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S. Koreans want new leader to create jobs minus corruption


Seoul had ordered it closed after Pyongyang defied global warnings and tested a long-range rocket. Moon Jae-in of the liberal Democratic Party is out in front of his rivals. "We want to be in the driver's seat". But he acknowledged the next administration would inherit "some very bad circumstances" that would make it hard to simply revert to the engagement policies of previous liberal presidents Kim Dae-jung and Roh Moo-hyun, who served from 1998 to 2008. Read More »

Israel says Palestinian hunger strike leader ate in secret

Lauder's confidence on the matter certainly is raising eyebrows. The incident on Sunday was the latest in a 19-month-long period of sporadic street attacks by Palestinians against Israelis, and the bustling Damascus Gate entrance to Jerusalem's walled Old City where it occurred has seen many attacks. Read More »

Emmanuel Macron wins French Presidential election


Macron reached out to Le Pen's supporters in a plea for unity after a vicious election campaign that exposed deep economic and social divisions, as well as tensions provoked by identity and immigration. Le Pen credited herself with upsetting the French political landscape, creating a divide "between patriots and globalists". If confirmed, that would be double the score of her father, National Front co-founder Jean-Marie Le Pen, at the same stage in the 2002 presidential election. Read More »

Tokyo stocks head for 17-month high after Macron win


But although the margin of Mr Macron's electoral victory was bigger than initially predicted - he defeated Ms Marine Le Pen, the leader of the far-right, anti-immigrant National Front by a whopping 66.06 per cent majority on Sunday - a closer look at his success indicates that he will find it very hard to heal France's political divisions. Read More »

Microsoft offers free Windows 10 Pro upgrade to Surface Laptop buyers

Windows 10 Pro is due out this summer. In addition to using that information to resolve issues with the Creators Update, the company will also work to fine-tune future rollouts, he added. This new version of OS (Operating System) by Microsoft was also launched at the same event. According to Microsoft, it'll boot in just 15 seconds, and offer far more battery life than Windows 10 now chews. Read More »

Here's how House GOP's health care bill hits the homefront

And that was in a chamber Republicans control 238-193. The issue is tax credits and how they do or don't apply to veterans under Obamacare, which Republicans want to repeal and replace. In the same interview with the Post , Trump said the GOP plan would have "much lower deductibles". Rob Portman (R-OH), whose state has been among the hardest hit, said Thursday in a statement that he opposed the House's bill because he feared its Medicaid rollback would affect treatment for drug abuse. Read More »

Trump Congratulates Macron on Winning French Presidential Election

Despite Le Pen's resounding defeat, her National Front still got a record amount of support, illustrating how her anti-immigrant ideals have gone from the fringe to being relatively mainstream in French society. "We congratulate President-elect Macron and the people of France on their successful presidential election", White House press secretary Sean Spicer said Sunday. Read More »

Suspect in Texas university stabbings to be charged with murder


Soon after the stabbing, there were rumors of another person with a knife running through West Campus, a nearby residential area, but Austin police said they were not credible and there were no ongoing threats. The attack happened a week before finals. "His motivation, obviously what is going through his mind, I can't answer that at this time", Carter said. Read More »

Kejriwal crying foul over EVMs fearing failure: BJP


The civic polls came after AAP's plan to expand its base beyond Delhi in the recent assembly elections failed. He also said some people with voter slips were not being allowed to vote and questioned the role of the State Election Commission (SEC). Read More »

Microsoft Windows 10 S wants you to stick to its default browser

For many Microsoft enthusiasts, the laptop is the computer the company should have made long ago. Maybe the Windows 10 S ecosystem is best for students who use their computers for word processing and simple internet browsing. A major selling point for Windows 10 S is that it is restricted not only to dedicated hardware but also in terms of software. This could count as a major drawback for the baby Windows 10. Read More »

This is why insurance companies don't cover pre-existing conditions

Sen. Jack Reed slammed House Republicans for voting on the bill before the Congressional Budget Office could calculate federal costs. His choice? He got rid of the rock on the right: mostly Freedom Caucus members. Yet the Senate, unhappy with the bill the House came up with, plans to completely rewrite their own piece of legislation. Instead of the Obamacare subsidies that are tied to income and premiums, the GOP plan would provide Americans with refundable tax credits based mainly on age ... Read More »

Roundly defeated, Le Pen promises extreme-right renewal


Macron's team said the hack aimed to destabilize the vote. Despite his historic win, Macron has failed to achieve the more important goal of keeping Le Pen below the 30% level that now leaves her as the principal leader of the French opposition. Read More »

Obama calls for courage on opposing health bill


No one deserves to pay more for health due to their gender or because of where they live. The version of Trumpcare (formally titled the American Health Care Act) that just passed the House offers an estimated $600 billion in tax cuts to wealthy individuals and insurance companies by making healthcare coverage newly unaffordable to millions of low- and middle-income Americans. Read More »

Victorious Macron vows to fight French divisions


Macron will also need to tackle the fallout from a hacking attack on Friday, the final day of campaigning, when a trove of documents relating to his campaign, said to include both genuine and fake documents, was released online. This may be the one real meaning of this election for Americans and Europeans struggling desperately to cope with the "new populism". "I'm so happy, it feels so good!" But in a once-unimaginable scenario, Emmanuel Macron - at 39, the boy wonder of an aging ... Read More »

Koreans want new leader to create jobs minus corruption

Front runner Moon Jae-in, of the leftist Democratic Party, has his own dance troupes. In the banquet room of a high-rise hotel in Seoul last week, North Korean escapees sang the South Korean national anthem, and pledged allegiance to the South's flag. Read More »

IN NUMBERS: How the French voted (and how they didn't)

