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British election's outcome may postpone Brexit - senator


The Labour leader, Jeremy Corbyn , was a pro-terrorist, hard-line left-winger who supported foreign communist governments like Cuba and was in constant danger of being dumped by moderates within his own party. "There is a very clear choice for people when they come to vote". "I was kind of hoping it would just go the way that the polls suggested it would and we could have a quiet life in Westminster but now it's going to be a bit of a mess". Read More »

DNC Fires Back at Hillary For "F***ing Bullshit" Data Complaints


U.S. President Donald Trump took a shot at Hillary Clinton on Twitter Wednesday night, and she retorted with a " covfefe " response. Hillary Clinton said on Wednesday that she has no plans to run for office again, but she plans to remain involved in civic life, particularly helping the Democrats' efforts to regain control of the House in 2018. Read More »

UK defense minister Fallon says government views on Brexit haven't changed

The Prime Minister explained that she is working towards a confidence and supply deal with the DUP which would provide stability and certainty for the United Kingdom going forward. The talks were in line with Mrs Foster's "commitment to explore how we might bring stability to the nation at this time of great challenge", her party said in a statement. Read More »

UK prime minister makes Cabinet appointments


May's office has said that the most senior Cabinet members - including Treasury chief Philip Hammond, Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson and Home Secretary Amber Rudd - will keep their jobs, but she is expected to shuffle the lower ranks of ministers. Read More »

Madhya Pradesh: CM Shivraj ends his fast


The farmers in western Madhya Pradesh, particularly Mandsaur and Dewas districts, have been protesting for a week now, demanding debt relief and better crop prices. Surjewala said after bloodying his hands with the lives of six farmers, has gone on a "bogus fast to pretend how serious they were about the farmers' plight but doing nothing to help them". Read More »

DUP backs deal to support Tory government

During a phone call, UK Prime Minister Theresa May and German Chancellor Angela Merkel confirmed there would be no change in the Brexit timetable and talks would begin in the coming weeks, the Spokesperson said. Former Finance Minister George Osborne, a rival who was sidelined by May past year when she took over from David Cameron, told the BBC: " Theresa May is a dead woman walking". Read More »

UK PM May seen fighting for survival after election failure


Without a majority, the government can not be assured of passing legislation and often has to rely on the support of other parties. The stunning outcome leaves May battling to unite different factions of her party and reliant on a handful of Northern Irish parliamentarians just nine days before Britain starts the tortuous process of negotiating its departure from the EU. Read More »

Bahrain foreign minister to visit Turkey amid gulf crisis

The crisis escalated further on Friday after Saudi Arabia , the UAE, Egypt and Bahrain released a list of 59 Qatari and Doha-based people and entities linked to "terrorism". Qatar's friends who retain a plausible chance at national leadership, in Libya and Yemen, may have the most to lose from the row. - Gaza's ruling Hamas said on Tuesday it is shocked by Saudi Arabia's call on Qatar to stop supporting the group. Read More »

Northern Ireland party agrees to May's minority government

There have been few clues as to how May might shake up her administration, but the Prime Minister, who campaigned under the mantra "strong and stable", announced that she would retain five key Cabinet ministers in their posts. But since the announcement, many have hit out at the PM for doing a deal with a party which opposes abortion, is against gay marriage and has links to terrorism. Read More »

N.Ireland's DUP says talks ongoing with PM May's Conservatives


A stream of Conservative lawmakers walked into 10 Downing St. on Sunday to learn if they had been promoted , demoted or kept in their posts. Former Chancellor George Osborne , who previously served in May's cabinet, said her position in the party was heavily weakened, telling the BBC she was a " dead woman walking". Read More »

May's top aides resign after United Kingdom election fiasco

In return for shoring up the Tory majority the party has demanded considerable more resources for Northern Ireland, more influence and involvement in trade deals. However, senior DUP figures made clear they were looking at a limited "confidence and supply" arrangement - rather than a more formal coalition - leading to some MPs to predict that there could another general election before the year is out. Read More »

With backs against the wall once again, Cavs find stride

Before Warriors fans get too anxious, they can't forget that they added a player since previous year that happens to be a former MVP, scoring champion, and the second-best player in the league, Kevin Durant . On this segment of Bay Area Sports Insiders , our crew discusses the Warriors needing to establish ball movement through Curry, how he can get involved in finishing plays, whether its reasonable to use him as a decoy and what Golden State expects from its superstar as it tries to ... Read More »

May to form government and will work with DUP


A snap survey conducted by the Conservative Home website revealed that 60 per cent of party members believe May should quit while just 37 per cent of the 1,500 members who took part said she should stay in her post. "As more results started to come through, it became clear that we were the party that had won most seats and most votes and felt it was incumbent on us at a critical time in our the country to form a government in the national interest", she said. Read More »

British PM Seeks Minority Government Following Election Losses


However, given the utter disaster that was last night's election , May could possibly resign as the leader of the party, ushering in a new prime minister. There had been speculation that Mr Hammond in particular would be vulnerable if the Prime Minister had been returned - as she had hoped - with an increased majority. Read More »

United Kingdom political landscape still very far from clear

Speaking just after the meeting, Mrs May said they will "work with allies at the Democratic Union Party" (DUP) to "come together as a country and to secure a Brexit deal that works for everyone". Then, the DUP campaigned on people wanting MPs who "answer to us - not the Tories". Meanwhile the SNP lost 21 seats, winning 35 seats and the Liberal Democrats, Democratic Unionist Party (#Dup) and Sinn Fein all increased the number of seats to 12 (+3), 10 (+2) and 7 (+3) respectively. Read More »

Donald Trump offers 'warm support' to Theresa May after poll setback


Given May's diminished state, many in the European Union are wondering how long she will be leading the country and - by extension - the Brexit negotiations. A previous version of this story incorrectly stated that the Conservative Party won 48.9 percent of the vote share while Labour won 40.3 percent in the June 8 general election. Read More »

What Exactly Is A Hung Parliament?

