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Netflix issues warning for people to stop doing the 'Bird Box' challenge

04 Janvier 2019

It seems that Sandra Bullock's hit Netflix thriller "Bird Box" has become the latest piece of popular entertainment to inspire a potentially unsafe internet "challenge". The main character, as well as her young ones, wear blindfolds to survive some mysterious forces that cause people to commit suicide upon seeing them as they make way through some unforgiving terrain.

Note that Netflix didn't try to discourage people from engaging in the #BirdBoxChallenge - only to be careful.

The Bird Box Challenge, which has been trending on Twitter, requires people to upload videos of themselves attempting everyday tasks while blindfolded.

Netflix's anti-Bird Box Challenge statement may prevent some thrill-seeking fans from doing anything particularly perilous and stop the social media challenge from getting any more popular.

Many have wondered how Miranda, played by Sandra Bullock, managed to keep two children alive and row a boat without her sight.

Enter the blindfold, wrapped around the eyes of all those that matter in the movie, and forcing them to do things, including driving, without seeing anything.

Netflix said 45 million subscriber accounts worldwide watched Bird Box during its first seven days on the service, the biggest first-week success of any movie made for the company's almost 12-year-old streaming service.

So much so that some have tried it themselves - thus, the Bird Box Challenge was born.

To be fair, the "Bird Box Challenge" does seem to be kind of a thing.

Netflix caught wind of the Bird Box challenge and issued a message to all users thinking of trying it, telling them to "not hurt themselves".

Eric Heissserer, who wrote the screenplay for Bird Box, has also said he advocated for the more positive ending from the start.

However, stills - including the image of Bullock rowing while blindfolded that was most prevalent in the memes, and teasers for Bird Box were available online for several weeks prior to the film's launch.

Netflix issues warning for people to stop doing the 'Bird Box' challenge