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Cyber attack: NHS 'needs to change'

Ransomware cyber attacks cause hospitals of cancel their patient's appointment. It locks down all the files on an infected computer. So far, he said, not many people have paid the ransom demanded by the malware. Microsoft had "patched", or fixed it, in updates of recent versions of Windows since March, but many users did not apply the software fix. Hundreds of hospitals and clinics in the British National Health Service were infected on Friday, forcing them to send patients to ... Read More »

A 'second wave' of ransomware could broaden global cyberattack

Some ransomware that encrypts files ups the stakes after a few days, demanding more money and threatening to delete files altogether. Paying the ransom could get your files released, but there is no guarantee that this will happen or that the hackers won't target you again or request an additional ransom. Read More »

Baldwin's Trump, McCarthy's Spicer Have Very Emotional Reunion on SNL

Later, Trump again shifted his rhetoric, saying that he had already chose to fire Comey before he got Rosenstein's memo. When Spicey finally tracks down his trusted boss and confronts him, things start to take a weird turn. That's followed by "James Comey" as Jake the Dog from Cartoon Network's Adventure Time . In another episode last February, an article by blogger and provocateur Charles C. Read More »

Warner: Trump firing Comey has 'appearance' of quashing FBI's Russian Federation probe

Critics saw the taunt as a threat to Comey to keep his mouth shut about what was discussed. Trump's visible anger and erratic tweets prompted a reporter to ask Spicer on Friday if the president was "out of control". "It was classless", said the former agent, who maintains close ties to many agents. With several Trump aides still under investigation, many express concern about supporting Trump and being exposed if another shoe drops down the line. Read More »

World celebrates Mother's Day today


You were comforting when I displayed my anger through tears, and very huggable during happier times. For those caring for their mother in days of dementia: "Even if a mother forgets her child, I will not forget you , my beloved child". Read More »

F1: Hamilton (MBZAMG), Vettel (Ferrari) and Ricciardo (Red Bull) at Barcelona


Even as Vettel took the lead, it was a mixed start for Ferrari, as Kimi Räikkönen's Formula 1 auto was squeezed between those of Max Verstappen and Valtteri Bottas, causing contact that broke his and the Red Bull driver's suspension. Hamilton and Vettel made contact on turn one as the Ferrari came out from a tyre change. The teams' tire strategy then came into play. Vettel , with two wins in four races this year, has 86 points ahead of Hamilton on 73 and Bottas on 63, each having ... Read More »

Cyber-attack: Europol says it was unprecedented in scale

British cybersecurity expert Graham Cluley doesn't want to blame the NSA for the attack. It could have been much worse if not for a young cybersecurity researcher who helped to halt its spread by accidentally activating a so-called "kill switch" in the malicious software. Read More »

British hospitals, Spanish firms among targets of huge cyberattack


Once inside an organization, WannaCry uses a Windows vulnerability purportedly identified by the NSA and later leaked to the internet. By the time they turned their attention to the United States, spam filters had identified the new threat and flagged the ransomware-laden emails as malicious, Thakur said. Read More »

Oklahoma softball: Sooners earn No. 10 seed in NCAA Tournament


All Regionals will be held May 19th - 21st with the winners advancing to the Super Regional round. ETSU enters the regional with an overall record of 29-24, which is one win shy of tying the single-season program record. 20 BYU softball will head to the Salt Lake City Regional , starting with a matchup against Mississippi State on Thursday. The Bobcats elected to replace Williams with Randi Rupp and after a foul pop up appeared on the way to escaping the inning with only one run scored. Read More »

Who got hurt by the ransomware attack


The spread of the ransomware capped a week of cyber turmoil in Europe that began the previous week when hackers posted a trove of campaign documents tied to French candidate Emmanuel Macron just before a run-off vote in which he was elected president of France . Read More »

Trump on Asking for Comey's Loyalty: 'I Didn't'

