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We're getting a period emoji and it's bloody brilliant news

10 Février 2019

Unicode Consortium released 230 new emojis for 2019.

These include emojis like yawning face, pinching hands, onion, garlic, waffles, flamingo, otters and a drop of blood - which is being considered the new period emoji.

Apple began their proposal previous year [PDF] by saying, "Apple is requesting the addition of emoji to better represent individuals with disabilities". (See the full list from Emojipedia right here.) There's also that aforementioned drop of blood.

Once the platforms you use ideal their own versions of all the icons from Emoji 12.0, the new collection will begin to roll out to users. Incidentally, that figure jumps to 230 emojis once all the variations of skin tone and gender are taken into account. Among the most noteworthy additions is a group of emoji representing people with disabilities, which was actually proposed by Apple last March.

Choosing the flawless emojis for your Instagram caption is about to get a lot easier - or harder, because of all the new options.

There's now a big increase in the skin tone and gender options for the individual people emojis, as well as the people holding hands. Emojis are widely used in texts and social media posts and every community of people should be represented and recognized as important to a global communication platform.

Some of those include an ear with a hearing aid, a mechanical arm and leg, a man and woman with probing cane, a deaf person, man and woman; as well as a man and woman both in a manual wheelchair and motorised wheelchair.

Following a campaign by girls' rights charity Plan International for a menstruation-themed emoji, Unicode Consortium also introduced a new "drop of blood" icon.

These are just a few of the newly approved emojis arriving in 2019.

Not only will it help out in normalizing menstruation but it also is a pretty cool addition to your emoji keypad. With an effort to making them more inclusive and diverse, we will be seeing new emojis make their debut. An incredibly vague red droplet, much like the blue-hued water droplet we already have.

We're getting a period emoji and it's bloody brilliant news