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Cavaliers part ways with GM David Griffin

When Gilbert took control as Cavs majority owner in 2005, he hired Danny Ferry as general manager . Those attributes have made him a billionaire businessman, a tough boss to please and the reason why the Cavaliers are in a current state of chaos. Read More »

India will learn from final defeat, says skipper Kohli


Having done justice to their reputation of being the most unpredictable team in the game, Pakistan stunned the cricket world by handing their arch-rivals India a 180-run thumping in the title-decider at The Oval on Sunday. It was Pakistan's first worldwide 50-over trophy since winning the 1992 World Cup. In the final, Inzamam chipped in with a vital 42 off 35 balls. Read More »

UK police: 58 confirmed or presumed dead after London blaze

Commander Cundy warned that identifying bodies may be a very lengthy process because of the nearly "indescribable" conditions within the scorched remains of Grenfell Tower. Protestors have called for her resignation, and she admits that the response should have been better in the initial hours after the 24-floor building was set ablaze. Read More »

Iran Launches Missiles Into Eastern Syria


The announcement came days after UNICEF appointed its newest Goodwill Ambassador, Syrian Muzoon Almellehan, 19, the first person with official refugee status to become an Ambassador for UNICEF. Rahimi, a member of the parliamentary committee on National Security and Foreign Policy, recalled that the IRGC had warned that those terrorist attacks in Tehran would not go unanswered. Read More »

Trump's lawyer denies he's being investigated

America is edging ever closer to a new long, national nightmare, given President Donald Trump's explosive response to signs that special counsel Robert Mueller is approaching the epicenter of White House power. 2 job at the NSA. On " Face The Nation " on CBS, Sekulow clarified that he's so confident that there isn't any investigation into the president because they have not received any notification from the special counsel's office. Read More »

Half-staff flags, bells mark 1 year since Pulse massacre


All Things Considered host Ari Shapiro traveled to Orlando a year ago after the shooting; last week he returned to talk to survivors and others about their recovery. Outside Pulse, hundreds of people dropped off flowers, drawings and cards. The fence has been decorated with vibrantly-colored banners. People dressed in white angel costumes surrounded the club Monday. Read More »

Pregnant woman shot dead by officers after police say she brandished knife

They also questioned why other non-lethal methods weren't used to de-escalate the situation. Police partially redacted the audio to remove Lyles' identification, address and phone number. "I don't know anything about a man shooting his wife", Jamieson said. "It threatens long-term harm with relationships and trust in law enforcement and other systems". Read More »

Ronaldo summoned to answer judge's questions on tax fraud

I read there is an agreement for €75million, but there is nothing". "It's no coincidence that he's in a very important tournament, the Confederations Cup ". The principle is that, starting from that principle, and Cristiano has always had the will to fulfil because I know him as a person. The whole world is telling me. Read More »

Amazon Inc Continues to Expand, Buys Whole Foods Market


But if Amazon can be the one-stop shop for everything - groceries had been one of the key missing elements - customers would have even less of a need to go to Walmart or elsewhere. We hope that won't be the case with this proposed acquisition of Whole Foods . The investment firm Jana Partners said in April that it had built up an ownership stake in Whole Foods because it saw ways to address its "chronic underperformance for shareholders". Read More »

Trump slams Ossoff, praises Handel in tweets


The district traditionally goes Republican, but most consider the race too close to call as voters head to the polls on Tuesday. Trump's criticism of Democrat Jon Ossoff comes on the eve of the closely watched special election in Georgia to fill the seat vacated by Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price . Read More »

Egypt and Bahrain keep pressure on Qatar in Gulf crisis


His comments came at the end of a week that saw Saudi Arabia , the UAE , Bahrain and Egypt sever ties with the Gulf state over concerns that it was fuelling terrorism and supporting Shia proxies of Iran. Qatar is home to a vital USA military base. Qatar strongly denied the earlier allegations and expressed a willingness to engage in talks to resolve the crisis. Read More »

Gunman who shot US Congressman had a list of lawmakers to kill


He was a fiery guy, known for the occasional bar fight. Walsh said he hired his friend to do some work for him a couple of years ago, but hadn't seen him around town recently. Even his email address was basic: Sue added that she is exhausted of the media frenzy surrounding the shooting, specifically media members who have been camped outside her home. Read More »

Trump returns to Florida to unveil Cuba policy


President Trump will announce increased restrictions toward Cuba on Friday after a almost five month review of USA policy toward the island nation, delivering on a campaign promise he made to crack down on the communist regime. Those on both sides of the issue say the Starwood decision was particularly vexing for the administration. A tour bus of Transgaviota drives past the USA embassy in Havana, Cuba June 13, 2017. Read More »

Britain says will be "positive and constructive" in Brexit talks


The EU insists that a trade deal can only formally be adopted after withdrawal, though the United Kingdom hopes this will happen very swiftly, with necessary negotiations completed before Brexit day. "We will build the broadest possible consensus for our Brexit plans and that means giving Parliament the maximum amount of time to scrutinise these bills by holding a two-year session of Parliament", she said. Read More »

No bond for woman accused of leaking top-secret documents


She is being held in the Lincoln County Jail in Georgia. "She will enter a plea of not guilty", he said, though he declined to say why. In addition, they uncovered that victor had been in email contact with the news outlet two months prior, to ask for one of the transcripts of a podcast they did regarding Russian leaks . Read More »

Senate judiciary probe may review obstruction of justice


President Donald Trump recently announced over Twitter that he was being investigated by the Federal Bureau of Investigation as part of a widening probe into alleged Russian meddling in last year's USA presidential race and possible collusion by his campaign - an inquiry that has cast a shadow over his five months in office. Read More »

