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Schumer after Comey testimony: Cloud hanging over Trump 'a whole lot darker'

Comey testified that President Donald Trump had expressed hope he would end an FBI investigation into former national security adviser Michael Flynn . "Did you ever call the president?" The Trump administration had cited differing reasons for James Comey's firing which were later contradicted President Trump himself, after he acknowledged on May 11 , that he fired Comey because of the Russian Federation probe. Read More »

How Does The Price Of Apple's New HomePod Compare To Its Peers?


John Lewis has some of the best prices for Apple TV in the United Kingdom; it also has great delivery and returns options. The HomePod is the new digital speaker that will come loaded with Siri , similar to Amazon's Echo and Google Home which packs Alexa and Google Assistant respectively. Read More »

Check out the first new iPad Pro promo video


And there are some things that you won't be able to see, such as the A10X chipset (featuring a hexa-core CPU) providing a 30% improvement in CPU performance, and 40% improvement in graphics performance. Check out the new iOS 11 features below and our guide to whether or not you should install the iOS 11 beta . Its OS is comprised of numerous additional features and controls we use every day, but most of us are frequently looking past them and not realizing the extent to which we get ... Read More »

What is hung parliament? What happens if Conservatives lose majority

British Prime Minister Theresa May's gamble in calling an early election backfired spectacularly, as her Conservative Party lost its majority in Parliament and pressure mounted on her Friday to resign. May had been expected to win comfortably. What can not easily be delayed, however, is the date of Britain's departure from the European Union, which is due to take place exactly two years after the triggering of the Article 50 Brexit process on March 29 2019, whether or not a ... Read More »

Summer nutrition for schoolchildren starts in West Virginia


They are providing free meals to those who would normally get their food from the school. And as summer approaches, it's important to remember that the low-income families who rely on school lunches must make other arrangements when the final bell rings in May. Read More »

WWDC Reveals Strong AI Focus for Apple


The company also displayed an augmented reality (AR) tool called ARKit. Obviously, Apple seeks to justify that with an improved audio experience over its competitors with that fancy distortion reducing tech, but at face value, it seems like you're paying double just for the Apple name on the box. Read More »

Apple revamps IPhone software, adds augmented reality features


While the last iteration of iOS focused on improvements to the Lock Screen various stock apps, this year's agenda is enhancing productivity for the iPad . That's not all for Maps , though. Siri has got a massive update and it is smarter and more intuitive now. Just how good the instructions are remains to be seen, but we're keen to try it out later this year. Read More »

Apple release details of their new update coming later this year


It also paves the way for augmented reality (AR) to debut on an Apple device, which MacWorld says will allow users to layer 3D objects over real life. The voice assistant can handle your finances upon command in iOS 11 - making payments from the cards you have in your Wallet. Siri has always been better at intelligent answers than you, accept it! As a result, the latest " Do not disturb " option can block any incoming notification from hampering your driving. Read More »

Two of the Three London Suspects Identified


The rampage was brought to an end when the trio were shot dead by armed police eight minutes after the first emergency call. This is what we know about the attackers so far. Meanwhile, the Spanish government has confirmed that Ignacio Echeverría, 39, was killed in Saturday's attack. Police have appealed for anyone with information about the men that may assist them with the investigation. Read More »

London Bridge attackers named


An "unprecedented" number of rounds had been fired at the three attackers by police, who ended their rampage just eight minutes after the London Bridge incident was reported. Thomas and his girlfriend were visiting London at the time of the attack. Nathalie Cros Brohan, sister of Mr Thomas's girlfriend Christine Delcros, posted on Facebook on Wednesday morning that the family "fear the worst". Read More »

HomePod vs. Google Home vs. Amazon Echo


This new breed of speaker presents a tantalizing future powered by voice, where computing is not tied to a screen. Companies like Ecobee and Belkin have added or are adding support for Apple HomeKit through the addition of hubs or software updates . Read More »

UK's Conservatives hold Nuneaton but Labour poaching UKIP votes

Asked if Mrs May could remain as Tory leader, Ms Soubry told the BBC: "That is a matter for her". How he would steer Britain through Brexit negotiations has not been explained in detail. It also proposed raising taxes for the richest 5 per cent of Britons, scrapping university tuition fees and investing £250 billion (RM1.3 trillion) in infrastructure plans. Read More »

PM Modi thanks China for supporting India to become SCO member

The Prime Minister will also attend the inauguration of the Astana Expo 2017 on Friday which is based on the theme of "Future Energy" this year. "The indications are that the last leg of the entire membership process that is the confirmation by the heads of state of existing members of the SCO , is going to happen in Astana ", he added. Read More »

Penguins, Predators each look to seize momentum in Game 5

After dropping Game 3 and Game 4 on the road, Pittsburgh bounced back in the best possible way: Scoring three goals in the first period, including two in the opening 8:02. "I know people talk about how we're exhausted, but believe me, they're exhausted too", Pittsburgh forward Evgeni Malkin said. Penguins coach Mike Sullivan , as he has for each of the last two springs when his team finds itself in a tight spot, pushed all the right buttons again. Read More »

United Kingdom elections exit poll: Theresa May could lose parliamentary majority

But after a faltering campaign marred by political U-turns and two terror attacks, May's Conservative Party were on course to fall short of an overall majority, results and predictions suggested. The BBC/Sky/ITV poll suggested the United Kingdom was heading for a hung parliament , with Conservatives 12 seats short of the 326 they need for an absolute majority in the Commons. Read More »

