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Season 7 Creative Mode, snowstorm, more

06 Décembre 2018

Fortnite developer Epic Games is still teasing the start of the game's seventh season.

Fortnite Creative launches for everyone on Dec. 13, but if you're interested in early access buy a Battle Pass for Season 7, which will let you try it out starting Friday, Dec. 6. In the freeform creators suite, players can design their own maps and modes using buildings, tilesets and other props. There's a lobby too. And now Epic's runaway hit - which already has two gameplay modes, Save the World and the incredibly popular Battle Royale - is to add a third way to play. Initially, there was only one mode - a sandbox campaign called Save the World in which players would fight monsters and complete distinct missions. Players who get early access through a Battle Pass purchase will still be able to invite their friends into Creative sessions. The initial announcement has drawn attention and praise from throughout the video game industry for a surprisingly thorough and favorable arrangement for publishers, particularly independent publishers, on the platform.

Fortnite has been dropping hints this week, and finally we know what to expect in terms of new cosmetics.

The video above may be taken down by the time you read this but The Game Awards are due to start at 1.30am GMT on Thursday night/Friday morning, so you'll get an official look at the mode soon enough. Speaking to Variety, Epic boss Tim Sweeny confirmed that Unreal Tournament 4 was no longer in active development. Is Epic teasing the Season 7 debut of some kind of a Shrink Ray weapon? What's more, if you're using Unreal Engine, then the 5% engine royalty will be taken out of Epic's 12% profit, not your 88%.

Many more digital tie-ins to pop-culture are sure to be on their way as Fortnite gears up for the release of Season 7 on December 6. Epic says that in its time as a developer, dependent upon other online stores it has always sought fair economics, and a direct relationship with players - and this is what it claims to do with its upcoming eStore.

Season 7 Creative Mode, snowstorm, more