Supreme Court took on gerrymandering case, could dramatically change future elections


If the Supreme Court rules that partisan gerrymandering such as this is unconstitutional, then our democracy will be protected from such cases of minority rule. However, the highest court has never ruled against gerrymandering districts purely for partisan gain. What is expected to come from the landmark case is a standard that will determine the extent to which lawmakers across the country can consider voters' political affiliations when drawing district maps. Read More »

Reaction to court's decision to hear redistricting case

Courts have rejected district election maps on grounds they were drawn outlandishly to disadvantage minority voters. "Although a majority of the court has suggested that states can violate the Constitution if they draw legislative districts primarily to benefit one political party, the justices have never been able to identify the specific point at which states cross the constitutional line". Read More »

" "Trump calls Comey "leaks" of memos "'cowardly'"

The president's actions provided raw material for an obstruction-of-justice case against Trump, still well down the road. Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein will stand in for Sessions at the appropriations subcommittee hearings on Tuesday [Wednesday NZT]. Read More »

Trump lawyer defends his use of social media

His tweet about a “WITCH HUNT” conducted by “bad” people is just a Trumpian version of what appears to be the official White House line — that this is somehow a partisan attempt to delegitimize the Trump presidency. In other words, the well has run dry for those who believe that President Trump can be taken down based on phony charges of collusion with Russian Federation. Read More »

Pound dives as UK enters new period of uncertainty

Above all, investors are anxious about the general uncertainty surrounding the country - whether a bruised May will be able to govern effectively or whether she may eventually resign. The election's biggest victor was Corbyn , who confounded expectations that his left-wing views made him electorally toxic. The Labour Party sure looked down and out in recent weeks, but it made a major surge when it actually mattered in Thursday's election. Read More »

Supreme Court holds up on redrawing WI districts

The Supreme Court is being asked to decide whether a lower court was correct in its finding that a Republican-led redistricting in Wisconsin was unconstitutional. The Supreme Court agreed Monday to hear a potential landmark case that addresses how far lawmakers can go in choosing their voters, rather than the other way around. Read More »

And so it begins: Brexit talks to focus 1st on orderly exit

However, Mr Davis said the offer would not be published until next Monday, after Theresa May briefs European Union leaders on her intentions at a summit at the end of this week. Never before has a country sought to leave. "I hope that today we can identify priorities and a timetable that would allow me to report to the [EU summit] later this week that we had a constructive opening of the negotiations", the Frenchman said as he greeted Britain's Brexit minister David Davis . Read More »

Kane Williamson named 12th man as Pakistan dominate Champions Trophy team

India thrashed Pakistan 7-1 in the FIH World Hockey League Semi-Finals in London around the same time the cricket team outclassed the Indian team in the Champions Trophy final. "And the players nearly drove that conversation, which for us was very new, but also showed their maturity. All the credit goes to the entire team , they all worked really hard", the Pakistan captain said. Read More »

India beat Pakistan 7-1 HWL Semi-Final


Prior to that India had won two consecutive games in 2015 and 2014. It was very frustrating for the Pakistan players as they missed chances early in the first quarter. But Akashdeep, a minute later scored his second goal of the match. However, despite losing 7-1 to India in a match at the Hockey World League Semifinals in London , it is fair to say that it was Pakistan that had the final laugh thanks to their exemplary performance in the ICC Champions Trophy final. Read More »

Trump Helps GOP Get a 'Handle' on Tuesday's Special Elections


Trump endorsed Handel by tweeting that Democrats want to "stop tax cuts, good healthcare, and Border Security". As you can see, Trump's priorities are blaming Democrats for his lack of accomplishments, lying about Obamacare, and oh, yeah vote for somebody named Karen H, whoever that is. Read More »

Could there be a bidding war for Whole Foods?


Rivals such as Wal-Mart, Costco , Kroger and Amazon have been denting Whole Foods' sales by offering lower cost options. But it was Whole Foods that fell behind as shoppers found alternatives to the organic and natural foods it helped popularize since its founding in 1978. Read More »

Uber chief business officer to leave company amid turmoil

Uber board member Arianna Huffington said in March that Mr Kalanick needed to change his leadership style from that of a "scrappy entrepreneur" to be more like a "leader of a major global company". The investigation began when a former employee Susan Fowler alleged that she was harassed when she worked for the company. An Uber executive is reportedly planning to resign as soon as Monday as investigations into the company's inappropriate workplace culture expand. Read More »

American Health Care Act hardly health care


It needs to be posted soon. The American Health Care Act , the Republican-majority House of Representatives Obamacare replacement passed on May 4, phases out enhanced funding for the Medi-Cal expansion population and changes funding for the entire program to a block grant or per capita caps. Read More »

Mohammad Hafeez: Champions Trophy triumph is for all of Pakistan

Hopefully this will boost Pakistan cricket. The four Pakistanis included left-handed opening batsman Fakhar Zaman , pace duo of Junaid Khan and Hasan Ali besides Sarfraz, who also doubles up as the wicketkeeper. Bottom-ranked Pakistan produced a breathtaking display at London s Oval on Sunday in the climax of a tournament featuring the world s top eight one-day global nations. Read More »

Britain says will be 'positive and constructive' in Brexit talks


European Union diplomats hope this first meeting, and a Brussels summit on Thursday and Friday where May will encounter - but not negotiate with - fellow European Union leaders, can improve the atmosphere after some spiky exchanges.Before lunching on Belgian asparagus, red mullet and meringue cake, the two exchanged gifts that homed in on a shared love of hiking: Davis received a walking stick from Barnier's native Savoy Alps and Barnier a first edition of a French mountaineer's Himalayan ... Read More »