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'A referendum on me': Trump makes final push ahead of USA midterms

06 Novembre 2018

What's likely to happen?

And while polls in the US will not begin closing until well after the market closes, futures markets could be active overnight Tuesday depending on the outcome, with Democrats taking control of both houses of Congress or Republicans retaining control of both houses the outcomes which would likely create the most market volatility.

DE voters are deciding who will fill two of the three seats held by the state's congressional delegation and three statewide elected offices, as well as whether Republicans gain control of the state Senate for the first time in decades.

Problem two, those House investigations into the President and the White House would have some extra teeth with a Democratic Senate backing them up.

"We rate 75 races as competitive, including 70 GOP-held seats and just five held by Democrats".

The heartland, flyover country, the Rust Belt - whatever you call it, the swath of states along the Great Lakes from Pennsylvania to Wisconsin delivered the White House to President Trump in 2016. "And you know what you do?"

How many seats must Democrats flip to win the House? One campaign mailer sent out by a Republican candidate for a state Senate seat in CT showed his Jewish opponent holding a wad of cash in front of him with a crazed look in his eyes, an unmistakable allusion to the familiar slur against Jews.

Excitement is abound south of the border as Americans get set to elect new members to the Republican-controlled House of Representatives and Senate on Tuesday.

Democrats face a far more hard challenge in the Senate, where they are nearly exclusively on defence in rural states where Trump remains popular. "And at the most extreme, they're going to expect the Democrats who, if they win majority in the House, to go ahead and impeach the president". The network identified three possible scenarios, and "our best estimate as of today is: 225 Democratic seats - just beyond the 218 needed for a majority - to 210 Republican seats, with a margin of error of plus or minus 13 seats on each, keeping the possibility open that Republicans retain control".

In recent stops, Trump has directly targeted favourite foes House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and U.S. Rep. Maxine Waters and argued that Democrats would plunge the country into Venezuela-like chaos. Heidi Heitkamp, a Democrat, in North Dakota.

In the 68th Illinois House district, Rep. John Cabello will defeat Democratic challenger Jake Castanza, 53 percent to 47 percent.

The report showed only one race had shifted in favour of the Republicans - Arizona's 1st district, from "likely Democrat" to "leaning Democrat".

Sen. Heidi Heitkamp, D-N.D., speaks during a Senate Banking Committee hearing in Washington on May 24, 2018. He'd have to compromise with Democrats to get any legislation across the line.

But in what could be a sharp warning sign for Republicans, the poll reported that college-educated White women - the so-called suburban moms seen as crucial to the 2018 outcome - favour Democrats by a substantial 61% to 33%. Their memories from 2016, when they watched in disbelief as Donald Trump defied polls, expectations and political norms, are still fresh. Immediately, talk would turn to how the 2016 election was perhaps a fluke and to how Trump's divisiveness had backfired. Their beliefs on subjects like immigration are already priced in to some extent too, of course, but the more Trump can drive up the fear factor, the more he might convince some populist stragglers to take an hour to go to the polls. "You hear those Republicans brag about how good the economy is, where do you think that started?" he asked. It could result in states such as Nevada or even Arizona staying under GOP control and deliver states like Florida, Indiana, Missouri and Montana. "You have to have the turnout, and the percentage that the Republican wins by has to be very large".

Republicans believe those issues, will help maintain control of the Senate.

Cohen told VOA that Trump's strategy is unwise. It wouldn't necessarily be a resounding affirmation of Trump - these are only red states the GOP would be winning - but it would lead to some real, justified soul-searching.

Mr. Obama also laid into the President for the investigations into Russian interference in the USA election that are weighing on his administration.

The outcome is clouded by the dramatically different landscape between the House and Senate.

'A referendum on me': Trump makes final push ahead of USA midterms