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Paul Ryan Says 'You Cannot Be Denied Coverage' for Pre-Existing Conditions

The vote to repeal former president Barack Obama's signature domestic achievement, which enabled 20 million more Americans to get health insurance, was Mr Trump's biggest legislative win since he took office. Priebus said for those who do not have employer-issued insurance, Medicaid, Medicare or continuous coverage, the bill puts $8 billion over five years "into high-risk pools to buy down any premium that they would have to pay for". Read More »

France's Hollande greets Macron in first meeting since victory


Congratulatory messages poured in for Macron from a host of leaders of countries across the world and they have given their thumbs-up. There's every chance that Macron will end up having to govern in a so-called cohabitation with representatives from parties beyond his nascent political movement, En Marche . Read More »

More than 100 arrested in Paris after Macron win


While defeated, she gained nearly twice as many votes as her father did when losing the second round against Jacques Chirac 15 years ago. In her concession speech , Le Pen hailed the FN as France's main opposition player and proclaimed a new faultline has been drawn "between patriots and globalists". Read More »

Senate Dems ask GOP to drop plan to repeal 'Obamacare'

Whether he'd have health care shouldn't have had to be one of them. Flanked by Republican members of the House, the President said he was "confident" the Senate would also vote to repeal Obamacare. Democrat Bill Pascrell of New Jersey says it could be costly for patients in the Garden State. Underscoring those concerns, Ohio Sen. "If the House bill doesn't pass the Byrd rule, than we can modify it in the Senate and try to work out the differences" in a compromise measure, he said. Read More »

5 things we learned from the Sally Yates hearing

It took 18 days before the President dismissed Mr Flynn. Testifying before Congress this week, Yates said she warned White House officials that Flynn might be vulnerable to compromise by Russians given his contacts with high Russian officials. Read More »

Gold firm on euro strength after Macron wins French elections


But in a sign of widespread voter disillusionment, one in three voters abstained or cast a blank ballot. "Will the Macron-Le Pen divide - which is a national , existential identity divide, not the usual left-right split - continue into the legislative election?" Macron's victory highlights what appears to be an election trend in the past half-year in support of the European Union and against border restoration. Read More »

Trump Insists No Evidence of Collusion with Russia

She did not answer. Donald Trump and Barack Obama at their first meeting in the White House . Trump fired Flynn, a retired general, in February for failing to disclose talks with Ambassador Sergei Kislyak about U.S. He was sacked, with the White House citing "an eroding level of trust". Likewise, a White House official drew attention to Clapper's comments and added: "Remember, the bottom line w/ the Russian Federation stuff is the question of collusion during the campaign". Read More »

Japan destroyer leaves port reportedly to escort USA warships


And he was able to do it. 'So obviously, he's a pretty smart cookie, ' he said . President Trump took to Twitter shortly after the failed launch to specifically note how it was an affront to Beijing, part of his continuing effort to get China to use its leverage against North Korea's weapons programs. Read More »

Projection: PM would win Commons majority of 48

Even after the local elections, there is still allegedly some behind-the-scenes talking taking place. "The reality is that today, despite the evident will of the British people, we have bureaucrats in Europe who are questioning our resolve to get the right deal". Read More »

Republicans indifferent to consequences of health care bill (Letters)


Despite the "chatter" about meetings, McConnell said , the ones that count are weekly lunches Republican senators hold from Tuesday through Thursday. President Trump said he feels "confident" that it will pass the Senate. The institute is a health-policy think tank. Democrats say they'd work with the GOP to reduce premium and drug costs, stabilize insurance markets and help small businesses provide health coverage. Read More »

Virginia Beach-based Navy SEAL killed in Somalia

Two additional servicemembers were wounded, which involved small arms fire, according to CNN . The mission was targeting a compound of al Shabaab militants that “has been associated with some attacks on facilities that we use and that our Somali partners use nearby.”. Read More »

Trump Congratulates Macron On 'Big' Win In French Presidential Election


It is a challenge that, in many ways, is similar to that facing two other G7 leaders who came to their countries' highest office on the back of the anti-establishment wave - President Donald Trump of the U.S. He has previously said he would like to appoint a woman. The Kremlin has denied these claims, and on Monday published a statement to its official website saying President Putin hoped he and Macron could "overcome mutual mistrust and unite to ensure worldwide stability and security". Read More »

Moon wins South Korea election by landslide: exit polls

When Mr Moon was last in government, in the early 2000s, South Korea had a "Sunshine Policy" which meant co-operation with North Korea , a policy which was abandoned as North Korea tested nuclear weapons. "Still, Moon is expected to engage in discussions, which could improve North-South relations". The National Election Commission (NEC) said final turnout was expected to be more than 80 per cent, which would be the highest since Kim Dae-jung was elected in 1997, when 80.7 percent of ... Read More »

After Russia hearing, Trump decries "taxpayer funded charade"

Mr Obama's stop in Germany will coincide with Mr Trump's first visit to Europe as president, likely setting up a stark contrast between the 44th and 45th presidents on the world stage. Speaking at the Republican National Convention in July, Flynn leads the crowd in anti-Hillary Clinton "Lock her up" chants and says in his speech, "If I did a tenth of what she did, I'd be in jail today ". Read More »

