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Free 4K Game Updates For Xbox One X Confirmed

Indeed, Greenberg stated that he was "proud" that the Xbox One X would be available at that price. The company said the Xbox One X also features a "liquid-cooled vapor chamber". The ones for the Windows 10 are in fact Xbox Play Anywhere games. What helps sell every console, of course, is the games that are coming with it and Microsoft is boasting a strong 22 " console launch exclusives ". Read More »

UK PM May said wants broader consensus on Brexit plan


British Prime Minister Theresa May's future was hanging in the balance Monday as she prepared for a showdown with angry MPs from her Conservative party following its disastrous performance in last week's election. Nicky Morgan, one of the most ardent pro-EU voices among Conservatives, agreed. "A broader backing for Brexit has to be built and I think she recognizes that", the MP said after the meeting. Read More »

Mattis blames Congress for poor state of US combat readiness


The Afghan government was assessed by the US military to control or influence just 59.7 percent of Afghanistan's 407 districts as of February 20, a almost 11 percentage-point decrease from the same time in 2016, according to data released by the US Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction. Read More »

'Wonder Woman' has biggest opening ever for a female director

As of writing, Wonder Woman now has a domestic total of $129.4 Million, having added an extra $26.15 Million on Monday and Tuesday. So Wonder Woman is out, and it's kind of a big deal. But the question is, will Patty Jenkins return for the sequel? What's great about Wonder Woman as a character and a concept is that she is an outsider who is experiencing our society for the first time. Read More »

Appears to confirm Comey's testimony on Flynn investigation

Donald Trump has blasted the former director of the FBI as a "coward" shortly after he testified as to why he was sacked during the Russian Federation investigation. MARTIN: So I think it is fair to say that there was nearly a Super Bowl-type feeling in Washington on Thursday. "James Comey better hope that there are no "tapes" of our conversations before he starts leaking to the press", tweeted Trump , following a New York Times report last month. Read More »

Virginia Democrats vying to be face of Trump resistance


Absentee ballot applications are up significantly as compared to previous gubernatorial elections, which could indicate a higher than usual overall turnout . The Democratic contenders for lieutenant governor are former federal prosecutors Justin Fairfax and Gene Rossi, and political consultant Susan Pratt. Read More »

Trump to host new South Korean president at White House


The South Korean military said it had assessed that the drone took the photos at an altitude of around two to three km, but added that the photos of the two launchers and radar appeared blurred when enlarged. However the expert pointed out that the greater threat is that North Korea has also developed miniaturized nuclear warheads that can be mounted not only on ICBMs but on most of its ballistic missiles. Read More »

Britain's May to face party lawmakers after election disaster

A chastened Prime Minister Theresa May made progress Tuesday in securing a deal with a small Northern Ireland party with whom she hopes to govern, just days after a catastrophic election wiped out her majority in Parliament. For months after Brexit, polls consistently showed the Conservative Party's popularity increase, as opposed to Jeremy Corbyn's Labour Party, which was steadily declining. Read More »

Attorney General Sessions To Give Public Testimony On Russia Investigation


Sessions stepped aside in March from the federal investigation into contacts between Russia and the campaign after acknowledging that he had met twice a year ago with the Russian ambassador to the U.S. MARTIN: Jeff Sessions was supposed to be testifying this week about the Justice Department budget. "I knew there might come a day when I needed a record of what happened", he said , adding he never felt the need to document his meetings with former Presidents Barack Obama and George W. Read More »

How Long Does the iOS 11 Beta Take to Install?


The consensus seems to be that the new iPad Pro has made a big step forward in the tablet category, but is a bit pricey for the average user. Want to downgrade and restore iOS 10.3.2 on your iPhone, iPad or iPod after downloading the latest Apple iOS 11 beta? There's even a dedicated spot for their recent files . Read More »

Gerry Adams: Tories and DUP a 'coalition for chaos'

At one of its most important moments in its history, the country is rudderless and facing a constitutional crisis. But the DUP is now negotiating an imminent deal with British Prime Minister Theresa May , who is reeling from the loss of a parliamentary majority in last week's election, and hoping to secure the DUP's backing to remain in power. Read More »

Sessions to face sharp questions on Russia contacts


The difference is Sessions still works for President Donald Trump , and he has a lot more to lose. Senators will challenge Sessions on issues raised by Comey's testimony, about his own behavior, new questions about his meetings with Russian officials and possibly his apparently tense relations with Trump . Read More »

North Korea 'not far away' from test-firing ICBM

North Korea appears to have launched multiple anti-ship missiles Thursday. The official Rodong Sinmun daily said "recent strategic weapon tests have proved" that "anywhere in the U.S." is within the North's missile range. The launch of the ground-based interceptor last week was the first since a test that the Missile Defense Agency called a success in June 2014 - after two that failed in 2010. Read More »

2D Metroid revealed for 3DS

While most E3 conferences major focus was on their upcoming video games, Nintendo also introduced new emoji's to accompany some of those announcements. Watch the new trailer below... It didn't make the cut for the presentation, but Nintendo also revealed Metroid: Samus Returns-a remake of 1991 Game Boy entry Metroid II: Return of Samus-for Nintendo 3DS. Read More »

Super Mario Odyssey is a very weird Mario game


Exclusive Battle-Cars and Customization items will also be available, including Mario and Luigi hat toppers to decorate your vehicle, with additional details to be announced later this year . So far, we know nothing about the game. A new Yoshi platformer was revealed for next year, which is sure to help boost the Nintendo Switch lineup of games. Read More »