Never mind that she herself has offered few details about Brexit and what it will mean: May called this a "Brexit election", declared herself the "strong and stable" candidate, promised tough negotiations with Europe and clearly expected to win a larger majority. Read More »

Conservatives lead, but Labour gains big in British election, exit polls show


After a night of high drama across the country, May insisted her party was still in pole position to lead, despite falling short by eight seats and having to turn to Northern Ireland's Democratic Unionist Party for backing. Oettinger, a European Commission budget and human resources commissioner, expressed doubt about the talks starting as planned. " Time for everyone to regroup". Read More »

Death Toll In Tehran Attack Rises; Iranian Official Calls US Response 'Repugnant'


Some cried, while others chanted , "Death to Saudi Arabia", "Death to America" and "God is greatest". Authorities said the death count had risen to 17 and scores were wounded. He did not elaborate. In a condolence message posted Friday on his official website, Ayatollah Khamenei described the attack "a clear sign of the vicious grudge and enmity of arrogant mercenaries toward the dignified people of Iran, and toward everything that is related to the revolution, to the Islamic Republic, ... Read More »

Health care on Senate Republicans' Agenda

Susan Collins of ME, have explicitly said that they would like the GOP to pursue a comprehensive and bipartisan health care bill. At the meeting they reviewed legislative options with the goal of translating those into bill language that could be evaluated in the near future by the Congressional Budget Office . Read More »

May asks Queen to form new government

There was no need to call an election . The biggest victor was Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn . If May was right that her party's narrow majority impaired her ability to negotiate optimal terms for withdrawal from the European Union , it's hard to see how she (or another Conservative prime minister) wouldn't be at an even greater disadvantage negotiating on behalf of a minority government . Read More »

London police confirm eighth victim in deadly terrorist attack

The third attacker is named as Youssef Zaghba , a 22-year old Moroccan-Italian man. Like Butt and Redouane, he lived in east London . If confirmed, Thomas would be the eighth person killed in the vehicle and knife attack. Dozens of others were injured in what London Mayor Sadiq Khan called a "barbaric" attack. Pressure on May intensified when she faced a volley of questions over police cuts from journalists at a campaign event. Read More »

Trump Wanted Loyalty, Drop Flynn Investigation — Fired FBI Director

But a case for obstruction of justice may be building. Sessions will soon face questions from senators. He was direct and crisp in his answers, generally careful to avoid over- interpretation of the facts as he recalled them. The memo contained details of Comey's private conversations with Trump, in which the president allegedly asked for Comey's "loyalty". During his Congressional briefing organised by the powerful Senate Select Committee on Intelligence on Thursday, Comey confessed that ... Read More »

Trump's first press conference since Comey hearing


Obstruction of justice requires the attempt to halt an investigation with a corrupt intent. In 2008, the federal appeals court in St. Louis upheld a longer prison term after a judge determined that a defendant had obstructed justice when he told someone "I hope and pray to God you did not say anything about a weapon". Read More »

Germany prepared for Brexit negotiations - Merkel

But a dismal campaign has left the Prime Minister fending off a mutiny within her own party. The U.K. national election ended early this morning with no party claiming an outright majority of seats. Hogan, who is also a senior member of Ireland's ruling Fine Gael party, said the British election "clearly indicates that the notion of a hard Brexit has been rejected", Ireland's Sunday Business Post newspaper reported. Read More »

Theresa May is forming a minority government with support from the DUP


The DUP does support proponents of hard Brexit on the scrapping of the jurisdiction of the European Court of Justice, which is seen among some unionists as being more favourable to Irish nationalists than British courts. She is expected to announce ministerial appointments later on Friday. This is still on. The Mail On Sunday reported that Mr Johnson was preparing a leadership bid, with a close ally saying it was "go, go, go", adding: "We need Bojo". Read More »

Kansas legislators abandon Brownback's tax experiment

The override will also have long-term effects on the state's ability to fund public schools and maintain its roads. "I think we've taken a big step backwards", Brownback said in his speech Wednesday morning. Is it any wonder even a GOP-led state legislature chose to jump ship? "I'm going to mop it up", he said. The law establishes three tax brackets, with the lowest bracket paying 3.1 percent of income in taxes per year, those of the middle bracket paying 5.25 percent of their income ... Read More »

Trump Says He'd Testify That Comey Lied About Loyalty Demand

The tragedy performed by James Comey did more to sully his reputation, the Obama administration and the left-lurching media than our president. Trump also saluted the United States' relationship with Romania and praised its contribution to the global fight against terror. Read More »

White House: President Trump's tweets are 'official statements'

At several points during his testimony , Comey made comments about the president that Twitter users thought would warrant a response - but Trump remained quiet. "And hacking is a very hard thing to prove, so it could be somebody else". Fifty-three percent of Republicans, for example, said they believe the president uses the social media platform too often, while 41 to 32 percent said they think it hurts the news media. Read More »

President Trump said United Kingdom election results were 'surprising'


He said: "The REC will work hard over the coming days, weeks and months to build links with the new government and to make them aware of the positive contribution our industry makes to the United Kingdom economy and labour market". Ben Gummer, the official author of the manifesto, was one of those who lost his seat. Prime Minister Bohuslav Sobotka of the Czech Republic told Czech Television that "now it will be necessary to wait for who will form a government and what this ... Read More »