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CES 2019: HTC announces Vive Pro Eye with built-in eye-tracking feature

10 Janvier 2019

The Vive Pro Eye will release this spring.

The technology also allows for an easier gaming experience.

The all-new VIVE controllers. In the demonstration, users were able to control the menu completely without the use of the controller. Where the Pro Eye focuses on enterprise, the Cosmo has a firm target of the average consumer/enthusiast. The new Vive Pro Eye will launch in the second quarter of 2019. Interestingly, HTC is also making it available not only on the Chinese-only Wave VR platform but even on the rivaling Oculus Rift.

"Today, we're announcing our next step in Viveport's evolution with Viveport Infinity", said Rikard Steiber, President, Viveport. Previously, that subscription only allowed players to play around five games per month. The benefits already seem better than what the standard Viveport subscription offers.

HTC has announced a new virtual reality (VR) headset called the Vive Cosmos.

The back of the HTC Vive Pro Eye headset. You don't need to set up cumbersome tracking equipment in your room, just use the sleek hand controllers. The new device is aimed at bringing a PC-driven VR experience to the mainstream.

HTC had filed a trademark previous year for the name "Vive Cosmos" and speculations were made that this might show up at CES. Simply put, this reduces load on your graphical components by only dedicating necessary resources to render the area of the screen that holds your gaze at that moment - tracked by the system.

Like the Cosmos, HTC has not given a price for the headset, saying only that it will hit the market in April. "The tools and environments that make up Vive Reality System aim to make spatial computing accessible to everyone, wherever their journey into immersive worlds takes them". The Vive Pro employs what HTC calls "foveated rendering", a technology which efficiently allocates the GPU power for better image rendering and an overall sharper visual output. HTC must be just teasing us intending to go forward with a proper launch at a later event. Pricepoint, release date (although 2019 is planned), and other vital information have yet to be given, although HTC says they'll share more down the road.

We also noticed through the teaser video above that Cosmos also features the highly useful flip-up design. The service will give gamers access to over 500 VR-ready bits of content across a wide spectrum of interactive genres, including games, shows, movies, and apps.

CES 2019: HTC announces Vive Pro Eye with built-in eye-tracking feature