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Tentative deal struck between Theresa May and DUP to secure coalition


He's a professor of political science at Cardiff University in Wales. And he hinted at a shadow Cabinet comeback for big names such as Yvette Cooper and Chuka Umunna, saying: "Of course I'm going to reach out". The supposed loser, Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn , savored a surprisingly strong result and basked in the adulation of an energized, youthful base. Read More »

Apple unveils its most powerful iMac

This is all about the new iMac Pro which is introduced by Apple in the WWDC 2017 . The tablets now feature what Apple calls the world's most advanced display with ProMotion technology and new A10X Fusion chip to immensely boost performance. Read More »

Are there Trump tapes? Congress is asking, and it may issue subpoenas

Franken, " Leahy said following Comey's Thursday Senate testimony . There was "no collusion, no obstruction" of justice, Trump said , adding that Comey is "a leaker". The president's outside legal team is being led by a longtime Trump attorney, Marc Kasowitz. Comey and Mueller had worked together during the George W. Read More »

Theresa May to form government with help of Democratic Unionist party


The change was unlikely to significantly quell unrest within the party. The prime minister has vowed to pull Britain out of Europe's single market in order to end mass migration from the bloc, despite fears of the economic impact. If some Conservative MPs desert the party on key votes than May's plans would be left in tatters. May's only hope of forming a government is to win support from Northern Ireland's Democratic Unionist Party , which won 10 seats. Read More »

Merkel urges speedy Brexit talks after United Kingdom vote


It now holds 318 seats. British Prime Minister Theresa May was facing reports of deep disquiet in her Conservative party Saturday following an election that severely dented her parliamentary clout. Organisers from Stand Up To Racism and the Stop The War Coalition spoke to the crowd, who cheered at the mention of the Labour leader's name. European Council President Donald Tusk has warned there was "no time to lose" in starting talks, after May started the two-year countdown to Brexit on ... Read More »

Donald Trump says James Comey's 'leaks' are more prevalent

Kasowitz said Trump "never, in form or substance" directed Comey to halt a probe into Flynn, who was being investigated for his contacts with Russian officials before Trump's January 20 inauguration. Sekulow suggested that Trump may take up the matter next week. " Lordy, I hope there are tapes ". PIRRO: That can't be the reason that it's based on a tweet when The New York Times had it. Read More »

Hawaii Rebuffs Trump by Enacting Laws Supporting Paris Agreement


However, Ige has been the only one to put his words into action. And Comey confirms earlier reports, which sources had confirmed to NPR , about his solo Oval Office conversation on February 14 with Trump the day after Flynn had been asked to resign after he misled Vice President Pence about his conversations with the Russian ambassador during the transition. Read More »

Theresa May to carry on as British PM


She called the election early with the aim of shoring up support for the Conservatives ahead of the country's crucial Brexit negotiations, but the move has clearly backfired. on Friday so that election officials could go home and rest. "Nearly 13 million people voted for us to do it". They want more money for their people. Read More »

May failed to get the mandate she sought

Still, it appears that Theresa May is intent on establishing a new government . Instead, the result has sown confusion and division in British ranks, just days before negotiations are due to start on June 19. DUP Leader Arlene Foster recently denied the party was homophobic. Ms Davidson has already u-turned on a u-turn and said that the Tories need to pursue a set of arrangements with the European Union that looks very much like a "soft" Brexit. Read More »

May brings back foe, aiming to unite party before Brexit


In an apparent side-swipe at a hook-up with the DUP , a party which strongly opposes marriage equality, Scottish Tory leader Ruth Davidson tweeted a link to a speech she made in Belfast in support of same-sex marriage. Perhaps it is appropriate that the proposals that did so much damage to May during her campaign will have to be ditched if she is to cling on even for a few weeks. Read More »

Theresa May's two key aides quit following election


British newspapers have a history of openly supporting political parties, but those who backed the Conservative Party before Thursday's election appeared to have abandoned Prime Minister Theresa May after her gamble backfired and the Tories were forced to form a minority government. Read More »

Pound dives as UK plunges into new period of uncertainty

Under the terms of the Lisbon Treaty, which governs the timetable for any country leaving the 28 member bloc, talks must be completed within two years. "We don't know when Brexit talks start", European Council President Donald Tusk tweeted Friday as the election results became clear. If sterling continues to weaken, expect gains for industries that rely on sales overseas, such as healthcare and materials, and losses for real estate, utilities and consumer durables, Pierre Martin, a trader at ... Read More »

Iran says it has killed mastermind of twin attacks


In 1981, a bomb planted by an Iranian opposition group in Tehran killed 27 Iranian members of parliament and dozens of other officials. Iran's Intelligence Ministry said Thursday it will soon release the names and pictures of the gunmen involved in the terrorist attacks , all of whom were killed on Wednesday, Tasnim reported. Read More »

DUP agrees principles to back UK Conservatives


Davidson urged Saturday the party to rethink its hard Brexit plans and raised the prospect of her new group of 13 Scottish Tory lawmakers torpedoing any parliamentary vote for a deal that would leave Britain outside the Single Market. It also asked for "constitutional stability for Northern Ireland", an apparent reference to efforts by Irish nationalists to seek a referendum on splitting from the United Kingdom and joining the Irish Republic. Read More »

