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Trump congratulates Emmanuel Macron for 'big win' in French election

Instead, Macron claimed his victory to the strains of Beethoven's "Ode to Joy", the official anthem of the European Union . Angela Merkel's CDU meanwhile soundly beat the rival SPD in a state election in the northern Schleswig-Holstein of Germany, raising prospects that Europe's most powerful leader will get re-elected in a national election in September. Read More »

China's Xi congratulates Macron on French election win


There has been a palpable sense of relief among European leaders. Among those cheering Macron's victory are officials in Brussels who work with the European Union. "The Prime Minister warmly congratulates President-elect Macron on his election success". What has the global reaction been? "I look very much forward to working with him", Trump tweeted. Read More »

Trump signs $1 trillion spending bill keeping government open


The new iteration of the plan passed on Thursday afternoon. He said: "Thank you Mr Trump for admitting that universal health care is the better way to go". The Minnesota Health Department, part of Democratic Gov. Mark Dayton's administration, reported shortly before the House vote that the number of Minnesotans without health insurance dropped more sharply in greater Minnesota than in urban areas since 2011. Read More »

'It's wrong': Democrats blast Senate GOP's all-male healthcare group

Ironically, House Speaker Paul D. Ryan (R-Wis.) in 2009 criticized Democrats for trying to push through health-care legislation to meet an "artificial deadline". But they don't have to have insurance every year. It would also help if the party admitted that some health care costs should be borne by individuals out of pocket, just as we expect individuals to pay for routine maintenance on other insurable things, such as cars and homes, especially if they are able to afford it. Read More »

Warriors top Jazz 102-91, lead 3-0

That discomfort led him to the Warriors, in a severe case of the rich-getting-richer, and if that stacks the deck on Golden State's favor, Durant responds with a shrug. "We're smart enough basketball players to know what's going on at that moment, to let a talented scorer do what he does". This bank shot likely sealed the playoff fate of the Jazz and even had Durant shrugging at his good fortune. Read More »

Emmanuel Macron, un nouveau président pour la France


Depuis 1969, jamais le taux d'abstention n'a été aussi fort, avec plus de 25%. Dans le département du Nord, si Emmanuel Macron remporte les villes de Lille, Roubaix ou Tourcoing, Marine Le Pen l'emporte dans l'une des villes du Valenciennois, à Denain, où elle réunit 57,45% des voix . Read More »

Price defends cutting almost $1 trillion from Medicaid

Academics, medical professionals, scientific researchers, hospitals, nurses, doctors, and even insurers have come out in a strong display of unity against the bill, as have the Democratic Party and a 3-1 majority of the American public. Read More »

Israel lashes out over "systematic harassment" at UN


Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced Wednesday, a day after the vote by the U.N. Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, that he has instructed Foreign Ministry Director General Yuval Rotem to deduct the money. Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem ". In a marked change from the near unanimous approval seen in similar UNESCO votes on Jerusalem , 23 member states abstained and 10 - the US, Italy, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Lithuania, Greece, Paraguay, Ukraine, ... Read More »

Five challenges for France's new president


Le Pen portrayed Macron as a heartless capitalist, while he repeatedly asked her to stop telling lies and saying "stupid things". Mr Macron believes he can get unemployment down. and the revival of the Franco-German relationship, Macron should give a new impetus to the eurozone and European integration process", said Marion Amiot, senior economist at Oxford Economics. Read More »

Macron vows to heal France's social divisions


With elections approaching in Germany and perhaps Italy this year, the results in France were being closely watched as a barometer of the lingering strength of a populist wave that swept Britain out of the European Union and Donald Trump into the White House. Read More »

France's Le Pen says far-right National Front to be relaunched

European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker on Sunday congratulated on Macron's election victory, saying he was happy that "the French have chosen European future". U.S. intelligence agencies believe state-backed Russian operatives were behind a massive hacking attack on Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton's campaign ahead of America's presidential election last November. Read More »

European leaders express relief following Macron victory

The vicious election campaign exposed deep economic and social divisions in France, as well as tensions provoked by identity and immigration. Macron's team said a massive hack had dumped emails, documents and campaign-financing information online. Read More »

Trump Attacks Media In Defiant Pennsylvania Speech

The White House Correspondents' Dinner had a completely different vibe due to the absence of Donald Trump - the first time the President has snubbed the event since 1981. It's a very long flight. "But that's what we have". "We gotta address the elephant that's not in the room". Critics have said the approach could reduce protections for people with pre-existing conditions. Read More »

Republicans tout GOP healthcare bill on Sunday shows


Republican senators are sounding sceptical of an Obamacare replacement passed by members of their own party in the House of Representatives. While the Bill's fate in the Senate is uncertain, its House passage could boost Mr Trump's hopes of pushing through other items on his agenda, such as tax reform. Read More »

Marine Le Pen a perdu, l'extrême droite a gagné — Résultat présidentielle


Né le 21 décembre 1977 à Amiens, dans le nord de la France, Emmanuel Macron , l'aîné d'un couple de médecins, devient ainsi à l'âge de 39 ans le plus jeune président et le huitième dans l'histoire de la Vème République. A Guipavas (29 ), Emmanuel Macron dépasse également les 80%. "Le président de la commission d'information de la Chambre de la Fédération, Alexeï Pouchkov, a estimé que " la déception va s'installer très vite " chez les électeurs d'Emmanuel Macron , qui hérite selon lui ... Read More »

That's the Tooth: Celtics guard Thomas has more dental work

The Washington Wizards won Game 3 of their series against the Boston Celtics pretty handily, and really that should be the headline. John Wall scored a game-high 24 points to lead the Washington Wizards to a 116-89 victory over the Boston Celtics in Game Three of the Eastern Conference semifinals on May 4 in Washington, D.C. Read More »

