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‘Coup plot may lead to Tory party’s breakup’

15 Décembre 2018

While it remains unclear how this Greek tragedy will play out, Goldman Sachs is of the view that her win reduces the likelihood "of a disorderly Brexit and increases the probability of a reversal of Brexit itself".

For an internal no-confidence vote to be formally triggered, at least 48 Conservative Party MPs needed to submit letters of no confidence in the prime minister to Graham Brady, the chairman of the 1922 Committee-the parliamentary group of the Conservatives.

There had been chatter of something like 231-86, which would have been a number that might have strengthened her hand.

After May made a desperate three-capital European tour on Tuesday to seek assistance from fellow leaders, Tusk had said he would love to help her, but "the question is how".

Cable isn't thrilled, dropping to 1.2610 from 1.2640 after a brief jump to 1.2670.

May still hopes to pass her Brexit deal through British parliament, but that was always a long-shot-and now that she's effectively announced a countdown clock on her leadership, her ability to twist arms and make deals to ensure passage of her Brexit deal has not increased.

Conservative MPs demanded changes to the backstop to make it clear that it could not last forever, and the United Kingdom could terminate the arrangement on its own.

In her end-of-summit press conference, she acknowledged that the Withdrawal Agreement could not be reopened, but insisted their discussions had shown there was scope for "further clarification" on the way the backstop would operate.

Downing Street said that MPs will not be able to vote on the deal before the end of the year, though it assured they will be able to do so before January 21, 2019.

George Freeman told HuffPost UK's politics podcast, Commons People, that he believes there are two post-EU withdrawal scenarios which would see the Tories call a fresh vote.

"It seems that the Prime Minister has failed in her bid to deliver meaningful changes to her Brexit deal".

Simon Hix, of the London School of Economics, said Wednesday's result was "enough to cling on, but 117 against her means the Commons arithmetic on Brexit is now even tougher".

"They have got to say to the European Union. we are not committed to this £39bn unless we get some resolution".

There was some hope that a decisive win in this no confidence vote-more than 210 votes in her favor-would bolster her mandate and force rebellious Tory members to fall in line and support her deal.

IT'S the last Sophy Ridge on Sunday of the season this weekend, and I must admit after the year we've had I'm in need of a Christmas break. He explained that if May loses Wednesday evening's vote, she will remain prime minister while the Conservatives select their new leader.

The Prime Minister will address a meeting of MPs at 5pm this afternoon, just an hour before a vote of no confidence in her leadership begins.

The other 27 European Union leaders have agreed to draft a reassuring political statement, but remain firmly opposed to renegotiating a hard-won withdrawal deal they endorsed less than three weeks ago.

European Union officials, however, seemed exasperated at the lack of concrete new ideas from Britain. "If May can not get her deal through the Commons, the crisis will intensify".

After the victory the Prime Minister said that the main goal of his Premiership, is to "ensure the implementation of Brexit for which the people voted to again unite and build a country that works for everyone".

‘Coup plot may lead to Tory party’s breakup’