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Macron 'bromance' on rocks as United States leader lashes ally

13 Novembre 2018

"He was just trying to get onto another subject", continued Trump - an expert there too.

The 100th anniversary of the end of World War I was marked by events around the world Sunday, including in New Zealand, Australia, and London.

Macron's call, which reflects a broad trend of EU thinking but is not universally accepted, was meant to show European willingness to meet USA demands that Europe do more for its own security and rely less on America's security umbrella.

He did not provide further details, but the French presidency said the pair had a wide-ranging discussion during lunch after the commemoration.

But Monday night, outgoing German Chancellor Angela Merkel said she supported Macron's plan and agreed that Europe shouldn't need to rely on the United States to supplement its military strength. "Let us vow to prioritise peace over everything".

It marks a turnaround in the pair's relationship, which was once more of a "bromance" when Macron visited the U.S.in April - where the two leaders held hands, referred to each other affectionately (Trump described the dashing Frenchman as "perfect") and shared awkward hugs. "That is the greatest homage we can pay" to the fallen soldiers", he said.

Prince Charles laid a wreath at the memorial on behalf of Queen Elizabeth II - who watched on from the balcony of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office.

German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier became the first German leader to take part in the service, which was also attended by Prime Minister Theresa May.

During his address, Macron - who has emerged as Europe's most vocal sentry against a global tide of nationalism - repeated his warnings.

"The concern I have is that blinkered nationalist views may gain ground once again", Merkel said, warning that people were calling the "European peace project" into question. They were starting to learn German in Paris before the USA came along.

According to the Wine Institute, the European Union levies tariffs ranging from 11 to 29 cents per bottle of US wine.

However crude, the mockery is fully in line with the goal Washington has set out long before Trump: to subdue its allies and adversaries alike, Galloway, a filmmaker, writer, orator, and former British MP with 30 years experience, believes.

In a caustic series of early-morning tweets the U.S. president lambasted Macron's support for a European army, while renewing his frequent charge that America's European allies in North Atlantic Treaty Organisation spend too little on defense.

"Mr Hate, Leave Europe", read one banner at the protest.

Finally, it is possible that the media's coverage of Trump's failure to attend ceremonies at the Aisne-Marne were unfair, and that security concerns, not personal laziness (or concerns over a bad-hair day) kept Trump from traveling through the rain to the event.

While Putin's handshakes with Macron and Merkel were brief, he and Trump engaged in mutual arm and back patting.

Macron 'bromance' on rocks as United States leader lashes ally