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Climate action continues despite United States withdrawal: COP22 President


In announcing plans to pull the us out of the Paris climate accord , President Donald Trump declared that he was "elected to represent the citizens of Pittsburgh, not Paris". France said it would work with USA states and cities to keep up the fight against climate change. The group is still hashing out the details after an initial rush of statements from mayors condemning Trump's decision, Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton (D) said in a phone interview Thursday. Read More »

Trump to announce decision on Paris climate pact Thursday


His speech comes as Trump this week decides whether the United States - the second-largest emitter of greenhouse gases after China - will adhere to the limit its emissions as layed out in the 2015 Paris climate agreement. The report added that Trump commented to close confidants about his stance in recent weeks, but a public letter sent to him a few days ago by 22 Republican senators, led by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, helped seal his decision. Read More »

Lead of UK Conservatives holds, May now seen negatively - ComRes poll


The Crown Prosecution Service announced on Friday that Craig Mackinlay, who hopes to retain his seat in the election on June 8, "falsely" declared expenses. The impression gaining ground that May really struggles to answers questions without platitudes. They governed together until 2015. There is little difference between potential Conservative and Labour voters with 75% and 76% respectively saying they have definitely decided who they'll vote for. Read More »

Texas House Declines To Negotiate With Senate On Its Proposed 'Bathroom' Compromise

The disagreement hinges on an arcane process called "sunset", in which lawmakers periodically review state agencies and decide to either phase them out or keep them open. The bill approved Friday by the state Senate is the Legislature's response to the U.S. Supreme Court decision last summer striking down Texas' 2013 law that prompted more than half the state's abortion clinics to close. Read More »

Does President Trump Believe In Climate Change? Aides Won't Say

Along with Mr Trump , Mr Pruitt and White House press secretary Sean Spicer were among those who refused to answer repeated questions on the subject. and the governor, by sheer force of will and passion, will continue to accelerate that work", said Evan Gillespie, deputy director at the Sierra Club, where he oversees California's clean energy program. Read More »

Gianluigi Buffon cannot explain Juve's second half Champions League final slump

Gianluigi Buffon confessed the Champions League Final defeat to Real Madrid was "a big disappointment, because we thought we'd done everything necessary to win". His career total in all competitions now stands at 600, a record 108 of which have come in the Champions League. Ronaldo scored twice in the final, finishing the season with 16 goals in his last 10 games. Read More »

Egypt: Daesh claims attack on Coptic Christians killing 29


Egypt has been fighting Islamic State group-linked militants who have waged an insurgency, mainly focused in the volatile north of the Sinai Peninsula but there have been also attacks on the mainland. "This merciless slaughter of Christians in Egypt tears at our hearts and grieves our souls". A Libyan air force statement said: "The operation was a success and the losses of the Al Qaeda terrorists were heavy in casualties and equipment". Read More »

Corbyn cuts Tories' poll lead again

LABOUR leader Jeremy Corbyn met with Basildon firefighters during his trip to Pitsea yesterday, to discuss his emergency services policies. The speedy readmission of Jackie Walker, only for the party to have to suspend her again, stand out. Read More »

The White House's Contradictory Message on Kushner

Politicians are likely to ask Comey about his interactions with Trump as the bureau pursued its investigation into his campaign's contacts. The White House is building a special unit of attorneys, researchers, and communication specialists to take over the effort to fend off those annoying Russian Federation allegations, the Wall Street Journal reports . Read More »

British PM May seen 13 seats short of majority: YouGov

Two years ago, Mr Cameron had a lead of seven points and won an overall majority of just 12 . May, who always said she would not debate Corbyn head-to-head, was left backed into a corner. In these circumstances, there would be huge pressure from inside her own party for her to resign. But May insisted she had the best plan for taking Britain into negotiations over its exit from the European Union, which start 11 days after the election. Read More »

Macron warns Putin over Syrian chemical weapons in 'frank' meeting


The two men then entered the palace to start their talks. "I will be demanding in my exchanges with Russian Federation", he added. Syria has the backing of Russian Federation. Still less awkward than Macron's meeting with Trump. At the time, the Kremlin said it had no confirmation of any gay men suffering abuse in the region. Read More »

