump's whirlwind campaign hits three states Monday in the final effort to stop Democrats from breaking his Republicans' stranglehold on Congress in midterms elections seen as a referendum on the most divisive U.S. president in decades.

Forward Majority, a political action committee created this election cycle, is spending $9 million on some 120 contests in six battleground states - aiming to put enough seats into to play to give Democrats a chance at flipping chambers that are not generally considered winnable, such as the Texas House. Nearly two-thirds of Republicans (64%) say immigration is extremely important to them, while that dips twenty points to 44% among Democrats.

Lately, as Trump has tried to raise fear of a caravan of Central American migrants trying to cross Mexico on foot to reach the US border, McSally has taken to slamming Sinema on immigration.

Legal scholars, and Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, have said Trump doesn't have the authority to end birthright citizenship. "He's just so irresponsible", said Albrecht, who worries Trump's embrace of the far-right is remaking his party.

But the latest Morning Consult/Politico survey shows that voters are much more likely to think about the GOP's standard bearer than they are the Democratic leader: 51 percent of voters said they're thinking "a lot" about Trump, who's barnstorming the country to defend the party's majorities in the House and Senate.

There are indications that a so-called "blue wave" may help Democrats seize control of at least one chamber of USA congress.

The president said the main focus of his campaigning is on the Senate, while talking to reporters on the White House lawn Sunday. 'But I've made a number.

"I've been involved in scores of conversations about stopping illegal immigration from Mexico, and never once has there been a discussion of the political impact in U.S. domestic politics", Pompeo said.

Obama stumps for senator who supports Trump’s wall