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On the Ground in the 6th: Scenes from Georgia's Election Night

Their action plan: Keep talking. Democratic Party divisions are on stark display after a disappointing spec. It's about all they can do. "I thrive on competition", she said . And Republicans say just narrowing the margins in red districts still spells a loss. Republicans - including President Donald Trump - have professed their glee that she's still minority leader. Read More »

Arizona Medicaid agency says Senate health bill cost $7.1B

Cassidy, who spent much of his medical career working for Louisiana's charity hospital system, has said he has problems with the bill that won House passage. He becomes the fifth GOP senator to say he will not back the bill as it is now written, and the first in Senate Republicans' so-called moderate wing. Read More »

Brexit talks get underway, fears of tight deadline for process


But Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson said he hoped leaders of the other 27 European Union nations would offer "reciprocal, corresponding generosity" for the 1 million Britons living in Europe . The UK has now agreed to enter talks on divorce proceedings, including Britain's exit bill and the border with Northern Ireland, before any talks on future trading relations can begin. Read More »

Dem rep calls for House Dem "change in leadership"

But after what happened on Tuesday night in special congressional elections in Georgia and SC, I'm beginning to think the Democrats are never going to get exhausted of losing. Eliot Engel, the ranking Democrat on the House Foreign Affairs Committee. That's the most important part. And all the focus on whether Nancy Pelosi should stay or go as House minority leader seems largely beside the point. Read More »

Five GOP senators now oppose health bill _ enough to sink it

Democrats are expected to unanimously vote against the bill. In the same tweet, Clinton linked to a story by the Center for American Progress , an independent nonpartisan policy institute. "This bill that's now in front of the United States simply not the answer, and I'm announcing today that in this form I will not support it", Heller said at a news conference in Las Vegas with Gov. Read More »

The great Muslim civil war - and us


He added, "Regional and worldwide sponsors of terrorists must understand the warning message of the missile operation". After Iran launched missiles into Syria , an advisor to the Iranian foreign minister, Sheikh Hussein al-Islam, said that Israel "is the main enemy" of Iran and that Israel should be anxious. Read More »

Trump will clamp down on Cuban travel, trade

Trump has been a longtime critic of the Obama administration's dealings with the Castro regime. A Morning Consult poll released by the group Engage Cuba earlier this week said that 65% of voters surveyed support Obama's Cuba policy, including 64% of Republicans. Read More »

Trump reaches out to lawmakers on healthcare as another says 'no'

The focus on Medicaid could make amending the bill in a way that pleases enough Republicans hard. The bill was a revised version of a healthcare bill passed by the House of Representatives last month. Sen. Ted Cruz (R., Tex.) said there are parts of the bill he supports such as the expansion of association health plans and the reform of Medicaid . Read More »

Big names descend on White House for technology summit

Kushner , who is President Donald Trump's son-in-law, said the goal is to "work to modernize the government's technology infrastructure". To that, the source said, Cook replied that the immigration approach by the administration also "needs more heart." Cook cited the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, which is under review by the Trump administration". Read More »

Senate's version of health care plan is very bad

Some of those lawmakers could eventually change their stances after potential amendments to the plan. "That's what consumers want, and that's what the Republican majority should give to them". Democratic Rep. Peter Welch, who voted against a House-passed bill that would similarly roll back numerous Affordable Care Act components, said the Senate bill is even worse. Read More »

Democrats turn on party leader Nancy Pelosi after Georgia election defeat


Kathleen Rice , D-N.Y., on Friday. National Democrats and Ossoff's campaign, however, refrained from reciprocating with equally unpopular GOP leaders like President Donald Trump and House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.). "On immigration, for instance, public opinion had actually become modestly more liberal in the years leading up to Trump - but the Democrats are now nearly an open-borders party, so even modest skepticism about immigration tends to push voters toward the Republicans". Read More »

Renewed calls to oust Nancy Pelosi: Darcy cartoon

The subtext wasn't a subtext at all because Pelosi wanted to send a direct message to her detractors: any junior member of the House Democratic Caucus who wants to go on TV and keep arguing for her removal as leader is welcome to do so. Read More »

Facebook Fine Tunes Mission to Focus on Groups


Hate groups organizing. Liberals and conservatives sealing themselves off in echo chambers. Roughly four months ago, Mr. Zuckerberg posted a broad manifesto positioning Facebook as the world's " social infrastructure". One interpretation of this exchange is that Facebook's CEO is doubling down on a product feature he doesn't consider particularly meaningful at the moment, despite having ample time to fix. Read More »

'These cuts are blood money… People will die'

The plan would scale back aid to the poor and kill a tax on the wealthy. It would put a new limit on per person Medicaid spending based on each state's historical spending, and that limit would rise much more slowly than current projections. Read More »

BC Legislature elects Kelowna MLA Steve Thomson as Speaker


She also hopes to drive a wedge between the Greens and NDP by playing one off against the other. He added: "So when she comes out and makes the announcement such as this latest one [on child care on Wednesday], you have to suspect right away after all these years of denying there is a problem, all of a sudden she is going to dedicate money towards this because she knows that that is a problem with people that are voters". Read More »

GOP senator blasts Trumpcare for stripping coverage from 'millions of Americans'

In addition to Medicaid cuts, the bill's first draft includes ending Obamacare's penalties for individuals who do not enroll in a health care plan and defunding Planned Parenthood . His presentation on Thursday of the Senate's health care measure to Republican colleagues - after the White House and key lobbyists got a peek the night before - was met with something other than unbridled enthusiasm. Read More »

