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Man charged with murder after New Zealand mosque shootings

16 Mars 2019

New Zealand police have defended the 36 minutes it took to arrest the man now charged with murder over the Christchurch mosque massacre.

The man facing murder charges was an Australian citizen who had spent a lot of time travelling overseas and spent time only sporadically in New Zealand, Ardern said.

"I'm not privileged to a full breakdown at this point but it is clear that young children have been caught up in this horrific attack", she said regarding victims of the attack.

Speaking in Sydney, Australian prime minister Scott Morrison described the gunman as "an extremist, right-wing, violent terrorist".

At first, Mr Taylor and his colleagues had no idea what was happening, initially believing the alarms, sirens and general panic sweeping through the New Zealand city were signs of another quake, similar to the 6.2-level seismic disaster that destroyed massive swathes of the city in 2011.

Sadiq Khan, the first Muslim mayor of London, said Londoners stood shoulder to shoulder with the people of Christchurch.

"We are really not feeling safe at the moment", he added.

Whether in the form of "lone-wolf" or coordinated attacks, in yesterday's shooting we see analogues not only in the terrorism against Muslims in the Quebec and Finsbury Park mosque attacks, but in the terrorism against Jews in Pittsburgh, against African-Americans in Charleston, and even against the concept of multiculturalism itself in the 2011 Norway attacks.

He escaped out the back door and climbed over a wall when he saw people fleeing and realised what was happening. "People who were there for my engagement - dead", Ali told the news outlet.

"I was just saved by luck".

Service at a mosque in Gibsonia
Service at a mosque in Gibsonia

"My message was sympathy and love for all Muslim communities", she said she told him.

Wahb noted that the attacker had written the name of the Quebec City mosque shooter on his weapon, "so that actually triggers the sad feeling and the sorrow of this tragedy that happened here because we actually experienced it with a city that is close by here".

"The shooting started slow and then it was much faster".

Forty nine people were killed in the Christchurch mosque shootings. The Linwood mosque shooting claimed seven lives while a second shooting, at the Al Noor mosque, resulted in 41 dead.

After going back outside and shooting a woman there, he gets back in his vehicle, where a song can be heard blasting.

Mr Halim offered a distressing account of the moment the shooting occurred during Friday prayers, when gunshots rang out in the mosque, replacing tranquility with bloodshed and loud screams, reported AFP.

Ardern said she had asked authorities to look into whether there was any activity on social media or elsewhere that could have alerted them ahead of the attack. "Nothing. That is not good enough for New Zealand".

Beyond his white nationalistic views, he claimed to be an environmentalist and said he is a fascist who believes China is the nation that most aligns with his political and social values.

I have been in contact this morning with Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern to express the UK's deepest condolences at the horrifying terrorist attack that took place at two mosques in Christchurch.

"I think there is a growth in online hate that I think governments and communities around the world are struggling with - how can they effectively tackle [that] while at the same time ensuring we protect our very hard-won and cherished right to free expression", he said. Ardern, whose party campaigned on the promise of raising the intake of refugees, called the planned increase "the right thing to do".

Man charged with murder after New Zealand mosque shootings