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Map: Is there flu near you? ME influenza 2019

10 Janvier 2019

"It literally "pays" to get a flu shot", Rodriguez said.

Dr. Walshak says it's not too late to get the flu shot.

Price said flu season normally starts around October or November and can last until March or April. The flu vaccine, when given by a pharmacist at a network pharmacy, is covered by the pharmacy benefit for free. It takes about two weeks for the live virus to make a healthy individual sick. Simple, everyday acts like washing your hands throughout the day and making sure surfaces you touch most often are clean can help stave off the flu. Unfortunately, the vaccine is least effective in preventing this strain.

The predominant strain this year is influenza A H1N1, which Bankole said tends to have less severe symptoms than the predominant strain circulating last season, influenza A H3N2.

That total represents roughly one-fifth of the 10,335 confirmed cases at this time last flu season.

These results together with the previously reported highly statistically significant reduction in symptoms endpoint (p=0.023) and performing better than placebo in a number of other key endpoints are evidence of the vaccine's protective effect. "In the last week or so we've started to see increases, similar to what we're seeing nationally".

These numbers don't paint the full picture of influenza cases, because many people don't require medical treatment or get tested. "This is one of the reasons it is so important to get vaccinated".

"Some of the differences between the flu and the cold is really the fever that really differentiates it".

Indianapolis hospitals are among those in the state imposing temporary restrictions on visitors to try to curb the spread of flu. Getting the flu also means you can transmit it to family members, friends and colleagues who might be at higher risk for complications. A sudden influx of patients has caused the hospital to remain at or near capacity most days, and much of that influx is attributed to the rise in confirmed flu cases.

Monto: We measure the effectiveness of the flu vaccine by looking at three different populations in Southeast Michigan.

While everybody can get the flu, undoubtedly, the H1N1 influenza strain is much unsafe to kids and young adults, but also for people with weakened immune systems.

"Before the Christmas break, we had only minimal cases". "Certainly, it's been off to a much slower start than previous year".

Map: Is there flu near you? ME influenza 2019