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Governor Walker: What Will Your Message To Gov.-Elect Evers Be?

11 Décembre 2018

Of course, he is right, but that's why we have elections in America - so voters can choose the governing agenda they prefer. He wants five. And after the caravan if you don't see the need for additional border security, you're just not paying much attention. "When a Republican comes in, it's like - we've got to boost his power, and when a Democrat comes in, take it away".

I teach history. It's my day job. Charles Schumer of NY are set to meet on Tuesday. As the cliche goes, we do Plato to North Atlantic Treaty Organisation in two semesters. "If [outgoing Republican Gov.] Scott Walker had won this election, we wouldn't be sitting here talking to you today". "One point six [billion dollars] is available to the president".

In the overwhelming majority of large and medium-sized societies throughout history, basically everyone except the leader/monarch/chief fell into the "moron" category, and one person or a small group exercised governmental authority.

I guess it's best if you can't win fairly, cheat.

"We'll try to convince the governor to veto it, and that's an unlikely prospect", he said, referring to Walker, who survived a hard-fought recall vote in 2012 and was reelected in 2014.

In Ohio, Republicans still control both the governor's office and Legislature, but apparently that's not enough.

For those who have not been following Wisconsin state politics for the last decade, it's worth a quick recap on the goings on in the Dairy State. When Republicans won governorships in MA and Maryland in 2014 and Vermont in 2016, Democratic legislatures made no power-grabs like those Republicans are undertaking. What is their aim?

The three bills also would limit early voting, undercut the authority of the attorney general to file lawsuits as a Democrat prepares to take that office, and cut state income tax rates. There could also be changes made to Wisconsin's voter ID law.

Tom Perez
The Latest: Evers to appeal to Walker to veto GOP power play

Utilizing same political dialogue as their parallels in Wisconsin this week, Michigan Republicans are answering to their Election Day subduing in major statewide races by attempting to restrict the power of leaders from the combatant party.

Although they hold a majority in the state's assembly, the Republicans have no claim to the high ground.

Walker and the Republican majorities in both houses of the state assembly have taken Wisconsin on a sharp, rightward direction, including undermining unions and weakening environmental protections. It is a betrayal of democratic principles.

Meanwhile, in MI and Missouri, efforts by Republican legislators are trying to undo citizen-pass amendments that had imposed limits on how self-serving their state legislatures could be. But for all the national discussion on the minimum wage, committee Republicans have kept their focus on other areas.

This is what Republicans are. Rather than respect the will of voters, they're using their last few weeks in office to pass laws limiting the power of new governors and put roadblocks on voting. Both repeatedly have refused to give the president the $5 billion.

In all these cases, the underlying theme is the same: They. They believe they deserve it, irrespective of what the people want.

In Michigan, Republicans are advancing their own measure that would also allow GOP lawmakers to intervene in lawsuits, ensuring they could step in if Nessel will not defend laws. Republicans in MI (which also replaced a Republican governor with a Democrat this year) are working on a similar effort.

Just power-as opposed to unjust power, exercised arbitrarily and undemocratically-flows from the people, the electorate. Evers, the state schools superintendent, bested Gov. Scott Walker, once a Republican star who ran for president in 2016, in the November election.

Governor Walker: What Will Your Message To Gov.-Elect Evers Be?