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Theresa May to 'reflect' after losing majority in Parliament

The British prime minister was cruising along two months ago with a solid majority in Parliament and several years to run on her party's mandate. The exit polls projected no seats for UKIP, the nationalist party that led the successful campaign for Britain to leave the European Union . Read More »

Sanders 'Delighted' by Corbyn's Success in UK Election


Putting on a courageous face after a disastrous night, May said her parties status as the largest vote-getter in the election gave her continued legitimacy as prime minister. Whatever the outcome from the hung parliament scenario, Britain's leaders must guarantee that they will implement the will of the British people by ensuring that their nation completely leaves the European Union by the end of March 2019 . Read More »

Theresa May pressured to resign after British election disaster

And that could open the door for Boris Johnson to take her spot. The spectre of the decimation of the Labour Party was quickly shed away by the party under Corbyn, who announced one of the most radical election manifestos in recent history around the slogan 'For the many , not the few.' In contrast to Corbyn's hopeful campaign, the Conservative Party tried to sell fear, but their lead continued to fall. Read More »

We are not ready to surrender: Qatar Foreign Minister

China has close ties with Iran too. Qatar's emir has said such a view is a big mistake. "But you have to be able to tell your friend or your brother when they are doing the right thing and when they are doing the wrong thing", Jubeir said in a joint press conference with Gabriel. Read More »

Cavs end Warriors run to keep Finals series alive

This is a insane game. "I just felt like we just stayed with it, and eventually our defence kicked in". Durant hit the game-winning three-pointer in the closing stages of Game Three on Wednesday and the former league MVP said he remains focused on just playing hard. Read More »

Cavs stunning Warriors at half

And while the Cavaliers are far from surrendering, there is a sense the addition of Durant has made Golden State a much harder team to vanquish even once - let alone 4 times. "So mentally and physically, I got to prepare myself for that". "My mindset is to try to get every game". Kevin Love , the third amigo, missed eight of his nine shots. Read More »

Qatar blames current crisis on fake news inserted by hackers

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Friday evening called for lifting the blockade against Qatar, reaffirming Turkey's support for the Arab country. In a preliminary report published late on Wednesday, the investigators did not say who they held responsible for the hack but said that both Britain and the United States were helping with their inquiry. Read More »

Universal Kicks Off New Franchise With a Bomb


Or is that the underworld? Clearly key to all things Dark Universe , his Dr Jekyll, at times , appears to be in a different, more serious film , before laughably transforming into something closer to Ray Winstone (accent and all) than the traditional Mr Hyde. Read More »

Privée de sa majorité absolue, May reconduit son gouvernement — Royaume-Uni


Elle aurait demandé à la reine l'autorisation officielle de composer une nouvelle équipe gouvernementale. Elle espérait une large victoire, mais s'est pris un camouflet. "Nous disons aussi que nous voulons rester un bon partenaire de la Grande-Bretagne". La commentatrice politique Rhiannon Lucy Cosslett estime dans le quotidien The Guardian que " Jeremy Corbyn plaît à une génération de jeunes gens qui n'ont jamais connu d'homme politique honnête". Read More »

No appetite among UK Conservatives to oust PM May - key lawmaker

Rachel Sheard, who cast her vote near the site of the London Bridge attack, said the election certainly wasn't about Brexit . Labour is stuck with Mr Corbyn , whose supporters believe they can win with one more heave. Steven Blockmans of the Center for European Policy Studies said that because of the current chaos, "it is questionable whether that period of time will be sufficient in order to strike a good deal". Read More »

Rex Tillerson urges Gulf states to ease Qatar blockade

We call on Qatar to be responsive to the concerns of its neighbors. U.S. officials insisted the two men were sending the same message with different emphases, aimed at encouraging their Arab allies to put aside grievances and focus on fighting terrorism. Read More »

