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UK Prime Minister Congratulates Macron on Election Victory

Turnout was 65.3 percent at 5 pm local time - down from 71.96 percent in 2012. Early returns show Macron with almost two-third of the votes in the second and final round of the French presidential contest. The stinging remarks followed a solemn, televised speech during which Macron, who founded his independent "En Marche" party just previous year, vowed to unite the country. Read More »

Puerto Rico seeks bankruptcy protection: governor


Ambac filed its various lawsuits in federal courts in Puerto Rico and Washington, D.C., and in NY state court. Under the PROMESA bill, the oversight board and the Title III process were created. This practice led to a rapid accumulation of debt and Puerto Rico's current debt crisis. In addition to the island's financial woes, Puerto Rico faces a brain drain problem, high unemployment and an aging population that has placed a strain on the economy. Read More »

Wells Fargo ups sales practices settlement to $142 million

His 56% approval vote fell far short of that. Chairman Stephen Sanger said the vote showed that "shareholders sent a message to the entire board of directors a message of dissatisfaction". The bank said in its announcement that the settlement now covers "any customers who were impacted by sales practice issues as early as May 2002". The accounts were opened by branch employees and managers in customers' names, primarily in the Los Angeles and Arizona markets. Read More »

Who is Kapil Mishra?

Mishra was one of the few AAP leaders who had contradicted the official party's stand that tampered electronic voting machines were responsible for its humiliating defeat in the Delhi municipal elections. Deputy chief minister Manish Sisodia said Kapil Mishra's allegation was "baseless" and had neither "head nor feet". It is impossible to keep silent. Read More »

Better Than Expected - April Jobs Report


WASHINGTON ( Reuters ) - U.S. job growth rebounded sharply in April and the unemployment rate dropped to 4.4 percent, near a 10-year low, pointing to a tightening labor market that could seal the case for an interest rate increase next month despite moderate wage growth. Read More »

Wells Fargo says agrees with Warren Buffett and is fixing its problems


Buffett, sitting next to Munger onstage, led with a characteristic quip. Shareholders overwhelmingly rejected a proposal that would have required Berkshire to disclose its political contributions twice a year. Update: Wells Fargo has issued a statement in response to Buffett's critique, saying: "We agree with Mr. Buffett's comments and value Berkshire Hathaway as a long-term shareholder and customer". Read More »

Hollywood Celebrates Emmanuel Macron's Win of French Presidency: 'Merci France'

Earlier, Le Pen told supporters she had called to congratulate Macron after exit estimates projected a heavy defeat for the far-right candidate. With the two, main establishment parties knocked out of the race in the first round, will a significant number of the "traditional" voters be too turned off to show up and vote? "IS is open about its desire to smash national cohesion by exacerbating tensions between Muslims and the rest of the population", said Marc Hecker of the French Institute of ... Read More »

US jobs report shores up markets but oil weakens further

Meanwhile, shale drillers are pressing ahead with their longest expansion since 2011. On the other side of the sell-off, Kapadia said , most long-term bets on oil have already been made, which tends to exaggerate negative fluctuations in the market. Read More »

Trump tries to pressure Senate Republicans on health care

Read: What Makes For Monogamy And Good Parenting? As the House's bill meets an uncertain fate in the Senate - some Senate members have made it clear that they intend to rewrite the House bill so as to render it unrecognizable or destroy it altogether - the White House is headed straight toward the " political buzzsaw " that is the investigation into allegations that the Trump 2016 campaign colluded with Russian Federation to tamper with November's elections. Read More »

Trump congratulates Macron on his 'big win' in France


If anything, Macron may have exceeded the projected margin by a small amount, but the polls didn't miss by much. Macron's team said the hack aimed to destabilize the vote. But many French voters backed Mr Macron reluctantly, not because they agree with his politics but simply to keep out Ms Le Pen and her far-right National Front. Read More »

World leaders congratulate France's new president Emmanuel Macron


Le Pen will be president and the European project will go to the dogs". Vast crowds of jubilant Macron supporters celebrated outside the Louvre Museum in Paris, waving French flags. Many of those will have been supporters of the far-left maverick Jean-Luc Melenchon, whose high-spending, anti-EU, anti-globalisation platform had many similarities with Le Pen's. Read More »