In a freakish interview taped hours after introducing the idea of scrapping the briefing altogether, Trump said he was serious about the possibility to " just don't have them". Comey again replied that he would give him "honesty" and did not pledge his loyalty, according to the account of the conversation. The president said he was considering scrapping the daily briefing because of what he called unfair hostility toward his spokespeople, like press secretary Sean Spicer. Read More »

Manhunt for hackers behind global cyberattack

Hundreds of hospitals and clinics in the British National Health Service were infected on Friday, forcing them to send patients to other facilities. Two security firms - Kaspersky Lab and Avast - said they identified the malicious software in more than 70 countries. Read More »

Rare tick-borne illness worries some medical professionals


The list of cases through 2015, per the CDC include: ME (2); Massachussetts (8), Minnesota (20), New Hampshire (1), New Jersey (3), NY (16), Pennsylvania (1), Virginia (1) and Wisconsin (16). Newborn babies, the elderly and people with weak immune system are at a higher risk of contracting a rare tick-borne disease called Powassan, health experts have warned. Read More »

Huge cyberattack forces Microsoft to offer free tech fix

Among the government agencies and companies affected globally were Britain's National Health Service ( NHS ), the Russian Interior Ministry, Spain's communications giant Telefonica , power firm Iberdrola, utility provider Gas Natural and FedEx in the US. Read More »

Pittsburgh Penguins vs. Ottawa Senators - 5/13/17 NHL Pick, Odds, and Prediction


The 'Habs definitely set the tone for winning consecutive Stanley Cups because they also made it two in a row in 1930 and 1931, from 1968-1969, and also from 1976-1979. He has confidence right now". Washington was on the ropes early and often against the reigning Stanley Cup champions, but battled into a thrilling Game 7, an event like no other in sports. Read More »

Démocrates et Républicains détestaient l'ex-chef du FBI — Trump


Le président ne lui faisait plus confiance depuis des mois . ©AFP PHOTO / MANDEL NGAN - La lettre de renvoi de Donald Trump à James Comey . Ce dernier coup d'éclat, qui a abasourdi Washington, n'a pas manqué de relancer les spéculations sur les possibilités d'une destitution du président américain . Read More »

Albany florist feels impact of record-high Mother's Day spending


I thought it was corny, I equated it to the Valentine's Day scam, and since she herself had always trained us not to make a big deal out celebrations, I thought that she didn't mind that we didn't go overboard for her during Mother's Day. And she's right - she did but she never said that during my life , at least not that I recall. She loves who you are. Another mom complains about "the macaroni necklaces, the macaroni earrings, the macaroni bracelets - they're all terrible, every ... Read More »

Almost 100 countries hit by massive cyberattack

NHS systems were infected with a ransomware virus, which locked down machines and access to patient records, and demanded money to release them. At least 30 health service organisations in England and Scotland were infiltrated by the ransomware, while many others shut down servers as a precautionary measure, bringing added disruption. Read More »

United Kingdom working to restore hospital systems after cyberattack

Omer Fatih Sayan said the country's cyber security center is continuing operations against the malicious software. Patients were asked not to come to hospitals unless it was an emergency. Russian cellular phone operators Megafon and MTS were hit. According to him, around 85% of US hospitals don't have a single full-time cybersecurity expert on staff. Read More »

Eurovision song contest 2017: Portugal pip Bulgaria to win first ever contest


Discovered in 2009 while competing in Portugal's version of "American Idol" - as his sister had a few years previously - Sobral was barely 18 and had a hard time adjusting to his sudden popularity. Earlier in the night, Ukrainian's 2016 contestant Jamala had her performance interuppted by an Australian streaker. "The Eurovision is the most famous song contest in the world". Read More »

UN agency announces 2 more suspected Ebola cases in Congo

All the cases were recorded in the remote northeast equatorial forest region of Bas-Uele, near the country's border with the Central African Republic (CAR), according to the BBC . Last month, a panel of scientists at the U.S. National Academy of Medicine raised questions about the methodology of the Guinea trial and the effectiveness of the vaccine. Read More »

