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Samsung Set to Reveal Actual Foldable Phone Details Tomorrow

07 Novembre 2018

Speaking at Google's Android Dev Summit, the VP of engineering for Android, David Burke, confirmed Google is working to add support for foldable phones to Android. It will roll the software out to the Galaxy S9, S9 Plus and Note 9 in January - and the software will be on the upcoming foldable phone that Samsung showed for the first time Wednesday.

In a brief demo at SDC, Samsung demonstrated the new flexible display tech that will enable the foldable phone.

Google's Dave Burke described the experience as both a phone and tablet, with a feature called "Screen Continuity", where your app experience seamlessly transfers between bigger and smaller screens.

Nokia N85: First phone with an OLED (organic light-emitting diode) display, letting it show deeper blacks and better contrast. If 2018 was the year most device makers put AI chips inside of their flagships, 2019 will be the year everyone tries to figure out how to lure consumers into trying out a folding phone.

Apparently, Samsung has told a few Korean media outlets that it will unveil the phone's UX at the event.

Neither did it disclose how it will brand the phone. In dual view camera the object is visible from each screen when folded, and can be bended to capture objects at unique angles.

The device will not be commercially available just yet though, with Samsung said to be showcasing it to developers in particular to see what kinds of applications they can develop for the unique form factor. The Samsung Developer Conference that takes place this week is when we expect to hear and see something regarding the future Samsung foldable smartphone. Earlier rumours said the Galaxy X will have two panels inside and one on the outside, with the two internal panels forming the 7.3in tablet-sized screen. In essence, the controversial virtual assistant will become more useful and helpful thanks to Samsung opening up third-party app development for Bixby. Let us know in the comments section!

Something that might offer a little comfort is that Samsung's top mobile guy, DJ Koh, has previously stated that the folding phone would be a high-end device and that it would be released globally.

Samsung Set to Reveal Actual Foldable Phone Details Tomorrow