Record champion Nadal in French Open

It is his most convincing final win since allowing Roger Federer just four games in the 2008 final. And Toni insisted that going into the final, he was confident that Nadal would continue his impressive return to tennis court and sweep the French Open title as well. Read More »

Top 8 lines from Jeff Sessions' hearing

Sessions also quickly addressed his February conversation with Comey during which the former Federal Bureau of Investigation director said he asked the attorney general to prevent any future direct communication between him and the president. Read More »

Attorney General Sessions' testimony will be public


If you go back to Comey's testimony of last week , he was asked why the Federal Bureau of Investigation leadership had not briefed Sessions on some of the conversations that Comey had with President Trump . "I appointed him . I stand by that decision". Ruddy never spoke to the President regarding this issue. The Washington Post also recently reported that Sessions offered to Trump to resign, in part over Trump's frustration that Sessions stepped aside from the Russian ... Read More »

Fresh questions for Sessions _ and he'll answer in public

On "Face the Nation" Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer ran through the questions he wants answered by the attorney general. Trump supporters have insisted that the president did nothing wrong, since there is nothing wrong with expressing "hope". Read More »

Puerto Ricans - But Not A Lot Of Them - Voted For Statehood

More than 97 percent of Puerto Ricans who cast ballots in the non-binding plebiscite chose statehood. Almost half a million Puerto Ricans have moved to the US mainland in the past decade to find a more affordable cost of living or jobs as the island of 3.4 million people struggles with a 12 percent unemployment rate. Read More »

Qatar to use Oman ports to bypass Gulf blockade

According to Iran's Press TV a recent visit by U.S President Donald Trump to Riyadh , where he called on Arab countries to "isolate" governments supporting " terrorism " as well as Iran, is believed to have emboldened the Saudi rulers to pursue their policies more aggressively, including by assailing Qatar. Read More »

Election 2017: What you want to know about the result

Facing demands to quit after her electoral gamble failed, Ms. The part Mr Timothy and Ms Hill played in the General Election has been severely criticised by disgruntled Tories. The Scottish National Party of First Minister Nicola Sturgeon, which has dominated politics north of the border for a decade and called for a new independence vote after Brexit, lost 21 of the 56 seats it won in 2015. Read More »

United Kingdom opposition Labour Party says will seek to form minority government


With counting still underway, the Conservatives have 315, but as there are only a handful of constituencies left to declare, there is no way Theresa May's party will meet the majority threshold. The party's former leader Peter Robinson, for example, was an active member of the terror group. The party is also flag-wavingly unionist. "The British and Irish governments are the mediators between the Unionists and the Nationalists", he said. Read More »

British PM says she takes responsibility for election result


Alastair Campbell is one of a number of Labour figures and MPs who slammed Theresa May for negotiating with the socially conservative party , on Thursday accusing the Prime Minister of making "a sordid, unsafe distasteful deal" which puts peace in Northern Ireland "at risk". Read More »

Boris Johnson calling for end to blockade of Qatar

Qatar denies the allegations. Those attacks, which left at least 12 people dead, were claimed by ISIS. Oman helped broker the Iran nuclear deal with the U.S. These include banning Qatar Airways from using their airspace, and Saudi Arabia also revoked Qatar Airways' licence to operate out of the kingdom. In an interview with Al-Jazeera English, Baker also came down hard on US President Donald Trump , whose country has been a longtime ally of Qatar. Read More »

Sony Announces Spider-Man Release Year, Watch New Gameplay Trailer Here

In terms of new titles announced , Capcom revealed that Monster Hunter Worlds is coming to PS4 . It is the first Uncharted game to not feature Nathan Drake as the headliner. PlayStation plans to expand services, software, and virtual reality offerings, he said. Prior to that series, I had lost all hope for Marvel/D.C. -inspired titles, plagued with painful memories of titles such as Iron Man and Superman Returns . Read More »

Theresa May now needs to deliver on Brexit or leave

May's gamble that she could capitalise on Britons' desire to quit the European Union and perceived weakness in the opposition Labour Party backfired on Thursday as voters stripped her of her parliamentary majority. The result has demolished May's political authority, and she has also lost her two top aides, sacrificed in a bid to save their leader from being toppled by a furious Conservative Party. Read More »

May's fate as Prime Minister hangs in the balance


Just ten days before the negotiations with European Union leaders over Brexit are due to begin, a surge of support for Jeremy Corbyn's Labour party has seen the prime minister inadvertently throw away her entire majority . Asked if she is now just a caretaker leader, May noted that "I said during the election campaign that if elected I would intend to serve a full term". Read More »

Trump's Comey claims contradicted by president's own son


I'm not going to say I want you to pledge allegiance. He also said Trump wanted him to back off on the FBI investigation of his former national security adviser, Michael Flynn. "I'm very anxious about his fitness". Senate Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer of NY also called on Trump to release any tapes, and also invited the president to testify under oath before the Senate, as he offered to do. Read More »

Brexit minister Davis says UK could still walk away with no deal

But Brussels officials have indicated that the date is not set in stone, meaning it could be delayed to take account of any change in the UK Government. "The EU stands ready to begin negotiations". The Conservatives stay the party of government, but a small margin of victory means the election result forces them to rethink their Brexit strategy. Read More »