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May's top aides resign after UK election fiasco

Public opinion polls from 1982 suggest that Thatcher nearly surely would have won had she called an election that year. Almost 13 million people voted for us to do it. Senior Conservatives had reportedly made the resignations of Timothy and Hill a condition for supporting the prime minister's leadership in the new government. Read More »

The London attacks were almost much worse


Officers then appear to shoot the men, one of whom runs towards an officer who continues to shoot until the suspect hits the ground. The van was used to mow down the first victims, killing three of them, as it mounted the pavement on the busy bridge last Saturday night. Read More »

You can now watch Apple's full WWDC 2017 keynote on YouTube

Both are also up for sale on the Apple Store. If a person will order the new iPad Pro 2 online, that person can expect the new tablet to be delivered next week, Examiner reported. Not a computer for the average user, it's clearly aimed at design professionals, and this is made clear by the $5,000 price tag. Overall, the news is pretty much what we expected: Intel's components are the only major change here. Read More »

Why Apple's HomePod won't just collect dust on your shelf


Richard Windsor from Edison Investment Research said: " Apple has positioned this as something that the user buys for a high-quality audio experience with Siri coming as an added bonus". This smart speaker is definitely superior in terms of technology but if it does not give the user the liberty to collaborate the speaker with any other source of music, then it might lose its appeal in the market. Read More »

One more MP farmer dies, toll rises to six

Later, protests spread to some other parts of the state.Earlier on Saturday, Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan sat on an indefinite fast at Dussehra Maidan in Bhopal for "restoration of peace". "Besides, the state government's move to promote digital payment in place of cash for procuring produce from farmers in the mandis (markets) aggravated the woes of the cultivators", he said. Read More »

Election a disaster for PM May: Sturgeon


The Scottish Conservatives surpassed their expectations to win 13 seats. The Tories won the region of Angus from the SNP, previously among one of the nationalists' safer seats. While, in Scotland, Nicola Sturgeon's SNP suffered significant defeats. Ms Dugdale said the prime minister's decision to call a snap poll seven weeks ago had backfired. Read More »

IMac Pro vs iMac 2017: what's the difference?

The new iMac Pro has the same basic chassis as the current iMac range. The Mac Mini hasn't been updated in years and isn't really worth your consideration now. The MacBook Pro may be the star of the show this fall. The 455/555 is now the entry-level option in the £2,350 base model, replacing the significantly weaker Radeon Pro 450. Read More »

United Kingdom government agrees outline deal with DUP for support

A source within the DUP told The Telegraph : "We wouldn't agree with parts of the Conservative manifesto". The Conservatives are at 12 and the SNP is at two. "I don't want to be derogatory but I think she is a lame duck prime minister", he told BBC Radio. It is bad. She is in a very hard place. "This is flawless territory for the DUP because obviously if the Conservatives are just short of an overall majority it puts us in a very strong negotiating position". Read More »

Star Wars Battlefront II will hold its multiplayer beta in the fall


Whether it's video games, movies, tv, comics, or tech, you will likely find Kevin there. In addition, EA has stated that the game contains three times the content, featuring all Star Wars eras to play through in the multiplayer. For more on Battlefront , check out why we said Battlefront 2's multiplayer is bigger, better, and more emotional and why the single-player campaign isn't what we expected . Read More »

UK General Election Results Show Rejection of 'Hard Brexit'

Conservative lawmaker Anna Soubry said she should "consider her position", while another, Heidi Allen, said she may not last six months. "I am sorry for those candidates and hard-working party workers who weren't successful but also particularly sorry for those colleagues who were MPs or ministers who had contributed so much to our country and who lost their seats and didn't deserve to lose their seats". Read More »

Conservatives To Form Govt With DUP


But in one of the most sensational nights in British electoral history, a resurgent Labour Party denied her an outright win, throwing the country into political turmoil as no clear victor emerged. "I will now form a government that will lead Britain forward". But May, facing scorn for running a lackluster campaign, was determined to hang on. Read More »

Did Trump just say he'd testify under oath about Comey?