Warren Buffett Identifies What Went Wrong at Wells Fargo

For years, Buffett and Munger have told investors that the company's size would be an anchor dragging down performance, only to defy their own predictions. "You can't come close". Kraft Heinz is backed by Berkshire and private equity firm 3G Capital. "If driverless cars became pervasive, it would only be because they were safer and that would mean that the overall economic cost of auto-related losses had gone down and that would drive down the premium income of Geico", Buffet said referring ... Read More »

Texas Is Banning Sanctuary Cities


Now, the controversial Senate Bill Four, nicknamed the "show me your papers" law, heads to the governor's office for approval. The bill's aim is to put a legal ban on " sanctuary cities " in the state, which, though not clearly defined , offer certain protections to undocumented immigrants . Read More »

Présidentielle : Macron sans appel dans le 2e arrondissement de Lyon (officiel)


Dans la commune déléguée de Tinchebray, l'écart est encore plus important 66,59% contre 33,41%. Coulonces: 63,86% pour Emmanuel Macron; 36,14% pour Marine Le Pen. C'est un immense soulagement. Son objectif: saturer les médias pour faire de cette élection un " référendum "entre sa candidature " patriote " et celle du " mondialiste assumé " Emmanuel Macron". Read More »

Emmanuel Macron élu président de la République — URGENT


Macron au second tour, alors que ce chiffre est de 65,5% pour Ifop, et 66,1% pour Harris. "La France l'a emporté", s'est-il félicité, les bras levés vers le ciel. La victoire d'Emmanuel Macron a été saluée par plusieurs dirigeants européens, inquiets de la poussée des nationalistes en Europe, dont la chancelière allemande Angela Merkel , la Britannique Theresa May ou le président de la Commission européenne Jean-Claude Juncker. Read More »

Oilers stun Ducks with a late flurry to take series opener

But the Ducks knew they were the better team in Game 2 and had nothing to show for it, except the confidence that comes with having won several playoff games together. "I think we need to be simple", he explained. "And like I tell him all the time, goalies are supposed to stop the puck". Oilers coach Todd McLellan challenged Jakob Silfverberg's second goal of the night, contending that Silfverberg was in front of the Edmonton blue line when Shea Theodore carried the puck over it to begin ... Read More »

First Democratic Senator Says He's "Open" To Repealing Obamacare

Democrats are giddy about what could be severe political consequences for the GOP. Some members even admitted that they'd vote for it just so the Senate can change it and send back a completely different bill. "A lot of us have been waiting seven years to cast this vote" to kill off Obamacare, he added. "Democrats will run ads with weeping parents who can't cover their premiums and Little Johnny dying". Read More »

TJ Watt Wiki: NFL, Pittsburgh Steelers, Stats, Highlights & Facts to Know

Yet he made himself known a year ago with 11.5 sacks and 63 tackles in 2016. General manager Kevin Colbert and coach Mike Tomlin didn't pick Watt because of anything sentimental. The Steelers first watched Watt early last season when Colbert sent two scouts to Madison. Dobbs and Prescott even share the same draft slot - No. 135 overall. Read More »

Pas d'effet Whirpool pour Macron et Le Pen — Sondage présidentielle


Macron est toutefois resté ferme sur sa ligne pro-entreprises: " On ne peut pas interdire les licenciements, parce qu'il y a des licenciements qui se justifient . Marine Le Pen sur le site de l'usine Whirlpool d'Amiens. "Ce sondage a été réalisé après le duel Whirlpool, qui pourrait être un tournant de la campagne, mais avant l'émission de jeudi soir à laquelle participait Emmanuel Macron sur TF1". Read More »

Can Cobalt International Energy Beat Earnings in 1Q17?