Global 'WannaCry' ransomware cyberattack seeks cash for data

The assault is part of an attack that has affected organisations in more than 70 countries, including the United States, China, Russia and Spain, disrupting power and telephone companies. "It's a big priority of mine that we protect the financial infrastructure", he said. Fedex said it was "experiencing interference with some of our Windows-based systems caused by malware" and was trying to fix the problems as quickly as possible. Read More »

What We Know About the Global Ransomware Attack

Microsoft had made fixes for older systems, such as 2001's Windows XP, available only to mostly larger organizations, including Britain's National Health Service, that paid extra for extended technical support. During the attack on Britain's NHS system, computer screens were locked by the malware that prompted the user to pay $300 in bitcoins or risk having their files erased. Read More »

African Americans and the Affordable Care Act

The House narrowly voted to overturn the popular ACA health care plan by a vote of just 217 to 213. And after a very short while, insurers will be able to refuse to cover such people altogether. "Many survey respondents see Republican Party health care proposals as a step backwards, with little regard for progress made by the Affordable Care Act", writes Sandra Gittlen of NEJM Catalysts. Read More »

French election: Almost 90% of French in Luxembourg voted Macron

Mr Hollande has privately complained that he was betrayed by Mr Macron, his onetime protégé, but he showed no signs of bitterness Monday. Macron ran as an independent, but he founded En Marche! less than a year ago. However, president-to-be Macron will face challenges from the left as well as the far right. But, she promised to continue efforts to get voters to fight globalization and an open immigration policy. Read More »

Indiana schools lose bid to enroll more voucher students


The $3.9 million of budget revisions come in the form of cuts to the teaching and learning department, which means fewer substitute teachers during planning times, less professional development and less curriculum writing time; a change in the funding source for select district office employees; cuts to the supply budget; increased enrollment and an anticipated land sale, Netzke said. Read More »

"Ransomware" cyberattack cripples hospitals across England

There are also reports on Twitter of operations being cancelled due to the attack. The malware has spread across 74 countries so far . The Ministry of Energy, Tourism and Digital Agenda says the attack Friday affected the Windows operating system of employees' computers in several companies. Read More »

Cyberattack hits dozens of countries with ransomware

Spain's official Computer Emergency Readiness Team said the ransomware attacks included software it described as "EternalBlue/DoublePulsar." Jakub Kroustek of the security firm Avast said in a blog post update around 2000 GMT, "We are now seeing more than 75,000 99 countries". Read More »

England's NHS hit by a large-scale cyber-attack

Similar attacks have been reported on telephone companies in Spain and Portugal (targeted to internal networks), but it's unclear if the incidents are related. It said it was working to resolve the problem. Barts Health NHS Trust in London was "experiencing a major IT disruption and there are delays at all of our hospitals", its website said. Read More »

Heroin epidemic pushing up hepatitis C infections in US


Drugs can cure hepatitis C, but they are expensive. Hepatitis C cases in the United States have risen by almost 300% in recent years, a new report reveals - and injectable opioids are likely to blame. "CDC estimates about 34,000 new hepatitis C infections actually occurred in the USA in 2015", said the statement. " Much less frequently, hepatitis C is also transmitted through sexual contact or during pregnancy between a mother and baby", Ward said. Read More »

Mental Note of the Day (Mental Health Awareness month)


Some days will be tougher than others. Author, blogger and past "Great British Bake Off" star Ruby Tandoh and her partner Leah Pritchard have drawn on their own first-hand experience of dealing with mental health problems to put together the zine 'Do What Want'. Read More »

20 attorneys general call for independent probe into Russia


Other legal experts disagree. The current deputy attorney general is Rod Rosenstein. "You stated previously that your work includes an examination of whether Comey's public communications and notifications to Congress about the Clinton investigation comported with Justice Department and FBI policies and procedures". Read More »

UK's Labour Party stung by early leak of election platform

The leaked manifesto also includes a commitment to offering uninterrupted 5G mobile coverage. In a speech to the Chatham House global affairs think tank on Friday, Mr Corbyn will say he will do "everything necessary to protect the safety and security of our people and our country", should his party win power on 8 June. Read More »