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R. Kelly's Ex-Wife Would Accept Him Rekindling Relationship With Their Children

08 Janvier 2019

The six-part docu-series, which premiered on United States channel Lifetime this week, features interviews with the 52-year-old singer's former colleagues, girlfriends, ex-wife and alleged victims.

Supporters of R. Kelly have also noted a video of Lee playing the R. Kelly song, "Happy People", where she appears to be mocking R. Kelly's critics.

"I really would like for you guys to help me understand what I'm missing", she tells fans.

"R Kelly and I have sometimes, very untrue things written about us, so in a way this was a bond between us".

Previous year in May, Spotify had removed R. Kelly's music due to their policy of not promoting artists who have committed "hateful conduct".

When the fact that other accused still had their music under the streaming giant's banner, the company chose to revert their radical decision. "I don't know if that's because I'm from Chicago or 'cause he made great music or 'cause he is a black man". Adrea Kelly, R. Kelly's ex-wife and the mother of his children, participated in the segment where she revealed that the birth of their youngest son, Robert Jr., was a sort of breaking point for the marriage.

How do you feel about R. Kelly? "My 3 black daughters won't let me", he said.

R Kelly's former assistant Demetrius Smith previously admitted in an interview with People that he forged the wedding documents at the time because Aaliyah was only 15-years-old.

"Calling in a noncredible threat to the NYPD to interrupt our screening is an act of desperation from people who don't want these truths shared with the world", executive producer and showrunner Dream Hampton said in an email to CNN at the time. The case went to trial in 2008, and Kelly was acquitted on all charges. The horrendous first-person narrations alleged physical abuse, manipulation, controlling behaviors, unauthorized tapings of many intimate encounters and so much more.

Now, the disgraced R&B singer is reportedly responding to the multiple part exposé.

John Legend was the biggest name who agreed to speak on camera, making him a hero to Hampton, along with the fearless women who came forward to talk about their alleged experiences with Kelly.

Kelly has long denied all of the accusations made against him.

Only John Legend and Stephanie "Sparkle" Edwards were featured, with Legend writing on Twitter that he believes Kelly's accusers and doesn't "give a f-k about protecting a serial child rapist".

R. Kelly's Ex-Wife Would Accept Him Rekindling Relationship With Their Children