They now have a United States dollars 6 price target on the stock. During the same quarter in the prior year, the company earned ($0.80) earnings per share. with's FREE daily email newsletter. (NYSE: CIE ). D E Shaw & Co holds 0% or 565,740 shares. Analysts reported that the Price Target for Cobalt International Energy , Inc. Read More »

Family of Kentucky man pulled from plane to hold press conference


United's CEO Oscar Munoz quickly came under fire for his initial response to the incident and issued another statement on Tuesday formally apologizing for how Dao has been removed. A short time later, Dao was forcibly and brutally dragged off the airplane. Mr Trump said that rather than ending the practice of overbooking, there should be no upper limit to incentives carriers can offer passengers in exchange for their seats on overbooked flights . Read More »

UK prime minister defends decision to seek snap election

He added: "Hopefully, the new election announced today by Prime Minister May can lead to more clarity and predictability in the negotiations with the European Union". "We need a general election and we need one now", May said. According to Mrs. May, "The only way to guarantee certainty and security for years ahead is to hold this election". Read More »

US VP Pence assures Japan America is with ally '100 percent'


The BBC reported Han also said North Korea believed its nuclear weapons protect it from the threat of military action by the United States. The United States is deploying an aircraft carrier and accompanying vessels to waters near the Korean Peninsula amid indications North Korea is planning another nuclear test. Read More »

Japan and USA set framework for economic talks


North Korea could react to a potential USA strike by targeting South Korea or Japan, and officials in Tokyo and Seoul have been ill at ease with the more bellicose language deployed by Trump's administration. "Drawing red lines really hasn't worked in the past", he said. In February, the North simultaneously fired four ballistic missiles off its east coast, three of which fell provocatively close to Japan, in what it said was a drill for an attack on USA bases in the country. Read More »

Income tax deadline today; property taxes due May 10


It's not as if a high tax on the rich isn't a politically plausible idea. The House Republican tax plan would move the a "territorial" tax system that does not tax USA companies' foreign earnings. More than four in ten Americans believe the rich's tax rates have increased over roughly the last four decades, and the rest said they didn't know. Read More »

Anti and Pro-Trump Protesters Clash Over Demands For His Tax Returns


For the third time in mere months, street violence occurred on Saturday over a conservative event; this time around a pro-Trump "Patriots Day" rally held in downtown Berkeley. Critics say voters should be able to see just how much help the president might get from a revised tax code, so they are stepping up efforts to force him to share his tax returns. Read More »

See What Your State Is Doing to Close the Gender Wage Gap

The bad news? The gap for Black and Latina women in NY is much worse (66 cents on the dollar for Black women and 56 cents for Latinas). So it's not so surprising that the first daughter would advocate for closing the pay gap on Equal Pay Day Tuesday, a holiday aimed at highlighting and closing the gap between men's and women's wages. Read More »

United to pay compensation to plane passengers


The passenger, 69-year-old David Dao, has obtained a personal-injury lawyer and asked the Cook County Court to issue an order for United and the city of Chicago to keep all footage, audio recordings, and any other reports and material from the flight, according to the Chicago Tribune . Read More »

O'Reilly Factor' advertisers jump ship in blow to Fox News


Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Hyundai and Allstate Insurance Co., major long-time advertisers from the automotive industry, have removed their advertising campaigns from the controversial Fox political show "The O'Reilly Factor ". O'Reilly said over the weekend he is vulnerable to lawsuits from people who threaten to cause him bad publicity unless they get paid. MileIQ, in a response to ThinkProgress, noted that while they are taking the matter "very seriously", some prebooked ads might appear on ... Read More »

Trump Signs 'Buy American, Hire American' Executive Order

While the executive order doesn't directly change the H-1B visa program , it instructs four federal agencies to review it for reform. Programs like the H-1B visa should never be used to replace Americans, according to Trump. Trump's visit included more than words. "We believe that jobs must be offered to American workers first - does that make sense?" His businesses have also hired foreign workers, including at his Palm Beach, Florida, club. Read More »

Mike Pence: It's time for North Korea to 'get the message'


The new and inexperienced United States president has indicated he will not allow North Korea to develop an ICBM capable of delivering a nuclear warhead to the western US. "That creates a framework within which countries can better assess whether the deal itself is what we call win-win arrangement", he said. He said on Twitter that talks would be "difficult" due to US manufacturing job losses he blames on the world's second-largest economy and the growing trade deficit between the countries. Read More »

May seeks snap election to bolster hand

Although there are clear benefits for the Conservative Party in holding a general election in 2017, the same does not go for the country, writes Andrew Defty . The prime minister's own personal ratings also dwarf those of Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn , with 50 per cent of those asked saying she would make the best prime minister. Read More »