Tillerson calls on Arab nations to ease blockade on Qatar

Doha is the world's largest exporter of natural liquefied gas. The Qatari-owned broadcaster Al Jazeera has also been banned. "Qatar being made an example out of. The real reason, or at least the main reason, that the Saudis ostracized Qatar is Doha's relatively strong relations with Iran . "Again, this is Qataris speaking to worldwide media wondering whether this is possible at all". Read More »

Kiwis beat British to reach America's Cup challenger finals

In this photo provided by the America's Cup Event Authority, SoftBank Team Japan and SwedenþÄôs Artemis Racing compete during America's Cup challenger semifinals on the Great Sound in Bermuda on Thursday, June 8, 2017. What started as a childhood dream of winning the America's Cup has become an obsession to become the first British challenger to lift the "Auld Mug" and bring it "home". Read More »

Brexit forever? How May's failed election gamble changes Brexit


While many business leaders have major concerns about Brexit , most had been hoping for a clear result to allow politicians to proceed with negotiations and allow sectors to make their own plans. Despite campaigning against Brexit, Labour has accepted the result but promised to avoid a "hard Brexit", focusing on maintaining economic ties with the bloc. Read More »

Qatar Diplomatic Crisis Continues To Reverberate Across Middle East

Trump initially took sides with the Saudi-led group before apparently being nudged into a more even-handed approach when US defence officials renewed praise of Doha , mindful of the major USA military base hosted by Qatar that serves, in part, as a launchpad for strikes on Islamic State jihadists. Read More »

Apple Reveals Homepod Device


A person familiar with HomePod's development said it would have the same level of encryption as Siri and HomeKit . The speaker can automatically tune the audio depending on the space you are in. As of now, most smart speakers plug into a wall, so they're not portable. In a nod to Amazon streaming fans, Apple is also bringing Amazon Prime to its Apple TV app. Read More »

Trump tweets response to Comey testimony

Congress must ultimately determine if matters raise the specter of impeachment. "I can definitely say the President is not a liar , and I think it's frankly insulting that question would be asked", Trump spokeswoman Sarah Huckabee Sanders told reporters after the hearing. Read More »

Al Franken: I Don't Think Trump Ordered Comey to Quash Russia Probe

Comey is no longer employed by the Trump Administration", the lawmakers' letter to White House general counsel Don McGahn read. Saturday in Boone, IA, Republican Senator Joni Ernst commented on the possibility. In one memo written after a February get-together, Comey recounted how the president suggested the FBI should drop its investigation of Lt. Gen. Mike Flynn, the national security adviser who was forced to resign for lying to administration officials about his contacts with the ... Read More »

Hawaii Rebels Against Trump On Paris Climate Accord


In the plans submitted to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), India had also vowed that 40 per cent of its total electricity needs would be obtained from non-fossil fuel-based energy resources by 2030. "The president has made America weaker and the world less safe". According to a report released Wednesday by NK News , experts David Von Hippel and Peter Hayes wrote that NoKor's estimates as to greenhouse gas reductions are mostly accurate and that the Paris ... Read More »

Lies, Leaked Memos, and Speculation: What's Next After Comey's Testimony


Is Trump, who ran for President as a non-politician who means what he says and says what he means, actually man enough to testify under penalty of perjury? And he said multiple times that he choose to take detailed notes about his interactions with Trump because he anxious the White House and President would lie about them if he didn't. Read More »

Spicer: All of Trump's tweets are his official statements


But that ended poorly for him , so perhaps that's why he kept his Twitter fingers holstered today . Not one person. Never before have we had a direct line into how a president thinks like we do for Trump. Trump served notice Tuesday that he will keep tweeting away, whether it's about his " travel ban " from selected Muslim-majority countries, the London Mayor's approach to handling the weekend's terror attack, or Middle East politics in general. Read More »

WWDC 2017: Apple Brings Siri-Powered Smart Speaker HomePod


New indoor maps of areas like malls and airports indicated that Apple might be laying groundwork to display information over images of those places in the future. Secondly, it suffers from the same compatibility issues as any other Apple product: it only plays Apple Music . A set of iOS 11 features including enabling smartphone cameras to read QR codes are aimed at the China market, where Apple would like to bolster iPhone sales. Read More »

