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Trump Threatens to Investigate Democrats if They Probe His Administration

09 Novembre 2018

While Trump retains broad power over national security and U.S. foreign policy, the midterm election result exposes him to congressional investigations that could reverberate beyond American borders. Democrats would pick up dozens of House seats in the midterms, and might even take the Senate.

Meanwhile, Democratic gains in Republican strongholds are widely interpreted as an impassioned rejection of Trump's agenda and style.

"CNN should be ashamed of itself, having you working for them", Trump told CNN correspondent Jim Acosta, who wrestled with a White House staffer who forcibly pulled the microphone from his hands.

Several major races are still pending. Some 59 percent supported GOP Sen. A margin of less than half a percentage point automatically triggers a recount.

And hundreds of thousands of ballots were still being counted in Arizona, where the GOP is trying to hang onto a seat. If every race's current leader ends up winning that would give Democrats a net gain of 35 seats, a huge number of pickups and numbers that are in line with what TPM and other prognosticators predicted before election night.

'Along with this the Republicans increased their majority in The Senate.

In the House, Democrats will hold at least 222 seats to Republicans' 196. "Some close races, some races that didn't go the Republican way, midterm elections - all those things come into play".

Whatever the final tally, Democrats' majority will be slim enough that they'll have to worry about defectors on both the right and left wings of their party.

Trump said that if Democrats try to use their majority to issue subpoenas, it would be a "war-like posture".

"It really could be a attractive, bipartisan type of situation". Democrats say questions remain about Russian money laundering and Trump's businesses.

Mrs. Pelosi, too, offer grand visions of deals. "I think we can just barely even understand the doors that will open up for everyone".

Some Democrats said during their campaigns that they would not back Pelosi, but it's not clear yet whether there are any Democrats willing to challenge her for the post. But Trump, who is preternaturally connected to the GOP base - for a NY businessman, in particular - understands that many Americans are deeply concerned about events like the migrant caravan.

The GOP "had a very good day" Tuesday despite the House loss, McConnell said.

He said infrastructure spending will be an area of potential cooperation. On legislative prospects, Trump said he could potentially work with Democrats on issues such as taxes, infrastructure and health care, saying it "really could be a handsome, bipartisan type of situation".

Baker said one of the most "positive developments" of Tuesday's voting was the re-election of several other Republican governors in the northeast who he considers moderate, including Gov. Phil Scott in Vermont, Gov. Chris Sununu in New Hampshire and Gov. Larry Hogan in Maryland.

"I think that I am better at that game then they are actually", he said.

At his news conference, Trump said "there was nothing sarcastic" about his praise, saying she had "fought long and hard".

McConnell eschewed further attempts to get him to respond to heated presidential rhetoric, refusing to call the migrant caravan - still hundreds of miles from the southern US border - a "crisis", as Trump did in high profile campaign rallies created to turn out the GOP base. He said that while it's illegal for a member of Congress to exclusively to release anyone's tax returns, the Ways and Means Committee chairman under law has the ability to ask for the president's return.

In fact, the incumbent president's party has lost an average of 37 seats in midterm elections since WWII. Barbara Comstock painting her as a Trump ally - and calling her "Barbara Trumpstock". Democrats Claire McCaskill, Joe Donnelly and Heidi Heitkamp were all defeated in their Republican leaning states.

Some Republicans sought to explain Michigan's shift to a more purple hue as nearly an inevitability after a long stint of one-party control.

At one point during the press conference, a visibly angry Trump branded CNN's White House correspondent Jim Acosta a "rude, awful person" and an "enemy of the people" in a testy exchange.

Republicans successfully fended off some of the most high-profile Democratic challengers in Beto O'Rourke (Texas Senate Seat), Stacey Abrams (Georgia Governor), and Andrew Gillum (Florida Governor).

Democrats also captured governorships in Michigan, Illinois and Kansas.

Republicans have held the South Dakota governor's mansion for decades - the last Democrat was elected all the way back in 1978 - but Noem will still make history in 2019 as the first female governor.

But the first order of business for the House Democratic Caucus is to nominate a speaker.

Some 17 races were still being contested, including a large swath in California.

While House Democrats may not support this plan, they would likely be willing to support something that mainly relies on just federal spending.

Trump Threatens to Investigate Democrats if They Probe His Administration