Theresa May plans to seek permission from Queen to form a government


And dreams of an independent Scotland from Scottish nationalists have been shattered. The talks were set to officially begin on June 19. Above all, investors are anxious about the general uncertainty surrounding the country - whether a bruised May will be able to govern effectively or whether she may eventually resign. Read More »

New UK election only alternative to deal with DUP

The result also prompted criticism of May from within her own ranks as well as from the Opposition. The moves buy May a temporary reprieve. Earlier, Mrs May announced that she meant to carry on in No 10 at the head of a minority government with the support of the Democratic Unionists (DUP) after falling eight seats short of an overall majority. Read More »

Youssef Zaghba named as third London attacker


The two main candidates for prime minister - the incumbent, May, and the challenger, Jeremy Corbyn - traded barbs Monday over how security services can better protect the public after three mass-casualty attacks in as many months. A supporter of Arsenal football club, whose shirt he was wearing during the attack, Butt was known to the police and MI5, which had opened an investigation into him in 2015, according to a report in The Guardian. Read More »

Britain's May seeks deal to cling to power

Former Conservative finance minister George Osborne, sacked by May when she became prime minister previous year, told the BBC: "Theresa May is a dead woman walking". The alliance makes some modernizing Conservatives uneasy. Many critics, including Scottish Conservative leader Ruth Davidson, have expressed concerns over the DUP's stances on gay marriage and abortion, among other issues. Read More »

Anti-Islamic law, Muslim demonstrators gather in Connecticut


A series of anti-Muslim demonstrations across the United States drew even more boisterous counter-protests on Saturday, with police using tear gas to disperse crowds in some cities. Marches against Islamic law are being held in more than two dozen cities across the country including in Austin. That's not what people in the counter-protest believe. Read More »

India win toss and bowling first vs SAfrica in Champs Trophy


And they had only themselves to be blamed following a series of catastrophic calls between the wickets . "I think two games have gone really well". But once a few wickets fell, they failed to sustain the pressure, and against India , they withdrew from that tactic. "It was an important game for us". Read More »

Mexico beats Honduras 3-0 in World Cup qualifier

This one's a tough call due to multiple factors. While the "America!" crowd will love his confidence, and while his talent can single-handedly win games against even the best teams, Pulisic would do well to settle into the game and help his side pick up any points possible. Read More »

May clings to power despite election fail

After Thursday's vote, May's Conservative Party still has the largest number of lawmakers, but lacks a parliamentary majority. "Theresa May is a dead woman walking". Meanwhile, Black Country LEP board member Ninder Johal said the result was concerning for businesses in the region. The exact contours of a potential Conservative-DUP deal were not yet known. Read More »

Theresa May to 'reflect' after disastrous election result

A snap survey conducted by the Conservative Home website revealed that 60 per cent of party members believe May should quit while just 37 per cent of the 1,500 members who took part said she should stay in her post. But EU Council President Donald Tusk said: "We know when they must end". "We want there to be a government". "With a weak negotiating partner, there's the danger that the negotiations will turn out badly for both sides..." There was little sympathy for May from some ... Read More »

British election's outcome may postpone Brexit - senator


The Labour leader, Jeremy Corbyn , was a pro-terrorist, hard-line left-winger who supported foreign communist governments like Cuba and was in constant danger of being dumped by moderates within his own party. "There is a very clear choice for people when they come to vote". "I was kind of hoping it would just go the way that the polls suggested it would and we could have a quiet life in Westminster but now it's going to be a bit of a mess". Read More »

DNC Fires Back at Hillary For "F***ing Bullshit" Data Complaints


U.S. President Donald Trump took a shot at Hillary Clinton on Twitter Wednesday night, and she retorted with a " covfefe " response. Hillary Clinton said on Wednesday that she has no plans to run for office again, but she plans to remain involved in civic life, particularly helping the Democrats' efforts to regain control of the House in 2018. Read More »

UK defense minister Fallon says government views on Brexit haven't changed

The Prime Minister explained that she is working towards a confidence and supply deal with the DUP which would provide stability and certainty for the United Kingdom going forward. The talks were in line with Mrs Foster's "commitment to explore how we might bring stability to the nation at this time of great challenge", her party said in a statement. Read More »

UK prime minister makes Cabinet appointments


May's office has said that the most senior Cabinet members - including Treasury chief Philip Hammond, Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson and Home Secretary Amber Rudd - will keep their jobs, but she is expected to shuffle the lower ranks of ministers. Read More »

Madhya Pradesh: CM Shivraj ends his fast


The farmers in western Madhya Pradesh, particularly Mandsaur and Dewas districts, have been protesting for a week now, demanding debt relief and better crop prices. Surjewala said after bloodying his hands with the lives of six farmers, has gone on a "bogus fast to pretend how serious they were about the farmers' plight but doing nothing to help them". Read More »

DUP backs deal to support Tory government

During a phone call, UK Prime Minister Theresa May and German Chancellor Angela Merkel confirmed there would be no change in the Brexit timetable and talks would begin in the coming weeks, the Spokesperson said. Former Finance Minister George Osborne, a rival who was sidelined by May past year when she took over from David Cameron, told the BBC: " Theresa May is a dead woman walking". Read More »

UK PM May seen fighting for survival after election failure


Without a majority, the government can not be assured of passing legislation and often has to rely on the support of other parties. The stunning outcome leaves May battling to unite different factions of her party and reliant on a handful of Northern Irish parliamentarians just nine days before Britain starts the tortuous process of negotiating its departure from the EU. Read More »