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Microsoft might unveil Surface Pro 5 in upcoming event


Meaningful change isn't necessarily a hardware change, which is what a lot of people look for. With that in mind, only apps that pass muster with Microsoft - limited to those apps available on the Windows Store - can be downloaded. This display is a 13.5-inch PixelSense branded panel with a resolution of 2256 by 1504 pixels. Last month, a report from Korea Portal also confirmed that Microsoft secured a Chinese Compulsory Certificate (CCC). Read More »

Lewis Hamilton: I can't explain my poor pace in Russian Federation

Bottas is third, 10 points further back. Red Bull boss Christian Horner admitted that his team's situation was not an easy one, but is optimistic Barcelona will be the turning point. Red Bull's Dutch teenager Max Verstappen finished fifth with Sergio Perez chalking up his 14th successive points finish for Force India and French team mate Esteban Ocon seventh. Read More »

Republican bill to replace Obamacare: What you need to know


If the AHCA was exclusively a bill about Medicaid reform, we'd be jumping for joy. We can either work to improve that or repeal it and replace with something better. Even still, Republicans could eliminate the legislative filibuster (filibusters used on regular bills like the AHCA, which are not enshrined in the Constitution), but that would be a high-risk gamble that could come back to bite them. Read More »

French Exit Poll Shows Macron Romps Home by 30% Margin

The question is whether Macron supporters will show up to vote. "He's a symbol of hope", said Jean-Luc Songtia, 36. Addressing the crowd, Mr Macron said Europe and the world were "watching us" and "waiting for us to defend the spirit of the Enlightenment, threatened in so many places". Read More »

Tokyo stocks jump 1.35% after Emmanuel Macron wins French presidency

Emmanuel Macron will become the youngest president in the history of France when sworn in, as he is only 39 years old. The French flag hangs from a balustrade as voters cast their ballots in the presidential runoff election between Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen, in Le Touquet, France, Sunday, May 7, 2017 . Read More »

National Front will change its name after Le Pen's defeat

The case raises questions about Le Pen as she balances radical forces in the party with people she has won over from the mainstream left and right. Overall turnout for French presidential elections is usually high, at around 80%. He left the Socialist government in August and formed En Marche! Macron must tackle formidable challenges as he attempts to enact his domestic agenda of cutting state spending, easing labour laws, boosting education in deprived areas and extending new ... Read More »

Locals hold vigil in support of Palestinian hunger strikers

Trump insisted he is "committed" to brokering an agreement between Israelis and Palestinians that "allows both people to live, worship and thrive and prosper in peace". And a truly workable deal needs to be backed up with global support: with the United Nations still unabashedly anti-Israel, who would enforce Palestinian violations of a peace pact? For years, Palestinians have been disenchanted with Abbas's rule, but owing to his repeated cancellation of elections and long-running rule by ... Read More »

Texas divided on jailing delegates to convention of states


Enforcement of the law would also extend to college campuses. The law ultimately requires localities to comply with federal regulations when it concerns immigration law, including imposing penalties on jurisdictions and higher learning institutions that prohibit police officers from enquiring about immigration status. Read More »

No guns allowed at Trump's speech before NRA


This isn't the first time that Trump has spoken to the NRA, which endorsed him in May of past year, but it does mark the first time since then-President Ronald Reagan did so in 1983 that a sitting president has spoken at its convention, ABC News reports . Read More »

Trump congratulates Emmanuel Macron on his 'big win' in the French election

Even so, it was a record performance for the National Front, a party whose anti-immigrant policies until recently made it a pariah in French politics, and underlined the scale of the divisions that Macron must now try to heal. There were cheers for Marine Le Pen as she delivered her speech . Still, for Le Pen, Sunday's results proved to be a victory for the National Front. Read More »

Macron wins French presidency by emphatic margin: projections

The result, published Sunday evening in Le Monde , marks both the best electoral result ever obtained by Le Pen's National Front party - which leaders of French Jewry have said poses a threat to democracy and their community - and the first time in decades that a majority of French voters elected as president an independent candidate coming from outside one of the country's main political parties. Read More »

Emmanuel Macron Wins French Presidential Election Over Rival Marine Le Pen

Despite his historic win, Macron has failed to achieve the more important goal of keeping Le Pen below the 30% level that now leaves her as the principal leader of the French opposition. However, this year has been anything but usual, with neither the Socialists nor Republicans, France's two mainstream parties, making it to the final round of the presidential race. Read More »

French expats anxiously await election results in Montreal

On the left, the Socialist Party imploded, its candidate abandoned by voters who wanted to punish Hollande, France's most unpopular president since World War II. "The French have chosen a new president of the republic - and they voted for continuity", she said in French. Mr Hollande said in a statement he had called Mr Macron to congratulate him. Read More »

France's Marine Le Pen says far-right National Front to be relaunched

The small move higher can be attributed to the fact that polls ahead of today's vote predicted upwards of a 20-point victory for Macron, so the Macron victory was widely discounted into price already. Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull said he had congratulated Macron and had received a text back saying he was "looking forward to working together". Brussels , London and Berlin were quick to congratulate Macron on Sunday. Read More »

The euro had a boost from the French election result


Echoing a line used by Le Pen in a televised debate with Macron on Thursday, Simon Richards, the CEO of the libertarian group the Freedom Association, said: "Macron evidently likes older women, so he'll make an excellent lapdog for Angela Merkel". Read More »

The local election results summed up in 6 handy graphics


May has accused European Union officials of seeking to sway the outcome of the election by issuing threats over Brexit, and warned voters that the other 27 member states were lining up against Britain to win a deal that "works for them". May said she was "encouraged" by the results, but said it was important to keep fighting for votes. John Coughlan, county returning officer and Hampshire County Council Chief Executive, said: "The majority party will now meet to consider its key appointments". Read More »

