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BREXIT BOMBSHELL: Barnier plans to lock United Kingdom into European Union until DECEMBER 2022

18 Novembre 2018

"There's 500 pages in this document much of which is quite vague, where's the guarantee on environmental protections, where's the guarantee on consumer protections, where's the guarantee on workers' rights?"

The appointments took place against the unprecedented backdrop of five cabinet ministers plotting to overhaul the agreement May has secured with the bloc.

Describing her determined demeanor during the interview as a "picture of calm under the circumstances", the newspaper asked May about the day this week when she faced hours of questions in the House of Commons, and was told that four of her ministers, including her Brexit Secretary had resigned.

The document, coordinated by members of the Alliance of British Entrepreneurs (ABE) and seen by City A.M., asks MPs to be subjective in their assessment of May's proposals, which it believes do not meet the tests set out by the Prime Minister in a speech at Lancaster House previous year.

Critics say it would leave Britain bound to the European Union in perpetuity and risks dividing the United Kingdom by aligning Northern Ireland more closely with the EU's customs rules and production standards than mainland Britain. According to his results, 51.9% of Britons voted for the country's withdrawal from the community of 48.1% - wanted to remain in the EU.

Speaking to The News, MEP and former UKIP leader Nigel Farage said: 'This deal is the worst in history and is a trap to keep us stuck inside European Union rules.

Mundell said he has reservations about the draft deal but other alternatives were "even more unpalatable".

The source suggested that if changes weren't made, resignations from Brexiteers still in the cabinet were "not off the table".

Former junior Health Minister Stephen Barclay replaced Raab as Brexit secretary, while ex-Interior Minister Amber Rudd was named to the work and pensions post. Looking forward to working with a talented team of ministers & officials to do just that.

He has been congratulated on Twitter by Chief Secretary to the Treasury Liz Truss, who said he was "a star" when he worked in her department. "If we accept that, it will severely prejudice the second phase of negotiations against the United Kingdom", the British negotiator said while telling the Prime Minister that she deserves a British Secretary "who can make the case for the deal you are pursuing with conviction".

Raab, who resigned on Thursday saying he could not support the deal, said he would back May if there was a confidence vote and that talk of a leadership challenge was distracting when the government should be focused on delivering Brexit. "We've been married for 38 years, that's a long time".

Mrs May faces a critical week in which she could face a no confidence vote from her own MPs, as well as potential Cabinet resignations if she refuses to change the Withdrawal Agreement she has negotiated with the EU. The two countries have agreed to set up a new joint parliamentary assembly, consisting of about 50 MPs from each side, which would meet at least twice a year.

BREXIT BOMBSHELL: Barnier plans to lock United Kingdom into European Union until DECEMBER 2022