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Samsung has postponed the date of the presentation of the Galaxy S10

13 Janvier 2019

Sources told The Korea Herald that the 10th edition of Galaxy S phones will be unveiled in the United States city - home to world's most innovative tech firms -- one week ahead of the Mobile World Congress 2019 that kicks off in Barcelona, Spain on february 28.

However, rumors proved to be wrong as Samsung is heard to show off its new foldable device at the CES 2019. Further, it is not possible for Samsung to do a live 5G demo in Las Vegas as 5G coverage will be live in Las Vegas later this year.

Even though Samsung released the Galaxy Watch not long ago, a new smartwatch is in the making.

The phone is shown with a case on and docked in a Samsung DeX in a show-glass. Samsung is still world's largest seller of mobile phones, but it is losing Indian market. As for the fingerprint scanner, it is expected that Samsung is using an ultrasonic under-display fingerprint scanner. Samsung might have no other choice but to place the security feature at the back, just like it did with the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ Plus. 'However, completely folding the device will lead to breakage. One of these appears to be a phone that folds outwards.

On first hearing it, this sounds like a bad idea, creating a handset with double the screens to break.

Moreover, this year's event holds extra significance as it is the 10th anniversary of Galaxy phone. 'When it cracks, [the screen] shatters like dried paper, ' the story said, to emphasize the difficulties that Samsung may encounter during mass-production. The supplier has been testing screen protectors for the upcoming flagship. Well, maybe the phone comes in blue and purple, and is ... really thin? When folded, the device offers a stable grip and doesn't feel thick.

The original price on the Samsung Galaxy A7, at the time of launch, was ₹23,990 for the 4GB RAM/64GB storage variant. Men of their 40s are familiarized with this way issue from phones launched in the 1990s and like phones with bigger screens, which can be utilized for work and leisure.

We're really hoping to see some new innovations from Samsung this year. We can't say for sure which one it's going to be but it most likely would be the S10 Plus.

Samsung has postponed the date of the presentation of the Galaxy S10