Emmanuel Macron is Elected President of France

The same forces that had led to Brexit and Donald Trump - popular anger with distant elites, economic inequality and immigration - threatened to hit the continent hard in a year in which Europe's largest countries were holding elections. Despite losing to Macron by around 35 percent to 65, Le Pen did almost twice as well as her father did when he reached the second round of the election in 2002, but fell short of the 40 percent party officials had said would be a success. Read More »

Trump Insists US-Mexico Wall Despite Backing Down On Spending Bill


Democrats however had threaten to scuttle the entire budget deal over the request, and Trump had told a group of conservative journalists Monday evening that he would accept a spending bill that did not include funds for the wall. With Republicans firmly in control of both the House, Senate and the White House , they're set to take most of the blame if a shutdown were to happen. Read More »

French Companies Cheer Emmanuel Macron's Victory

France is voting for a new president. With almost all the votes counted, Macron took in 66% of the votes against Le Pen's 34%. "But I think a lot of people just did not want to make any big jump with someone they viewed as an unprepared candidate, and an unprepared political party". Read More »

Why 60 percent of small-business owners want Obamacare repealed

Other senators are also seeking changes. As it stands now, veterans who are currently enrolled in VA health care are deemed to meet minimum coverage requirements under Obamacare, meaning they are not eligible for tax credits. "I think overall they're going in the right direction", Couladis said. Senators have set up a working group of about a dozen lawmakers to examine how to craft the Senate's health bill: with members ranging from Sen. Read More »

Exit polls project centrist Macron will be France's next president

If confirmed, Le Pen's showing would nonetheless be stronger than her National Front party has seen in its 45-year history. A projection by Kantar France gave Macron 65.5 percent to Le Pen's 34.5 percent. The White House also issued a statement on the results, saying: "We congratulate President-elect Macron and the people of France on their successful presidential election", Spicer said. Read More »

7 winners and losers in the House health care bill

Republican Sen. Susan Collins of ME is expressing concerns about the bill passed by the House to replace the nation's health care law and says she expects the Senate to start over "from scratch". Again, there's no CBO projection. Even though the Senate still has to act, Republicans now largely own a measure that would curtail, and in some cases take away completely, benefits Americans have embraced after seven years. Read More »

LeBron scores 35 as Cavs put Raptors on the brink

The Cavaliers led 28-24 after the first quarter and the Raptors led 52-49 at the intermission. After dominating the Indiana Pacers in their playoff opener, the Cavaliers have yet to ease off the gas, taking the first two games against the Toronto Raptors in convincing fashion. Read More »

Memory chip demand hands Samsung three year quarterly profits high

The quarterly dividend will be 7,000 won a share. One of most important tests, though, Consumer Reports found the damage-resistant Gorilla Glass 5 on the S8 is more scratch-resistant than the S7. Samsung is still facing some acute headaches. And Samsung has also been rocked by political woes, as its vice chairman and heir apparent Jay Y. Read More »

Arsenal beats United 2-0 as Wenger gets better of Mourinho

That is not normal. "You don't have a time where you're ready to play - you just have to be thrown into the deep end and if you can cope, you know you have confidence and you can fall back on it and think "yeah, I've played like that before and I can do it again", the youngster reflected. Read More »

Afghanistan Rejects Pakistan Claim of Killing 50 Afghan Forces

Durani said the clash erupted when Pakistani "militias" tried to cross the border Friday morning. Web Desk - Officials say government has dispatched truckloads of relief supplies to villages along the southwest border with Afghanistan where 11 people were killed in fighting between the two countries that prompted Pakistan to close a border crossing. Read More »

Macron crushes Le Pen in French election

President of the European Council, Donald Tusk, has said: "Congratulations Emmanuel Macron". "The National Front must also renew itself", Le Pen told her supporters as projections of the election results revealed that Macron won the election with 65.5 percent of the votes to her 34.5 percent. Read More »

Emre Can ranks Watford bicycle kick stunner as his best

A positive sign was that he soon returned to the bench to watch the game alongside Andreas Kornmayer, Liverpool's head of fitness and conditioning. It means we are fighting for something. Janmaat tried a highly ambitious 40 yard shot following a Watford corner but his shot clattered in to the onrushing Liverpool offense as they launched a counter attack. Read More »

GOP Senators Won't 'Let The American People Down' On O'Care Repeal

Some have speculated that if Republicans fail to get their ObamaCare repeal and replacement bill through the Senate, it could hurt many in the party who are up for reelection in 2018. House Republicans narrowly passed their plan to replace Obamacare on Thursday, calling it the American Health Care Act . Speaker Ryan himself in 2009 said during the healthcare debate that, "we shouldn't pass bills that we haven't read or know what they cost". Read More »

Trump praises Macron for 'big win' in France's election

And neither is Le Pen. In the meantime, National Front founder and Marine Le Pen's father, Jean-Marie le Pen, said that his daughter's position on the euro and pensions had harmed her campaign. Socialist Prime Minister Bernard Cazeneuze said France had chosen to retain its place at the heart of Europe . Macron and Le Pen topped the first round vote of the election on April 23, with 24.01 percent and 21.30 percent of votes, respectively. Read More »

Bigger battle looms after vote to repeal Obamacare

Aetna Inc. said it would pull out of Virginia's individual health insurance marketplace for 2018, according to news reports . "And what that means is with your health care you've got some assurances that, if you get really sick, you won't go bankrupt". Read More »