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U.K. PM May says ousting her won't make Brexit any easier

19 Novembre 2018

Several ministers, including her Brexit minister, have resigned and some of her lawmakers are seeking to oust her.

British Prime Minister Theresa May will try and step up her effort to get people behind her Brexit deal when she speaks at a CBI business lobby conference in London later. "The next seven days are critical".

Speculation continues over whether the number of Tory MPs submitting letters of no-confidence in Mrs May will reach the 48 required to trigger a confidence vote on her leadership.

Sir Graham told BBC Radio 5 Live's Pienaar's Politics he would not reveal how many letters he had received - saying he had not even told his wife, who is his parliamentary assistant.

May has struggled politically since June, 2017, when she managed to lose her party's majority in parliament by calling an election that was not necessary.

They specifically want to change the part regarding the arrangements for the border between Northern Ireland and Ireland which has been one of the main sticking points in talks with Brussels.

She suggested that agreeing on conditions favorable to Britain could satisfy concerns of her critics.

Dieter Kempf told Funke Mediengruppe newspaper chain that a no-deal Brexit would hit the automotive, aerospace, chemical, pharmaceutical, engineering and electrical industries particularly hard.

Minister eurosceptic Andrea Leadsom has, unlike other members who share his options, and made a decision to stay to the sides of Theresa May... but it could, like them, she also slam the door shut. After that, there will be a transition period for determining the future relationship which is set to run until December 2020.

"It's the future relationship that delivers on the Brexit vote".

Meanwhile, former Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson wrote in his weekly column for Monday's Daily Telegraph that May's suggestion that the issues with the Brexit draft agreement can be dealt with in future talks is "a tragic illusion" and "an attempt at deception".

Mrs May said: "If you took out an insurance policy... and that insurance policy was being used, but suddenly the people providing that insurance policy pulled the plug on it for you, and you were left without that insurance policy without having any say in it, what would you think?"

However, the United Kingdom isn't able to end the backstop unilaterally, meaning it could keep the United Kingdom locked in a customs union with Brussels indefinitely. "Why should they let us go?"

"These next seven days are going to be critical, they are about the future of this country", May told British broadcaster Sky News, referring to the number of days left before an emergency European Union summit to discuss the deal on November 25.

British Prime Minister Theresa May says she sees no alternative to the Brexit deal she presented earlier this week, amid reports that some of her senior ministers want her to renegotiate the draft agreement before meeting European Union leaders next weekend.

Mr Raab told the BBC's Marr show that he supported the Prime Minister, but not her deal, adding: "I want her to get this right".

U.K. PM May says ousting her won't make Brexit any easier