British PM May seen 13 seats short of majority - YouGov


Why is there so much confusion? While the latest polls confirm the narrowing trend, they still show May's Conservatives with a solid lead, leaving some such as MUFG currency strategist Lee Hardman, keeping their bets in place. Remain was also largely predicted to win at last year's European Union referendum before Leave emerged victorious with nearly 52% of the vote. "You can only deliver Brexit if you believe in Brexit". Read More »

Four New England states join Paris climate goal alliance

Ahead of Trump's announcement Thursday, other top CEOs in the USA urged the president not to withdraw the us from the Paris agreement , including Apple CEO Tim Cook and Exxon CEO Darren Woods . What is the Paris Agreement? Pruitt acknowledged that global warming is a real phenomenon and that human activity contributes to it in some manner. Read More »

Conflicting stories about Kushner's meeting with Russian banker

He doesn't have anybody whom he trusts". Yes, this is real life. In that case, Trump's reluctance to cut him loose would be understandable - and the Russian Federation scandal would lead directly to the president himself. Flynn handed in his resignation in February after it was revealed he misled top White House officials about his contacts with Russian officials . Read More »

Theresa May approval rating sinks as United Kingdom election race tightens

After weeks of political campaigning with barely a mention of Brexit (beyond the negotiations requiring " strong and stable " leadership), Theresa May tried a new tack this week: in a speech on Thursday she framed Brexit as the defining challenge of her political generation, and one which only she could make a success. Read More »

Police dealing with an 'incident' on London Bridge


Trump was briefed earlier about the London Bridge incident by his national security team, according to White House spokesman Sean Spicer, who said on Twitter that security officials would continue providing the president with updates. Read More »

Three lawmakers question Kushner Cos on concerns over White House tie

With the Trump administration enduring daily turmoil, one wonders how the president will deal with Kushner, a relative he can't throw under the bus, or can he? Trump has consistently laid the groundwork for a close working relationship with Russian Federation - and now his son-in-law, Jared Kushner , is being accused of creating a secret back channel to the Kremlin prior to the election and not disclosing his intentions to the appropriate governmental agencies. Read More »

UK Conservatives' lead over Labour seen narrowing: Panelbase

The Conservatives have been accused of spreading fake news after one of their propaganda videos was edited to suggest Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn had seemingly refused to condemn the IRA. "This is the thing you can't be sure about". The Conservatives' other coalition options are limited. Party officials disagreed and suspended him earlier this week, saying his unilateral action in calling for supporters to vote Labour contravened their constitution. Read More »

Erie County Seeks to Hold Itself to Paris Climate Agreement

The American Coal Council said more than 90 percent of USA coal plants are equipped with advanced emissions controls, and that advances in technology will lead to further improvement. It is "unshakable" in its commitment to the struggle against global warming, he said, and meant to achieve its emissions targets "step by step". Can it all be renegotiated? The US President may have his critics but this week he took a courageous decision from which we all stand to benefit. Read More »

Jeremy Corbyn on immigration and security in interview with Daily Star

That means that 30 to 40 seats where the result would normally be safe are now in doubt. On Brexit: "Other parties wanted to frustrate those Brexit negotiations and that will of the people expressed in the referendum vote". But with so much focus on them in recent weeks, it's worth looking carefully at what they say. The fact that dozens of seats are not behaving the way they were expected to will undoubtedly make uncomfortable reading for Prime Minister Theresa May . Read More »

Nike Issues Statement on Donald Trump's Withdrawal from Paris Climate Deal

We may be able to do this without the president. "This requires our efforts to resolve existing issues". Other North Carolina cities include Asheville, Charlotte, Durham and Winston-Salem. Already, renewable energy investments like the one at Green Port Hull are employing thousands of people, and export markets are growing. "In the end, you've got an administration there that has won the presidency, and is keeping faith with the people who elected them". Read More »

France's Macron decries Russian media's 'fake news' while hosting Putin


Mr Macron said any use of chemical weapons in Syria was a "red line" for France and would be met by "reprisals" and an "immediate riposte" from the French Government, Mr Macron said. " Russia Today and Sputnik . behaved as organs of influence , of propaganda, of lying propaganda". He also said he would remain "vigilant" on the rights of gay and transgender people in Chechnya, and the treatment of non-governmental organizations in Russian Federation. Read More »