Twitter barrage puts spotlight on Trump's outspoken son

The method of communication does not change the newsworthiness of a statement, nor does it change the ethical requirement that what you say should be true rather than false. That award goes to New York Rep. Chris Colllins during an interview on CNN's "New Day". "The moment you treat them as they are, that dissonance feels real and palpable and obvious". Read More »

Theresa May's election gamble appears to backfire


In the short term, she could yet manage it. May's astute political instincts served her well during the day-to-day business of leading the country. Brexit talks were scheduled to start on June 19 but could now be delayed, a source of major uncertainty and concern for investors. Read More »

What does the shock UK General Election result mean for the US?

With a hung parliament , this will mean that she will nearly certainly need the support of Northern Ireland's Democratic Unionist Party . The DUP said only that it would enter talks. May, who went into the election with a reputation for quiet competence, was criticized for a lackluster campaigning style and for a plan to force elderly people to pay more for their care, a proposal her opponents dubbed the "dementia tax". Read More »

UK PM May's Conservative Party Suffers Stunning Upset In Election

The result leaves her fortunes as party leader and prime minister hanging by a thread. "Evidently, the confidence of citizens that many things will get better and easier after leaving the European Union is waning - even among Brexit supporters", Mr Juergen Hardt, the foreign affairs spokesman for German Chancellor Angela Merkel's parliamentary caucus, said in a statement. Read More »

White House: Trump's tweets are 'official statements'

Both of these statements can't be true. Since that's not going to happen, his staff is pressuring the media to ignore Trump's tweets. By a little before 12:30 p.m. Daily local news headlines from across Gwinnett County. "The moment you treat them as they are, that dissonance feels real and palpable and obvious". Read More »

Egypt accuses Qatar of paying ransom to 'terrorist group'


Saudi Arabia , Bahrain , Egypt , Yemen and the United Arab Emirates - as well as Libya - have all cut ties with Qatar over the country's alleged links to extremist groups such as the Muslim Brotherhood . After apparently showing support for the moves against Qatar in tweets sent on Tuesday, Trump on Wednesday called Qatar's Emir Sheikh Tamin bin Hamad Al Thani and later UAE's Crown Prince Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan to calm the situation. Read More »

Trump slams Qatar for funding terror as Tillerson urges calm

Saudi Arabia , Egypt , the United Arab Emirates and other Muslim-majority nations cut diplomatic ties with Qatar on Monday, alleging the small Gulf monarchy supports terrorism . Speaking in a joint press Conference with the German foreign minister, Sigmar Gabriel , on Wednesday, the Saudi Foreign Minister, Adel al-Jubeir, called Qatar a "brother state" and provided assurances that the crisis could be addressed within the region without outside interference. Read More »

This 'bot' formats Trump's tweets as White House statements

Supreme Court are evidence of his increasing discontent with Attorney General Jeff Sessions, according to a New York Times report . A look at Trump's recent Twitter activity is an eye-opening mishmash of self-congratulatory statements and attacks on others, while he remains firmly silent about the mounting controversies that threaten his very presidency. Read More »

Defining obstruction of justice after James Comey's testimony


Trump's lawyer says the president "never, in form or substance" directed Comey to stop investigating anyone, and Republicans suggested Comey was reading too much into it. Nor did it explain why Comey said he could not discuss those reasons in public. Trump's inner circle is such a sieve that full transcripts surely would have leaked by now. Read More »

Alabama girl makes National Spelling Bee finals


While Fuller made it through Wednesday's round by spelling "tapas" and " nyctinasty " on stage in National Harbor, Md., she was cut on Thursday after the taking a written test used to narrow the field of 291 wordsmiths. Only students in the eighth grade or lower are eligible to participate in the national competition. While in Washington D.C., he said he visited many fascinating places including an air and space museum. Read More »