Trump son-in-law family apologizes for China name drop

Kushner, 36, is a senior adviser to US President Donald Trump and stepped down from the family company in January to serve in the administration. California Democrat Sen. Trump just signed - though, in fairness, he affixed his signature not to save the visa program but to keep the government open. Kushner Companies appears to have learned their lesson from Saturday's event. Read More »

White House was warned on Flynn, says former official

Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas, a former Republican presidential candidate, briefly veered away from Flynn, Russia and the Trump administration and into Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton's use of a private email server while secretary of state, an issue that dogged her campaign. Read More » Announces Alexa-Powered Echo Show


Adding a camera to the Echo device opens the door for Amazon to expand the device's capabilities later on. The only catch is that both contacts have to have Alexa devices - you can't call a regular phone number. Having a screen for your smart-home hub could be a game-changer, especially since most of the competition - Google Home, Invoke featuring Microsoft Cortana, and whatever Apple is working on in this space - are all focused on audio and not video. Read More »

Five things we learned from the Sally Yates hearing


He was sacked in February for concealing the nature of these contacts. She told a congressional hearing Monday that Flynn not only lied about whether he and Russia's ambassador to Washington had discussed the lifting of sanctions, but then misled the vice-president about it, causing Mike Pence to unwittingly parrot the lie. Read More »

Clinton aides react to Comey firing with concern, not joy

But FBI directors are appointed for 10-year terms to insulate them from politics. Comey described the incident in 2007 testimony to Congress, explaining that he believed the spy program put in place after the September 11, 2001, terror attacks was legally questionable. Read More »

Obama starts defining his new role in the age of Trump

In an unusual move for a former president — particularly one who just handed the White House to the opposing party — Obama taped a video endorsing Emmanuel Macron, the eventual victor of the French presidential election. Law enforcement, congressional and intelligence officials have called that allegation untrue. Meanwhile, it took 18 days for the White House to fire Flynn after Yates first told McGahn about his Federal Bureau of Investigation interview. Read More »

After decisive win, Macron to take over on Sunday

Naomi has requested the Prince hide her last name for anonymity. In his words France, by electing Macron as president, has showed Slovakia a way "to stop people in politics, who only criticise and offer only conflict and egotistic solutions", Zuzana Čižmáriková, the head of the communication department at parliament informed TASR. Read More »

Eight arrested following Old Firm match at Ibrox Stadium

Kenny Miller, who has just signed a new contract with Rangers, was on the scoresheet with his usual goal against Celtic when he provided a late consolation. "The way we played for that full game was very pleasing". The Kilmarnock striker, a prolific scorer in two spells at Ibrox, feels his former team are "a million miles away" from challenging Celtic . Read More »

Kapil Mishra files 3 complaints against Kejriwal, other AAP leaders with CBI

Mishra is also mulling to file the third FIR against AAP leaders Satyendar Jain, Ashish Khetan, Raghav Chadha, Sanjay Singh and Durgesh Pathak for using the illegal money for foreign tours. "We (AAP) had won 67 seats through the same EVMs and after being defeated, they are questioning the credibility of EVMs", he said. Public money was misused in the water tanker scam, and Kejriwal delayed the report in the concerned matter. Read More »

Morrison budget avoids serious tax reform

The budget was the first since PM Malcolm Turnbull's government was re-elected on a tiny majority a year ago. Squeezing down the deficit is that between 2016-17 and 2020-21 government expenditure is projected to jump 18% or $74 billion from $444.5 billion in 2016-17 to $518.9 billion while receipts are projected to jump by $121 billion or by 30%. Read More »

This is what Google's new Fuchsia OS looks like

Will Google unveil more about Fuchsia next week during I/O? In IT Blogwatch, we share what we know. So what is going on? Fuchsia , the mysterious new operating system under development at Google, is starting to take shape and has acquired a user interface. Read More »

Get Ready For A Mini-Troop Surge In Afghanistan


The Post's report comes after Trump repeatedly promised to "start winning" again, amid worsening security in a region destabilized from over 15 years of war. Such changes loosened restrictions Obama had put in place in late-2014 as the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation combat mission in Afghanistan transitioned to a training mission. Read More »

Critically Acclaimed Video Game 'Prey' Has an Asian Character as the Protagonist

Psi Hypno: You can find this plan in the game's first safe, which you can crack with the code 5150. The highlight is a four-minute climb that takes him all the way up to the arboterum. Don't feel like scrounging Neuromods the legit way in Prey [2017]? Ammo is limited, Neuromods that let you upgrade Morgan with alien powers or standard skills are limited, health kits are limited, you will die. Read More »

CBI to examine Kapil Mishra's complaints


He wrote, "I am going to take up the biggest fight of my life against Kejriwal from whom I have learnt all these things". The Congress party on Tuesday alleged that ousted Kapil Mishra allegations on Aam Aadmi Party will lead to internal demolition. Read More »

South Korea: Moon Jae-in declares victory in presidential election

Moon has also expressed skepticism over THAAD, the missile-defense system that the USA agreed to install past year in South Korea, and that just became operational. South Koreans were faced with a daunting list of 15 candidates; however, two dropped out before Election Day. Moon Jae-in declared victory in South Korea's leadership race, pledging to unify the nation after nine years of conservative rule that culminated in the country's biggest street protests since the 1980s. Read More »