Prime Minister Corbyn? UK polls narrowing dangerously for conservatives

One audience member demanded: "Would you use it as second use or would you allow North Korea, or some idiot in Iran to bomb us and then say oh we'd better start talking". Mr Corbyn visited The Place, Market Pavement, yesterday afternoon to deliver a speech to hundreds of supporters about his Brexit plan. He said it would mean leaving the treaties and the European Union no longer having authority over the UK. Read More »

Philippine airstrike kills 11 soldiers in besieged city

The onslaught was part of a grand plan to establish a Southeast Asian caliphate, Defence Secretary Delfin Lorenzana said Saturday during a brief visit with troops. Lieutenant-Colonel Jo-Ar Herrera, spokesman for the government forces fighting them in Marawi city, said Hapilon remained in the area. "As we walked many people saw us on the street and they joined us". Read More »

Cristiano Ronaldo hits back after Champions League win


Real Madrid will play Juventus in the final of the Champions League soccer match in Ca. The Madrid that won the Champions League last season felt a little underwhelming, their run to the final relatively simple. Veteran Juventus goalkeeper Gianluigi Buffon was the focus of many neutral supporters before the game, with the 39-year-old looking to win the trophy at the third time of asking. Read More »

Won't judge Trump for exiting Paris accord

But what's a better deal than "non-binding"? "The momentum is all the other way", Brown said, "and I think Trump , paradoxically, is giving climate denial such a bad name that he's actually building the very [climate action] movement that he is [purporting] to undermine". Read More »

Poorer nations stand firm in face of American pullout from agreement

That aid is part of a collective pool called the Green Climate Fund, as Trump says, which is administered by the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change , according to the Paris Agreement . Catastrophic climate change? Not in my lifetime. . Baker and Scott wrote to Energy Secretary Rick Perry last month urging the Trump administration to remain in the pact, and Perry was reportedly one of the officials who advised the president not to withdraw . Read More »

Theresa May: 'I had the balls to call general election'

From "the greenest government ever" to "the first generation to leave our environment in a better state than we found it", we're often told how preserving the environment is a Conservative value. Meanwhile, the YouGov pollreleased on Thursday showed that Corbyn is now London's favorite candidate for the British prime minister as his party has opened a 17-point lead over the ruling Conservatives in the capital. Read More »

Survation poll: May's lead cut to just one point over Labour

A Labour Party which requires lessons from these two self-serving political opportunists would not be worthy of the name. The British politician tweeted a pro-Labour ad Friday titled "We Demand", calling for economic equality. But the pattern, such as it is, since the manifesto launch is as below. "Probably not Labour", Grant wrote in a column that appeared last week in the Chronicle. Read More »

Corona, Chino Hills spellers eliminated from 90th Scripps National Spelling Bee


All spellers moved onto Wednesday's Round Two. Although she fell short of the finals, Sylvia made an impression on the judges and crowd. Zarin earned three points each for her correct spellings Wednesday. There are tiebreaker provisions. "We knew there was something special there", her mother, Annie Fuller, told the Tulsa World after the Green Country competition. Read More »

Lib Dems pledge to ban diesel sales


They become complacent and take poor decisions. The Liberal Democrats have announced plans to address the housing shortage in Bath and build more affordable homes, after figures revealed over 6000 families are on a waiting list for council homes. Read More »

Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn grilled by voters

She has refused to debate against Corbyn - a unusual decision since Corbyn has little talent for thinking on his feet - or the other United Kingdom party leaders. The elections of 2001 and 2005 were no surprise, while 2010 was a little more so. If May failed to win an overall majority, she would be forced to strike a deal with another party to continue governing either as a coalition or a minority government. Read More »

Christy Clark won't quit as BC premier, will recall house


Greens and NDP, and is awarding major contracts ahead of the expected September start date. However, he hoped the parties could all work together. "Wow!" he said. "We specifically did not ask for there to be a coalition", said Weaver. The Greens have yet to reach the minimum four MLAs needed for automatic party status. Read More »