House and Senate investigators fired off a series of requests after former FBI Director James Comey's testimony , seeking memos of his private discussions with President Donald Trump and any records the White House kept of their discussion - including audio recordings. Read More »

Everything Apple Announced at WWDC, From $0 to $5000

And earlier this year, Cook said during an interview that AR could one day be as big as the iPhone. While Apple obviously chose to focus on iOS 11's key additions during its WWDC 2017 keynote presentation, there are also some things eliminated by iOS 11 that many users are bound to be upset about. Read More »

Warriors confident in ability to bounce back from Game 4 loss


This problem was not present a year ago because LeBron would just guard Harrison Barnes and be able to pace himself throughout the game without getting exhausted. However, Game 4 was a completely different story. Stephen Curry finally has his first field goal of Game 4. Almost taking both games at Quicken Loans Arena, they have the blueprint to upset the Warriors-get 30/10/10 from James, watch Kyrie Irving be a scoring machine and win the battle behind the three-point line. Read More »

Trump '100 Percent' Willing To Testify Under Oath About Comey Conversations


Trump denied unequivocally that he told Comey he hoped he would "let go" of the Michael Flynn investigation or asked Comey for a loyalty pledge, contrary to what Comey testified. "And I'm sure you all will be able to work it out with him to run it in parallel". Asked if he would speak to the issue under oath, Trump said: "100 percent". Read More »

Two thirds of Tory party members believe Theresa May should resign

It comes after a stunning series of gains for Mr Corbyn's party as the Conservatives lost their majority in a snap election that spectacularly backfired. The correct figures are 42.4 and 40 percent, respectively. On June 19, the first talks on Brexit is scheduled to happen and India would need to wait and watch what it's relation shapes like in the United Kingdom after the new government forms. Read More »

Britain's snap election backfires on Prime Minister Theresa May

Members of her Conservative party have warned May her days are numbered after calling Thursday's vote three years early, only to lose her parliamentary majority. Conservative supporters also said Brexit had been the most important factor in their decision, as did Liberal Democrat voters. She had spent the campaign denouncing Mr Corbyn as the weak leader of a spendthrift party that would crash Britain's economy and flounder in Brexit talks, while she would provide "strong and stable ... Read More »

Election result could see Tories lose mandate for hard Brexit - David Davis


If the exit poll is correct, Labour, led by veteran socialist Corbyn, could attempt to form a government with those smaller parties, which strongly oppose most of May's policies on domestic issues such as public spending cuts. In Brussels, home of the European Union, there was a mix of puzzlement, confusion and frustration over the chaos of British politics. "We were waiting for the election in Britain, but in the next few days these talks will begin". Read More »

'100 percent' willing to go under oath to refute Comey

Earlier Friday, Trump said via Twitter that Comey's testimony Thursday before the Senate Committee on Intelligence supported his statements. Comey's testimony was the most eagerly anticipated United States congressional hearing in years. " Over a fairly short period of time ", Trump repeated. Read More »

'100 per cent' willing to testify over Comey conversations: Donald Trump

The president said he was "Very, very happy, and, frankly, James Comey confirmed a lot of what I said , and some of the things that he said just weren't true". Recordings, of course, would be the ultimate proof, and Friday the House Intelligence Committee sent a letter to the White House Counsel's Office asking them to hand over all tapes , if they exist, within the next two weeks. Read More »

Kyrie Irving nets 40 points during Cavaliers' victory

The Cavaliers scratched, clawed and elbowed their way to a Game 4 137-116 win over the Warriors , leaving in their wake a trail of carnage, and - most importantly - denting the apparent invincibility of the Warriors by delivering the first loss of these playoffs to Golden State's locker room door. Read More »