While Macron's win had been widely anticipated, the election had cast a long shadow over the continent as the defeated candidate, the far-right Marine Le Pen, had wanted France to exit the 28-nation European Union , with potentially catastrophic consequences for the region and its euro currency. Read More »

United States ex-officer pleads guilty for killing black motorist

Federal and state prosecutors can also withdraw from the plea agreement if Slager breaks any other federal or state law or any other provision of the agreement, "express or implied". The agreement states federal prosecutors will dismiss the remaining counts of the indictment and not file any additional charges against him arising out of the facts forming the basis for the crimes charged in the indictment. Read More »

Warriors aim to complete sweep of Jazz

The Warriors react after their tough road win in Utah. Golden State took a 3-0 lead in their Western Conference semi-finals series. Golden State are at their best when the ball moves crisply around the court and player movement is active. Read More »

Trump, Hollywood React as Macron Wins French Election

Prime Minister Narendra Modi congratulated French President-elect Emmanuel Macron for his "emphatic" win in the country's presidential election. But after the vote, he also noted that divisions in French society drove people to " vote to the extreme ". Read More »

Bill O'Reilly Breaks His Silence with Podcast

O'Reilly has said his fame made him a target and he made payments to protect his children. "He set a high bar". Carlson's program then proceeded to follow a template of the exact same demonizing, disingenuous rhetoric that has characterized his style for years and Fox News' strategy for decades. Read More »

Tom Price defends Medicaid cuts in new health care bill

The same could be said about the Republicans' plan to give people health care "choices". Topping the list is the overturn of the individual mandate that requires employers with 50 employers or more to provide health care or pay penalties. Then remember, as Paul Kane noted in The Post , that the GOP "viewed the measure as a necessary step to demonstrate some sense of momentum and some ability to govern in GOP-controlled Washington. Read More »

Le Pen's niece says FN failed to convince voters on euro

Even though he is an unknown quantity to some extent, the win brought huge relief to European allies who had feared another anti-globalisation electoral result to follow Britain's vote to quit the EU and Donald Trump's election as USA president. Read More »

Trump's FCC chairman announces plans to abandon net neutrality enforcement

If the FCC's 2015 Open Internet order is reversed, the net neutrality rules prohibiting the blocking and throttling of content as well as paid prioritization would be nullified. The giants of the industry, however, had mostly maintained a silence, at best only offering general statements of support for net neutrality . If left in place, however, the Title II rules could harm the commercial internet, which Pai described as "one of the most incredible free market innovations in history". Read More »

"Je me battrai contre les divisions qui nous minent" — Macron élu président


L'euro s'affichait en hausse face aux principales devises lundi matin en Asie, après l'élection du candidat libéral et pro-européen Emmanuel Macron à la présidence française face à la candidate d'extrême droite Marine Le Pen. Son alliance avec Nicolas Dupont-Aignan n'a sans doute pas eu les effets escomptés dans les urnes. La montée de Jean-Luc Mélenchon dans les sondages sur les intentions au vote à quelques semaines du premier tour avait carrément relancé le suspense dans la ... Read More »

"Get the f*** off the court!" - Kevin Durant to Jazz mascot

They cover for each other so well. They know what it is like to win a championship. A barrier they struggled against last season and who's to say they won't, at least, wobble again. There wasn't much the Jazz could do to contend a flurry of turnaround fadeaways, drives to the basket and a pair of 3s. KEEP AN EYE ON: The Warriors' efficiency. Read More »

Two US Service Members Killed In Nangarhar


Two Americans have been killed in a raid in Afghanistan against Islamic State group militants, the Pentagon has confirmed. With " Operation Mansouri ", named after the Taliban leader killed in a 2016 USA drone strike, the Taliban apparently were looking to regain lost ground. Read More »

OnePlus 5 screenshot leaks showing 8GB RAM; Summer launch confirmed


While past leaks talk about the rear of OnePlus 5 sporting two cameras , a recent design sketch suggests selfie dual cameras . Yes, the company has reportedly chose to skip the number 4 and jumped onto 5. Put the two together, and one would assume that the phone's Chinese variant will offer a whole lot of RAM . The listing further mentions that the expected shipping timeframe of the OnePlus 5 is in the "beginning of June" this year. Read More »

Pakistan, Afghanistan start joint survey after border clash

The clashes marked the latest round of escalation of border tensions between the two countries, which often accuse each other of sheltering terrorists who launch deadly cross- border attacks on each other's soils. Maj. Gen. Anjum said four or five checkposts were also destroyed when Pakistani border guards retaliated to the cross-border attack. Among the Afghan wounded were 23 civilians. Read More »

McConnell: GOP Healthcare Bill Will Be Simple Majority Vote in Senate

McConnell plans to move forward under special procedures that allow legislation to pass with a simple majority vote, instead of the 60 usually required for major bills in the Senate. Her open seat in Miami is considered a prime pick-up opportunity for Democrats. The CBO concluded after reviewing an earlier version of the House bill that an estimated 24 million consumers would lose coverage over 10 years. Read More »

Raptors look to eliminate underdog Bucks after early series struggles

Game 1 tips off Monday night in Cleveland. It was the second straight win by the Spurs over the Grizzlies in the first round. That was a different kind of series where we had to get out of our comfort zone to beat them. The Bucks hacked furiously at the lead, largely by turning the Raps over, then capitalizing. Spurs coach Gregg Popovich said Memphis was a good test and now his team is better prepared to go on a long postseason run. Read More »

The Future Of The GOP Health Care Plan

The House bill halts the expansion, in addition to cutting federal spending on the program. And some of those high peaks of self-regard in the Senate are going to be calculating that they have to oppose anything that is not straight repeal. Read More »