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Trump offers holiday greetings to US troops

26 Décembre 2018

From the whole team at SEJ, a very Merry Christmas to all!

Once we see the general area Santa is traveling through, we check in with NORAD to see if they have captured any images of Santa and the reindeer moving through these areas on their military cameras and sensors. But the organization says it never knows when Santa will stop at each house and can only guarantee he'll pay his visit once children are asleep.

This all began after Col. Harry Shoup received a phone call in 1955 from a child who wanted to speak to Santa Claus.

It's Christmas Eve! One of the most magical parts of Christmas is keeping track of where Santa is as he delivers gifts all across the world.

But fear not. Collman Lloyd still believes in Santa and was not that put off by Trump's remarks, mainly because she didn't know what "marginal" meant.

NORAD eased the fears of good little boys and girls concerned the tracker might be down, after United States lawmakers failed agree on a budget, triggering a partial shutdown of federal services, including the maintenance of the Christmas tree outside the White House.

In 2017, Trump spent the holidays at his Florida estate, Mar-a-Lago, with his family, but for his second Christmas as president, Trump opted to cancel his holiday getaway because of the partial federal government shutdown.

The program wasn't affected by the USA government shutdown.

The operation relies on roughly 1,500 military and civilian volunteers, and according to the Associated Press, 160 phones are required to field calls during Christmas Eve. To protect North America and track Santa, NORAD uses 47 radar installations strung across Canada's North and Alaska, a network of satellites with infrared sensors, high-speed SantaCam viewable online, and jet fighters. You can get more details and see a attractive 3D map by visiting NORAD's website right here. The tradition started when a department store placed a NORAD officer's phone number in a Christmas ad by mistake.

Trump offers holiday greetings to US troops