May seen fighting for survival after election failure

The exit poll predicted the Conservatives would win 314 seats and the Labour Party 266, meaning no clear victor and a " hung parliament ". Analysts say May's electoral debacle could reopen what had seemed largely a closed debate - both with pro-EU members of Parliament trying to take advantage of the prime minister's weakness and Euro-skeptic government ministers threatening her if she dares water down a Brexit deal. Read More »

Apple adds Amazon Prime Video to Apple TV, "Toy Story" to Watch


Along with upgraded versions of iPad and Mac laptops, Apple unveiled an iMac Pro work station that had the computing built in behind the screen and was touted as the most powerful computer the company has ever made. Apple continues to improve the native Maps app in iOS 11 . It'll mute notifications, or there's an auto-response function you can use. Apple announced that Maps would offer lane guidance to drivers and GPS-based speed-limit information. Read More »

Amazon Open To Bringing Siri Onto The Echo


The new HomePod will be available in two colors i.e. "You should be able to tell 'Alexa, ask Siri X, '" said David Limp, senior vice president of devices at Amazon . Apple is launching a smart home speaker called HomePod to compete with the Amazon Echo and Google Home devices, the company revealed at its annual worldwide developer conference . Read More »

UK Conservative Party loses majority, prepares for hung parliament

With Conservatives losing the House of Commons majority, the Conservative Party will need to form a coalition with at least one other party or do deals to get laws through. The snap-election has also compromised Theresa May's vision of a so-called 'Hard Brexit . She had hoped to increase her party's majority in the Parliament which would strengthen her leadership. Read More »

Apple unveils HomePod, competition for Amazon Echo


Created to be optimised when used with an Apple Music subscription, Apple says HomePod can "provide deep knowledge of personal music preferences and tastes and helps users discover new music."By saying things "Hey Siri , I like this song", HomePod will work to learn the musical preferences of a user (including genres, moods and playlists) and music tastes shared across devices". Read More »

Intelligence Officials Won't Say If Trump Asked About Russia Probe


Some officials said they viewed the prospective appointment of Feinberg as an effort by the White House to put pressure on intelligence agencies to close ranks with the White House. But neither Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats nor NSA Director Admiral Michael Rogers would say anything about what Trump told them. ROGERS: I stand by my previous statement, sir. Read More »

Comey says Trump's lying, Trump says Comey's lying


Comey accused Trump of firing him to try to undermine the bureau's investigation into possible collusion between his 2016 presidential campaign team and Russian Federation. The former FBI director also appeared to confirm Trump's statements that, on three occasions, Comey told the president he was not personally under investigation with regard to Russian Federation. Read More »

Will Apple HomePod be victor?


Siri may have been the first virtual assistant , but Apple failed to turn it into a leader. Does it have a chance in the smart assistant speaker market? Apple also used its annual developer meeting - its largest ever with some 5,000-people attending - to announce the next version of its mobile operating system - iOS 11 - which will include a new setting for people who use their iPhone in the vehicle. Read More »

EU's Tusk warns Britain Brexit time tight, risk of no deal


Brussels had set June 19 as the start date for talks, but a series of key figures said that was now in doubt after UK Prime Minister Theresa May's gamble to increase her majority failed. Tusk tweeted: "We don't know when Brexit talks start". THE battle for Brexit was on last night as Theresa May's rivals claimed she had lost any mandate to take Britain out of the European Union single market. Read More »

Qatar says state news agency first hacked in April

Boyle is the author of "Destroying World Order: US Imperialism in the Middle East Before and After September 11". Secretary of State Rex Tillerson called on Arab nations on Friday to immediately ease their blockade on Qatar, warning that the Persian Gulf crisis is hindering USA efforts to fight the Islamic State group and other extremists in the Middle East. Read More »

Apple just unveiled an Amazon Echo competitor that's twice the price


At Apple's annual developer's conference on Monday - the same event where Jobs introduced Siri - the company's efforts to become an AI powerhouse were on display as executives launched a new standalone smart speaker and touted features meant to boost Siri's chops and to power AI applications on Apple products. Read More »