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Donald Trump Takes Victory Lap In Iowa After GOP's Georgia Win

Amid record total spending in Georgia's Sixth District on Tuesday, Republican candidate Karen Handel prevailed with 51 percent against Democrat Jon Ossoff . Republicans have won all four of the four special elections that have been held under President Trump. After briefly addressing the health-care bill unveiled Tuesday by Senate Republicans , Pelosi spent the bulk of her weekly news conference playing down the special-election losses, defending her leadership and lashing out ... Read More »

Democratic Congressman Destroys The Lie That Democrats Are Obstructing Trump


They just don't know how to make it happen. "I think our leadership owes us an explanation for what's gone on in these four elections, but also a plan for moving forward". "We dodged a bullet tonight", Georgia-based Republican strategist Chip Lake said. "Attacks aren't fair or justified, but GOP keeps using this playbook because they see that it works". Read More »

May's Brexit offer 'the minimum'

European Union chief Donald Tusk said the remaining 27 EU nations are ready to choose new locations for the Europe-wide agencies now headquartered in Britain. Addressing the bloc this week, British Prime Minister Theresa May discussed the fate of the 3 million European Union citizens who call Britain home. Read More »

Trump Expected To Restrict Trade, Travel With Cuba


Diaz-Balart, as The Daily Caller originally reported in May, traded his vote on the American Health Care Act to gain concessions from Trump on his Cuba policy. -Cuban detente. Now, some two thirds of its clientele are Americans. "You buy something in Cuba-even cigars and rum-and the military gets a cut so you're supporting a military dictatorship". Read More »

Nevada senator becomes fifth Republican to oppose healthcare bill

Brian Sandoval says. First up, the Congressional Budget Office's estimate of the plan's costs and the effects on insurance coverage is due early in the week, perhaps Monday, June 26. McConnell may have a tough job convincing enough Republican senators that the Senate bill improves on the House version. This would be a disaster in a state like Florida that has been miserly for years. Read More »

Macron wins large majority in French parliament

After dominating French politics for decades, the Republicans and the Socialists have now endured big losses. However, French media reported that one prominent Macron ally, territorial integration minister Richard Ferrand, would be leaving the government to head the pro-government group in the newly-elected National Assembly. Read More »

State Department officials honor Otto Warmbier at OH funeral

Warmbier, who suffered from severe brain damage, died Monday at a Cincinnati hospital days after he was returned home from North Korea in a coma. The 22-year-old's death personally affected Trump, who expressed personal outrage and told aides about the "inhumanity" of North Korea's behavior, a person with direct knowledge told NBC News. Read More »

GOP senators now oppose health care bill as written

Though the Senate GOP's bill repeals the individual mandate , the legislation maintains numerous ACA tax credits that have helped people buy insurance. Those waivers would allow state to drop benefits required by Obamacare , such as maternity coverage, mental health care and prescription drug coverage. Read More »

DHS: Hackers Cased Voter Registration Systems in 21 States


Johnson testified his agency was rebuffed by Democratic officials when they offered to help thwart the Russian intrusion into their computer files. During the presidential campaign, Trump said he hoped Russian Federation would be able to uncover missing emails from Hillary Clinton . Read More »

Health insurers says Senate bill's Medicaid cuts to hurt states

The strategy follows Trump's seat-of-the-pants approach on health care in the House that nearly unraveled and exposed painful rifts among Republicans. But bronze plans have an average deductible of almost $6,100. That helps keep premium costs in check. Obama law: Insurers can not charge their oldest customers more than 3 times what they charge young adults. Read More »

Iran's Khamenei ordered missile strikes on Islamic State targets in Syria- Guards


A U.S. F-15E fighter aircraft shot down an Iranian-made drone over southern Syria on Tuesday, the us military said , marking the second time this week that the USA military has shot a pro-Syrian government aircraft out of the sky. Iran said it killed 360 terrorists in the missile attack. The paramilitary force warned Islamic State militants and their "regional and worldwide supporters" that similar retaliatory attacks would target them as well if another assault in Iran occurs. Read More »

Syria hotline for US and Russia still in use

Despite US assurances that strikes a few months ago against a Shi'ite militia in the country's southeast were a one-time deal, those strikes have grown increasingly common. Following the April attack, a Putin Spokesman stated that the USA action "deals a significant blow to relations between Russian Federation and America, which are already in a poor state". Read More »

US Defence Secretary authorised to set troop levels in Afghanistan


But the White House "already has given Mattis similar authority to beef up troop levels for the anti-ISIS fight in Iraq and Syria", he adds. Mattis can also end the current cap on Afghanistan troop levels. "We have had a large number of USA and North Atlantic Treaty Organisation forces in Afghanistan , but it didn't' help, and the situation just got worse", said Naqibullah, who like many Afghans uses only one name. Read More »

Five GOP senators now oppose health bill, enough to sink it

The disabled, including 205,000 people with disabilities in New Jersey who rely on Medicaid . With a third of the Senate coming up for re-election in 2018, many will have to weigh the state-wide implications before voting for the bill. Almost 70 percent of America's elderly - most of whom worked hard to support families and pay taxes all their lives - can afford to live in nursing homes because of Medicaid. Read More »

Japanese horse Epicharis scratched from Belmont Stakes

Classic Empire , the expected favorite, dropped out Wednesday with a foot abscess. This year the Kentucky Derby and Preakness winners will both sit out of the 1.5-mile race. "I think he's got a good chance". Obviously the third leg of the Triple Crown always has a bit of intrigue due to the length of the race. Pletcher also will saddle the one-eyed Patch , who placed 14th in Kentucky. Read More »

