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Mueller recommends no prison for Flynn, cites cooperation

05 Décembre 2018

Despite the number of criminally charged lies he admitted to and his high rank in the Trump administration, Flynn earned the most lenient recommendation before his sentencing from the special counsel's office so far.

If President Donald Trump appears to be rattled by special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation now - and his extraordinary tweets on the subject suggest that he is - just wait.

Mr. Cohen's statement if nothing else bolstered his earlier contention that he was willing "to take a bullet" for his friend, for whom, in gangland lingo, he long had served as consigliere on the shadier side of the Trump real-estate racket. Still, he is resigned to accepting responsibility.

"To those who have supported us throughout this process".

Trump lashed out at Cohen last week after his latest guilty plea, telling reporters at the White House that Cohen was a "weak person" and insisting that he himself had done nothing wrong on the Russian real estate project.

The president's critics contend such statements about individuals who refuse to testify against him or give up potentially damaging information are signs he might pardon them, should they face federal charges. He has pled guilty to those lies.

Lawyers for Cohen asked the judge in a court filing on Friday not to sentence him to prison.

Toobin said the second sentence could be a significant indicator of "how Mueller is going to characterize what went on in the Trump White House". Two women had alleged extramarital affairs with Trump, which the president denies. In one section there is the simple sentence "the defendant has provided substantial assistance in a criminal investigation" but everything below it is blacked out.

Cohen's commitment to Trump began to wane after a highly publicised Federal Bureau of Investigation raid on his home, office and hotel room in April. "Not at all. I am not anxious at all about him", Trump told reporters shortly before he left for the G-20 summit in Argentina.

"To be crystal clear, my wife, my daughter and my son and this country - this country - have my first loyalty", Stephanopoulos quoted Cohen as saying.

On Friday Cohen, who had already admitted multiple counts of tax evasion, financial fraud and campaign finance violations, asked the NY federal court for a "time served" sentence. He will be sentenced in the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia on December 18.

Not only did he draw notice to how soon into the investigation he agreed to cooperate, but he also pointed out how valuable his cooperation has been.

Cooperating witnesses are often not sentenced until investigations are completed, months or even years later.

It says Mr Flynn has provided assistance in multiple investigations and has also given information on co-ordination between the Russian government and the Trump campaign.

The crimes that Cohen admitted to on August 22 were not part of a plea agreement with Mueller's office but rather, with the U.S. Attorney's office for the Southern District of NY.

Cohen has also met twice with the Southern District prosecutors in Manhattan, as well as New York's attorney general and state tax agency officials. None of the eight charges against Cohen substantiate such an allegation and only the last two had to do with Trump at all.

U.S. intelligence agencies have claimed that Russian Federation was the source of hacked material released by WikiLeaks, an organization that publishes secret information, news leaks, and classified information provided by anonymous sources, in the weeks ahead of the 2016 election that damaged the campaign of Hillary Clinton, then Democratic candidate for presidency.

Attorney George Conway, the husband of Trump adviser Kellyanne Conway, replied to Trump on Twitter with a link to the federal statute on witness tampering, which prohibits any effort to "influence, intimidate, or impede", a witness in a criminal proceeding.

Mueller recommends no prison for Flynn, cites cooperation