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Women form 385-mile human wall to protest period shaming

05 Janvier 2019

It was not immediately clear how the woman, a Sri Lankan national, got into the temple.

Clashes were reported across the state after the two women activists, escorted by police, entered the Sabarimala temple in a surprise pre-dawn operation on Wednesday. The Sangh parivar, for which Kerala remains the last frontier in the country, is said to firmly believe that the polarising temple issue is a golden opportunity to achieve critical mass. There were no fresh incidents in the wake of the darshan by a young woman from Sri Lanka on Friday.

However, Sasikala told TV channels stationed at Pamba that she did not worship and the police had sent her back. She looked uncontrollably furious.

Media identified her as Sasikala and reported that she had had her womb removed, which would mean she can not menstruate.

Since then women have had their entry blocked in defiance to the ruling, and even been subjected to violence. The controversy over Sabarimala is not the first time the entry of women in religious spaces has sparked debate in India.

She also said they did not disclose where they stayed after the December 24 fiasco as they feared the safety of their friends. A high-level team led by a superintendent of police in plain clothes accompanied her for security. After that, she parted ways from the team. "So we sought help from the police and SPs from two districts", she said.

Bindu Ammini, 42, and Kanakadurga, 44, entered the temple before her to pray at the hilltop shrine. In the wake of the court's verdict, hardliners attacked both police and female pilgrims who tried to enter the temple, according to Zeenat Saberin of Al Jazeera.

Thousands of Hindu hardliners, many of them female, had previously succeeded in preventing women from entering the site in the weeks following the ruling, with some throwing stones at police and assaulting female journalists. Her medical papers show her uterus was removed. Onmanorama could not independently verify this.

Indian Hindu devotees of the deity Ayyappa stage a protest against the Kerala state government, over the entry of two women at the Sabarimala temple, in Bangalore on 3 January 2019.

The Supreme Court in September overturned a decades-old ban on women of menstruating age - deemed as those between 10 and 50 - setting foot inside the gold-plated Sabarimala temple. Worshippers flocked in soon afterwards. A Sabarimala Karma Samiti worker named Chandran Unnithan who was taking part in a protest rally was killed in stone pelting. She was stopped by several people en-route and was asked about her age.

On Wednesday, hundreds of women in Mumbai, India's financial capital, also formed a human chain to express support for the women in Kerala.

Women form 385-mile human wall to protest period shaming