Horrific dash cam footage shows fatal shooting of Philando Castile

Although many already believed the verdict was a miscarriage of justice, the public release of the dashcam video reiterated those feelings. Yanez says in a more panicked tone. While the video shows the shooting of Castile , who was black, it does not show what happened in the vehicle. Reynolds, who sat in the passenger seat with her daughter in the back, assures the officer she's not reaching for his firearm. Read More »

Long knives come out for Pelosi as Democrat losing streak grows


Many in 2018 will be more under-the-radar contests, like the SC race and the one in Kansas to replace Mike Pompeo, the Republican congressman selected by Trump to be Central Intelligence Agency director. But, Congressman Tim Ryan was far more successful than that when he challenged Pelosi last November, winning 63 votes . In the aftermath, some Democrats on the left are saying the party needs to run as pure-left populists in 2018. Read More »

Amazon's next target should be Grubhub-and here's why, says top analyst


Whole Foods has 430 stores across the US, Canada and the United Kingdom, which gives Amazon ample opportunities in different locations to test the waters with new ideas. Nan Griffith, a retired teacher, shops at a Whole Foods outside Detroit because of its selection of vegan products, including niche brands that aren't widely available elsewhere. Read More »

Jury begins deliberations in Bill Cosby sex assault trial

Monday's closing arguments finished out Day 6 of Cosby's criminal trial. Jury deliberations ceased at approximately 9:30 P.M Eastern time, and will resume Tuesday morning at 9:00 A.M. Dozens of women have come forward to say he had drugged and assaulted them. Their closing arguments, delivered over more than four hours, capped a weeklong trial of the entertainer and started a countdown clock for a verdict likely to draw a worldwide spotlight to the Norristown courthouse. Read More »

Senate Health Bill: Dayton Disabilities Advocates Raise Alarms Over Medicaid Cuts

Sandoval's presence at Heller's side was significant, because the highly popular governor is one of the Republicans who led their states to accept Medicaid expansion through the Affordable Care Act. The bill, which was marketed as different from the health care legislation passed by the House in May, looks remarkably similar to its predecessor. Read More »

GOP winning streak continues in Georgia


It was the last straw for some Democrats. 'There comes a time in every leader's life when they have to know that it's time to leave and usher in the next generation of leaders, ' Rice said . They pick people who are in safe and tough districts for Democrats to win. "But I take their insult against my city as a bankruptcy of values on their part not to recognize the greatness of the city I represent", she said. Read More »

Tropical storm's remnants to bring heavy rain to Arkansas


Major General Glenn Curtis with the Louisiana National Guard says they have pre-staged 100 high water vehicles and 33 boats throughout the southern and central regions of the state. With the possibility of continued rainfall, the service also said conditions could produce shallow coastal flooding around high tide Thursday evening, particularly along the lower SC coast. Read More »

House Dem: Pelosi's Time Has 'Come And Gone'


And, with that, we'd also get knee-jerk reactions from some folks looking for an easy-to-grasp narrative. Rep. Ben Ray Lujan of New Mexico, chairman of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee , expressed optimism that Democrats can still take control of Congress' lower chamber next year, declaring, "The House is in play". Read More »

Nancy Pelosi is beside the point

It needs a party that actively seeks to reduce income inequality by changing education to focus on creating more 21st-century job skills and by making it easier for older workers to launch new careers instead of being left behind by technological change. Read More »

Gulf Crisis: Iran sends tons of food stock to Qatar


Saudi Arabia , UAE , Egypt and Bahrain last week cut diplomatic ties with Qatar over alleged accusations that Doha was supporting worldwide Islamist extremists who are threats to the region's peace and security. Al Thani has visited multiple European countries in recent days seeking diplomatic support. "Families are being disrupted around these countries". Saudi Arabia's Flynas has waded into the kingdom's row with Qatar, making a pitch to poach Saudi staff working for the much larger ... Read More »

Iran's Khamenei hails Iraq's 'success' against jihadists


Two U.S. officials said Iran fired six ballistic missiles during the attack - one Fatah-110 and five IRSS-1 "Zulfiqar" missiles. It is likely that the strike was not only meant to hit ISIS but to send a message to Iran's adversaries, particularly the US, whose air force is operating in Syria in support of a Kurdish-Arab alliance besieging the eastern city of Raqqa, and Saudi Arabia . Read More »

Unhealthy outlook for repealing ObamaCare as some GOP senators defect from bill

The Act, also known as Obamacare , was one of former President Barack Obama's signature policy achievements. Senate GOP bill: Tax cuts very similar to House bill, though some would be delayed. Critics have opposed likely loss of health benefits for the millions, as well as the secrecy in developing the bill and what public hearings in their home states. Read More »

Nevada's Heller opposes GOP health bill


On Friday, Heller also came out and said he will vote "no" on the bill as it now stands. "Senator Heller. appears to be heading down a path with Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer and the radical left". Under Obamacare, the federal government had guaranteed that its funding for adults newly eligible for Medicaid because of the Affordable Care Act would fall to no lower than 90 percent of their costs. Read More »

Ryan wants to 'get moving' on Iran, Russia sanctions


And I don't mean to exaggerate, but in the main, it's very hard to be supportive of something that takes health insurance away from 20 million or so Americans. He said the various groups in the Senate are working on two separate motions to be voted on Thursday: one informing the Commons that senators will not insist on their amendments to the budget bill and another reasserting the Senate's constitutional power to amend a budget bill. Read More »