Jones to lead experienced Lions against Crusaders

West did so confidently and the Blues opened up a five point gap. Probably not. The most important thing - as someone outside looking in - is that they create a squad of 41 people who feel they are all in it together; hence he wants to give everyone a game. Read More »

James Comey on Trump: "He Might Lie"

The Democrats will argue that even if there was no criminal collusion, someone - namely the president - must have obstructed justice in trying to suppress the investigation of the non-crime. Asked whether that February Oval Office discussion amounted to obstruction of justice , Comey said he expected that to be a matter for Mueller, the former FBI director who has taken over the Justice Department's investigation. Read More »

Amid Qatar crisis, China tells Iran that Gulf stability is best


Qatar also backs the Palestinian political and militant group Hamas and the global Islamist movement the Muslim Brotherhood , which Saudi Arabia and Egypt oppose. Anwar bin Mohammed Gargash says he doesn't believe Kuwait can mediate the Qatar fall out to an effective result at this time. US President Donald Trump offered to help Qatar and the other Gulf nations resolve their differences, including through a meeting at the White House if necessary, the White House said on Wednesday. Read More »

Three times James Comey's testimony contradicted Donald Trump

White House spokeswoman Sarah Huckabee Sanders said she was unsure if the president had reviewed Comey's testimony. Mr Comey elected not to read that testimony aloud on Thursday , instead making a separate brief statement. "I've seen the tweet about tapes". Comey might not have landed a fatal blow, but he offered a troubling look at one president's extremely flawed character. Read More »

Apple introduces "Do Not Disturb" feature for drivers


Fortunately, that's exactly what Apple is believed to have planned for its next iPhone , the so-called iPhone 8. In this sense (no pun intended), Apple's implementation looks to be safer. Working out whether you are moving in a vehicle is said to be achieved using a combination of Bluetooth and WiFi although the specifics are now unclear. Read More »

How the election impacts on political map of Scotland


Afterwards, the couple met Glasgow East SNP candidate David Linden and briefly spoke to other voters arriving at the polling station. This morning, Mr Corbyn insisted there was no need for a second referendum. Put to her that she said it had been a "conference call", she said: "No, a mobile phone". Ms Sturgeon has repeatedly talked up the prospect of forming a "progressive alternative to a Conservative government" that would hand Mr Corbyn the keys to Number 10 in the event of a hung ... Read More »

Whoops: Trump's lawyer defends 'predisent' after Comey testimony

The New York Times was made privy to "privileged information" from the president by Comey , he noted. "That is a very big deal, and not just because it involves me". Kasowitz denied Trump ever told Comey he needed and expected his loyalty, as Comey said, and also slammed the former Federal Bureau of Investigation chief for saying he leaked details of a conversation with the president. Read More »

Arab Countries Issue List Of Qatar-Linked 'Terrorists' Rejected By Doha


He said he had not been officially informed of any U.S. investigation into the alleged hacking of Qatar's news agency, a development which is part of the dispute. The US military considers it a strategic interest not to concentrate its regional facilities in one country or axis. Qatar is home to the largest USA airbase in the Mideast. Read More »

May ahead but set to lose majority in United Kingdom election

A police officer stands on duty outside a polling station in Tower Hamlets, London , Britain, yesterday. The pound fell sharply in value after the exit poll was published. With trading volumes extremely thin out of London hours, London stock exchange futures fell around 0.3 percent, while 10-year United Kingdom government bond yields dipped 5 basis points to below 1 percent. Read More »

His father quiet, Donald Trump Jr

Prof Gerhardt agreed the testimony was a blow to Mr Trump, saying: "Some people who weren't concerned before should be concerned now". Comey testified that he was skeptical of Trump nearly from the outset, and he made a decision to document their interactions because he was "concerned [Trump] might lie about the nature of our meeting". Read More »

Ex-FBI Director Comey's testimony had something for everyone

Several lines from the president garnered a standing ovation from the crowd: A mere mention of the decision to pull out of the Paris Climate Agreement had people on their feet, a pledge to continue putting "America First" drew loud whooping across the grand ballroom and promises to fight terrorism elicited more than a few hoorahs. Read More »

UAE seeking 'change of policy, not regime' in Qatar

The terms of that deal are unknown, but both Iran and jihadist groups in Syria are reported to have been beneficiaries. In private conversations between Pentagon officials and their Qatari counterparts, there have been no apologies from the Americans or pleas for leniency from the Qataris, two USA officials told BuzzFeed News. Read More »

Theresa May Not: Exit Polls Predict Hung Parliament

Almost one year after voting yes to Brexit in a shock election that swept May into power, Brits have apparently already grown exhausted of Conservatives . In private, Labour activists were jubilant. And in recent weeks, the Conservative Party's lead in polls has been cut in half. In May, Scottish National Party leader Nicola Sturgeon said she preferred having Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn as prime minister. Read More »

So, Let's Talk About That James Comey Hearing

He said he documented his conversations with President Trump because he feared the president might "lie about the nature" of their meetings. "There might be a tape", Comey said. Asked about a dinner to which Trump invited him, Comey recalled how he had to break a date with his wife in order to attend. "Lordy, I hope there are tapes", Comey quipped. Read More »

United Kingdom exit poll: May could lose majority in knife-edge vote


Together, the Labour Party , the SNP and the Liberal Democrats would have 314 seats in Parliament - as many as May's Tories are now predicted to have. The final day of campaigning has seen the party leaders travel the length and breadth of the land trying to drum up votes. Labour began the campaign behind by double-digits in the polls. Read More »