The OnePlus 5 will debut this summer


Last year, OnePlus figured out a way to launch a pair of flagship smartphones in the OnePlus 3 and the OnePlus 3T. The latest concept video was shared by TechDroider and it showcases the possible design of the OnePlus 5 smartphone. According to some people, it could include as much as 8GB of RAM . The Weibo leaker says that it will be the latter but OnePlus could still release an 8GB RAM model in the future. Read More »

Price defends cutting nearly $1 trillion from Medicaid

They will face tough decisions about balancing costs and care. Cutting almost $1 trillion from Medicaid will give states the freedom to tailor the program to suit their needs, Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price said Sunday, as he defended a narrowly passed House bill that aims to undo parts of the health care law enacted by the previous administration. Read More »

Marine Le Pen reconnaît sa défaite et félicite Macron

Le candidat du mouvement En Marche Emmanuel Macron a été élu ce dimanche 7 mai 2017 nouveau président de la République. "Mais maintenant il faut se mobiliser pour les législatives , se remobiliser sur le terrain ". Qui prendra la tête du gouvernement sous la nouvelle présidence Macron? "Le second tour engage une recomposition majeure autour du clivage entre mondialistes et patriotes", a-t-elle affirmé en expliquant que le Front national devait "lui aussi profondément se renouveler". Read More »

Cristiano Ronaldo futur Ballon d'Or ? Zidane confirme — Real Madrid


Oblak gardera les buts des Colchoneros tandis que la défense à quatre s'articulera autour de l'axe Savic - Godin, les couloirs étant probablement confiés au Français Lucas Hernandez à droite et à Filipe Luis à gauche. Notre pronostic: Real Madrid. Titulaire à la place de Gareth Bale, blessé, le milieu de terrain a fait briller ses partenaires et danser ses adversaires. Read More »

Former warlord Hekmatyar returns to Kabul


Hekmatyar, 69, is among the most prominent surviving figures from the early days of war that began with the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan in 1979 and grinds on to this day. Hekmatyar was forced away from the capital in 1995 by the advancing Taliban, who captured Kabul the following year. "Afghanistan is our home and grave". Read More »

Mexico wall demands eased as spending talks advance


It can be recalled that the Trump administration said that it would continue to pay the subsidies to insurance companies under the ACA. Still Americans can not be complacent that they've seen the last of it. A spending resolution would need 60 votes to clear the 100-member Senate, where Republicans hold 52 seats. Shanghaied? Bamboozled? Beaten? Having been baited into folding on the issue of funding for the wall, is Trump now going to have to make more concessions? "I'm optimistic. Read More »

Baahubali 2 Full Movie in Tamil Leaked Online on Tamilrockers


The film surpassed the screen count for a big-ticket Bollywood film , which stands at 4,500 now. It crossed the three figure mark on a non-festival weekend. "Baahubali 2" witnessed a huge rush for advance booking counters and reportedly raked in Rs 40 crores from the advance sales. No one could estimate the opening day box office collections, not even Taran Adarsh, the trade analyst, as the box office collections received gasping numbers numbers being poured in from all 29 states, leaving ... Read More »

Macaron Poised to Win Round 1 of French Presidential Polls

Polls have indicated that Macron would be likely to defeat Le Pen in a second round contest. Macron, only 39, is seeking to become France's youngest ever president and has campaigned on a strongly pro-EU and pro-business platform. Fillon denies any wrongdoing, but his place as frontrunner has been usurped by a man many consider to be the future of France. But Le Pen supporters were equally enthusiastic. Read More »

Facebook plans to make digital avatar of your friends

Facebook Spaces lets Rift users "hang out" with friends in virtual worlds as if they were in the same room in the real world, according to a demonstration by Rachel Franklin, who heads the social VR team at the California-based firm. Facebook also launched a virtual world, called Facebook Spaces, created to let users of its Oculus Rift VR headset hang out with avatar versions of their friends in a virtual world. Read More »

Tillerson says to press Russian Federation on Syrian chemical weapons

Trump began his speech by describing how Syria breached moral norms regarding war. They catapulted Washington into confrontation with Russian Federation, which has advisers on the ground aiding its close ally Assad. Iran, which has provided crucial military and political support to Assad, meanwhile called for a fact-finding mission to determine what caused the chemical attack in Khan Sheikhoun. Read More »

United States 'playing the terrorism game' in Syria warns Lavrov

Trump's United Nations ambassador, Nikki Haley, said the United States had "multiple priorities" in Syria and that stability there was impossible with Assad as president. UK Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson cancelled his trip to Moscow on Saturday just hours before he was due to fly, stating his priority is to "build coordinated worldwide support for a ceasefire". Read More »

Watching Palestinian hunger strike closely

The media committee said the strikers aim at restoring many of their rights that were taken away by the occupation prisons administration, which they had achieved through many past strikes. For Palestinians , the prisons have become a stark symbol of Israel s occupation. The Times initially only described Barghouti as a " Palestinian leader and parliamentarian". Read More »

UK | Prime minister May to seek early election on June 8


Mr Corbyn gamely welcomed the Prime Minister's call, saying it would give his party the chance to offer voters "an effective alternative". So in the Tory apologist's mind the referendum votes of the electorate are frozen in time for all eternity, with no right whatever to change our minds under new circumstances (no matter how dramatic), but Theresa May should be allowed to change her mind on a whim, despite having publicly promised time and time again that she wouldn't. Read More »