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R. Kelly Under Criminal Investigation Because Of "Surviving R. Kelly"

08 Janvier 2019

Sources tell TMZ R Kelly's team has informed him on who's featured in the six-part series Surviving R Kelly and say the singer is "disgusted" by the show, claiming those who were apart of it have a "vendetta" against him.

More legal bumps are on the horizon for Kelly too, as Faith A. Rodgers filed a lawsuit against the singer in May. If you or someone you know are affected by the following story, you are not alone.

Women including Lisa VanAllen, Sparkle, and Lizzette Martinez all appeared, talking about their experiences with him, and things they've witnessed that shook them to their core.

He also reflected on why he felt comfortable working with Kelly at the time, despite knowing of the allegations against him.

For the record, Kelly was acquitted in 2008 of making a sex tape with a then-underage girl. R. Kelly has continually denied all claims, ever since they were first publicly reported in 2000. The other side of this speaks to the idea that a morally corrupt man has leveraged fame and fortune to assist him in ruining the lives of many women while violating them in frightful and disrespectful ways. Even if I'm missing something that I don't necessarily agree with.

The discussion surrounding this issue has sparked heated debates but most importantly has raised awareness of the mistreatment of Black women.

Jerhonda Pace, a survivor of R.Kelly, said, "I felt like a prisoner".

If you are in the auto or at the family cookout and someone puts on R. Kelly, inform them about the many allegations against him and pull up the hundreds of articles that offer testimony from the women who say he has harmed them.

Indeed, in an interview, a portion of which was aired in "Surviving R Kelly", another wildly popular Chicago superstar expressed regret that he collaborated with Kelly in 2015. "And I'm having a really hard time understanding why". Kelly persuasively argues-proves, really- that, societally speaking, we have made an unforgivable pact with Kelly, a musical genius who was able to hide his evil behavior in plain sight for decades because he committed his crimes against black girls.

The voices of black women on sexual harassment, and in particular, misogyny in music lyrics, have been drowned out by verbal attacks.

Chance addressed the commentary, saying he was taken out of context and that those criticizing him were failing to pick up on the nuance of what he said.

If that isn't our #MeTooMovement moment, I don't know what is.

R. Kelly Under Criminal Investigation Because Of