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United States imposes second round of sanctions on Iran

07 Novembre 2018

Iran won't be able to get paid for its oil without the payments going through this network, even if countries agree to bypass the USA sanctions.

In a statement issued over the weekend, the Kremlin's foreign ministry "strongly condemned" the new wave of US sanctions, arguing that the move deals "another powerful blow to the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty (NPT)".

Protecting the terms of the JCPOA was important not just for Iran but the global community, he added, making it necessary for other countries to counter not just the U.S. sanctions but the ideas behind them.

However, Iran's clerical rulers have dismissed concerns about the impact of sanctions on the economy.

House Democratic Whip Steny H Hoyer said, "Rather than achieving its stated goal of eliminating Iran's oil exports altogether, the administration has issued "exemptions" for major Iranian oil importers, allowing Iran to earn billions of dollars from oil sale".

In addition, Pompeo said the United States has granted waivers to continue three nonproliferation projects that provide oversight on Iran's nuclear programme. "The maximum pressure exerted by the only going to mount from here", he added.

Meanwhile, in Tehran, demonstrators poured onto the streets to mark the 39 anniversary of the occupation of the USA embassy there, an action that precipitated a protracted hostage standoff that helped tank President Carter's chances at re-election and almost took down the Reagan administration amid the Iran-Contra scandal.

"Each of those countries have already demonstrated significant reduction of the purchase of Iranian crude over the past six months". "We stand with them as they call for the regime to respect their human rights and dignity", said US Special Representative for Iran, Brian Hook.

"In keeping with our mission of supporting the resilience and integrity of the global financial system as a global and neutral service provider, SWIFT is suspending certain Iranian banks' access to the messaging system", it said.

Iran supports several Shiite militias formed to fight against the Islamic State.

US officials said the jurisdictions that had been given waivers would be identified on November 5, although they have not yet been disclosed.

The only one he identified was in Bushehr, where Russian Federation is building a second unit at an existing nuclear power plant.

The "senior" cleric, who is Friday Prayer leader in Mashhad, also warned Iran could send the price of oil skyrocketing to $400 a barrell by confiscating tankers and creating a blockage in the Persian Gulf. "It is justified since Iran has no civil need to enrich uranium".

Russian Federation is also working with Iran on isotope production at Fordow to ensure that the site works toward medical purposes rather than uranium enrichment.

Moreover, if "Iran violates the nuclear limits or refuses IAEA [International Atomic Energy Agency] inspections, then the E3 [in Europe] will have a responsibility to snap back sanctions under the JCPOA", Albright added. "In anticipation of that possibility, the United States should continue to publicly make clear that it will not allow Iran to acquire nuclear weapons". The fight between Israel and Iran will move to Washington with the midterm elections.

The battle of wills could determine a critical piece of the Trump foreign policy as the US seeks to impose its will on Iran and on its leading worldwide partners to force a major change of behavior in Tehran. Joe Lieberman and CEO Amb. Analysts say the UAE is buying about 100,000 barrels per day from Tehran.

Why does the U.S. claim Iran is the "world's largest state sponsor of terrorism"?

United States imposes second round of sanctions on Iran