Supreme Court Will Hear Wisconsin Partisan Gerrymandering Case

That's what makes this case so consequential. The voters who are challenging the plan, led by the nonpartisan Campaign Legal Center, argue that the map allowed Wisconsin's state Assembly to not resemble the electorate in a closely divided swing state that has supported presidential candidates from both parties and now has one Democrat and one Republican representing it in the U.S. Read More »

Some House Democrats mull over how to oust Pelosi as leader


Rice wishes this would "happen right now". He tried and failed last fall to unseat Pelosi as House minority leader. Moulton acknowledged there was no candidate at the moment challenging the party leadership. Pelosi also incorrectly predicted that Democrats were poised to take back the House past year, leading some of her colleagues to feel that this time around, she needs to deliver. Read More »

UK: Demands made of Qatar must be measured, realistic

The list of demands was presented to Qatar by Kuwait and was released more than two weeks after Saudi Arabia led a coordinated freeze by nine countries on diplomatic and trade relations with Qatar. It must cut all diplomatic ties with Saudi Arabia's rival Iran and end all trade that breaches United States sanctions. The minister said Turkey's presence in Qatar should be seen as a benefit for the whole Gulf. Read More »

Pelosi on calls for new leadership: 'I'm worth the trouble, quite frankly'

Moreover, although wealthier voters have voted Republican in the past, polls in 2016 showed those from the richest households favored Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton to Trump by a 2-1 margin. Republicans triumphant! Democrats in disarray! Democrats lost another race in SC that same night, and that followed previous disappointments in Montana and Kansas. Read More »

North Korea denies torturing Otto Warmbier

But it's an open question whether Otto Warmbier did what North Korea accused him of doing. Its official news agency, KCNA, quoted a government source as saying: 'Our relevant agencies treat all criminals in accordance with domestic laws and global standards and Warmbier was not an exception'. Read More »

North Korea Denies it Tortured Detainee Warmbier

Through statements on KCNA , North Korea said it dealt with him according to its domestic laws and global standards. "Now it has escalated to brutalizing Americans, including three other citizens currently imprisoned in North Korea". "I would not suggest that we're moving any closer". They say there was no evidence he suffered from botulism . In an interview with ABC News , Rodman's agent credited Warmbier's release to Rodman's brief visit to Pyongyang earlier this month. Read More »

An Indian Toilet Charity Renamed a Village After Donald Trump

Modi said he will visit Washington D.C. on June 24-26 at the invitation of the US President. "I look forward to meeting Prime Minister Rutte and reviewing our bilateral relations ", Modi said. "We want to avoid a situation that escalates the tension" between India and Pakistan, the official said. While India has been targeted by fundamentalist Islamist groups, it views rival Pakistan, not transnational terror networks like Islamic State, as its main threat. Read More »

Dems Turn On Nancy Pelosi After Ossoff Loss


In the well-to-do Atlanta suburbs, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi of California was the focus of torrents of negative advertising in a House race that cost more than $50 million, the most expensive in history. He notes " Democrats only need to flip 24 Republican seats" to take control of the House. When asked on Sunday whether he'd run in 2018, Ossoff told reporters he'd have to talk it over with his fiancee. Read More »

United States may send more troops to Afghanistan in fight against 'surging' Taliban

Mattis was called before the panel of lawmakers to answer questions regarding the 2018 fiscal year US military budget submitted by US President Donald Trump . Gen. HR McMaster both support a troop surge in Afghanistan . Senator John McCain (R-Arizona) questioned whether the USA is throwing good money after bad in Afghanistan , because the Pentagon doesn't appear to have a strategy. Read More »

Defiant Pelosi Says She's Staying: 'I Think I'm Worth The Trouble'


Front page of Silicon Valley's paper, The Mercury News of San Jose, "THE PELOSI PROBLEM: Some fault minority leader for losses", by Casey Tolan: "Some of the toughest ads against the 30-year-old [Georgia Dem candidate Jon] Ossoff were those tying him to Pelosi, whose approval ratings are underwater outside California". Read More »

Hillary Clinton says Republicans will be the "death party" if they pass

Mr Obama wrote that "health care or any other issue, must be something more than simply undoing something that Democrats did". They said GOP characterizations of the law as failing are wrong and said the Republican plan would boot millions off coverage and leave others facing higher outof pocket costs. Read More »

Fifth Republican Senator Steps Forward in Dissent Against Health Care Bill

No wonder Senate Republicans drafted their health care legislation in secret. Democrats already deeply oppose Republican attempts to overhaul former U.S. I don't think this kills the bill: Heller is the single most deserving of a lifeboat of any Republican senator, given his reelection circumstances, and McConnell may well have given him the nod to go ahead with this statement . Read More »

Pro-Muslim rallies outnumber anti-Sharia protests


The marches were organized in 19 states, including Minnesota. "We want to make sure that any religion that oppresses or ostracizes an individual, be it gay or women, that we are going after those people and representing human rights", said a protester. Read More »

US would welcome effective Syrian effort to defeat IS

The competition between the Syrian army and its allies and US-backed rebel groups has stepped up in the Badia desert that stretches to the Iraqi border, after ISIL abandoned large swaths of territory to focus on defending Raqqa and Deir Zor. Read More »

Sen. Johnson: More time needed to evaluate health care bill

We just discussed cuts to Medicaid , but it would also get rid of the mandate that most Americans must have health insurance. "I am very supportive of the Senate #HealthcareBill". Last month, a version of Trumpcare that would strip health care from 23 million people passed the House. Senator Bill Cassidy, who is still studying the proposal and has not yet decided how he will vote, said in several television interviews it was a good beginning. Read More »